Calgary Commission Allowed Suspended Couture to Fight


Whether you believe Len Koivisto’s stoppage of the Sheila Bird choke was late or not, one thing is clear – Kim Couture should never have been fighting in the AX Combat ring to begin with.

Shirley Stunzi, the Chair of the City of Calgary Combative Sports Commission (CCSC) told that, “This matter (the late stoppage) is under review by the Calgary Combative Sports Commission and until a thorough investigation has been conducted there will be no further comment.” Maybe Stunzi should be investigating why her commission approved the fight in the first place.

Top MMA News has found out that Kim Couture was under suspension by the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board and was never cleared to fight this weekend in Calgary. Top MMA News confirmed with Nick Lembo, Counsel to the NJSACB, that Kim Couture’s suspension was not lifted.

Couture was, as per the ABC fighter database, “suspended indefinite pending CT of facial bones and ENT clearance upon review” following her decision loss to Munah Holland at Ring of Combat 32 last October 23, 2010 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This suspension was never cleared by the NJSACB prior to Couture’s July 8th fight with Sheila Bird.

Until a fighter is cleared from the suspended list, no commission can approve that person to fight in their jurisdiction. Either Shirley Stunzi or Kent Pallister, the CCSC’s Chief License Inspector, did not look at the suspended list or they approved Couture’s fight knowing that she was suspended. Either way, the Calgary Commission neglected their duties.

Emails and text messages to Shirley Stunzi and a phone message to Kent Pallister were not returned at the time of this posting.

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