Calgary Combative Sports Commission Statement


The Calgary Combative Sports Commission has issued a statement in light of recent events reported by Top MMA News and other MMA news sites regarding Kim Couture fighting at AX Combat’s inaugural event last Friday night in Calgary. Stay tuned to Top MMA News as we will keep you up to date on further developements.

The statement by the commission is below.


A combative sports event was held on Friday, July 8 at the Telus Convention Centre. The event and all fighters (both pro and amateur mixed martial arts fighters) were licensed pursuant to the Calgary Combative Sports Commission bylaw 53M2006.

A fighter, Kim Couture, had a previous suspension that was thought by The Commission to have been resolved and, therefore, The Commission allowed Ms. Couture to fight. Whether the suspension had infact been lifted was subsequently questioned and is currently being reconfirmed.

With respect to this matter the Commission would like to issue the following statement:

“The Calgary Combative Sports Commission supports the suspensions established by other Commissions. Fighter safety is of utmost importance to us and we work toward that end in all theactions we take as a Commission.”

The Calgary Combative Sports Commission regulates, governs and controls professional combative sporting events and contestants within the city of Calgary. The Combative Sports Commission bylaw, 53M2006, can be viewed here.

3 Responses to “ Calgary Combative Sports Commission Statement ”

  1. Bdc says:

    Why don’t they worry about the brutal reff they have workin for them?

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  2. Sean Quinn says:

    Sounds like a conspiracy to me.

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  3. Janet Williams says:

    Crazy story…I’d hate to get caught up in that.


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