Young Blood: Wallace Looks to Continue Good Start at Elite 1


When coming into a sport at a young age, the sky can be the limit for a fighter. This case can be made for Shawn Wallace. After two wins to start his career, he will look to make it three in a row when he faces Christian Goguen at Elite 1: Hostile Territory this Saturday in Moncton. While Wallace is still young he got his first taste from a ground breaking show.

“It was the Ultimate Fighter season two,” says Wallace. “I caught the marathon on Spike TV and I fell in love with it. I found a gym after that and started training.”

Going into his third fight, Wallace has looked impressive in his two fights against Coel Peach and Ryan McHatten. Training out of Simms Knockdown MMA, he has shown that he is developing a strong mix of stand-up and a mix of jiu jistu and wrestling to go with his speed. While people who have seen Wallace’s fights have gotten a first-hand look, there have been mixed emotions from what he has heard about Goguen.

“I seen his first fight and what I got out of it is that he is a wrestler who will maw me to the ground,” says Wallace.  “I have been hearing some stuff that he has been working on his boxing for a while and his hands are coming along and some say he hasn’t. I am trying not to think about what they say because everyone’s opinion on him is all over board.”

It has not been an easy road for Wallace when it comes to the gym. While he does have regulars, like Todd Henry among a few others, to train with on a daily basis, he says it has been hard to get new people to come in. It also does not help when one of his teammates Troy Wilton moved back home to Vancouver last month. Even in his gym, he said the place is small and he does not have a cage to train in. While there are small hurdles to adapt to, he has been happy with what he has been able to get done.

“I have been content with the way things have been going,” says Wallace. “I know the competition is only going to get harder. I have been happy to be able to have accomplished what I have so far. I have been training hard and right now it is paying off.”

While going into the fight, it is hard for Wallace to deal with temptation. At the age of 21, there are countless chances of peer pressure to keep your eye off the prize. While Wallace may be in the gym training twice a day and staying in shape, his friends and other people his age are enjoying the summertime, going to the beach, camping, drinking and trying to sneak 18 holes in. While the peer pressure can get the average person to cave in, Wallace knows the difference between work and play.

“I still go out and have a good time,” says Wallace. “I try to balance my extra curricular events like partying and that kind of stuff. I do that outside of training camps. With both my fights I have taken them on two weeks’ notice so I have never had a really long training camp so I haven’t really had to deprive myself.”

With Wallace getting ready to celebrate his birthday at the end of the month, I am sure a win on Saturday would be a good present to himself.

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  1. mike kent says:

    from what ive seen shawn is the best fighter with most potential in new brunswick. Best of luck this saturday ill be there rooting for him.

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