Fortin Challenges Bergmann for KOTC HW Title in October


A Heavyweight title fight between current King of the Cage Heavyweight champion Raphael Bergmann and challenger Ryan “The Vanilla Gorilla” Fortin has been agreed upon.  The two will do battle on October 28th in Dawson Creek, BC in a contest between Canada’s second (Fortin) and fourth (Bergmann) ranked fighters. The bout was confirmed with King of the Cage officials who stated that both fighters have verbally agreed to the contest and they were awaiting signed contracts from both parties.

Bergmann brings a record of 4-2 into the Heavyweight contest. Raphael had four straight wins to open his career, including  a five round decision victory over Adriano Bernardo to capture the title. Although Bergmann is coming off a pair of losses, both Tony Lopez and Tyler East are American and therefore were not eligible to fight for the Canadian Heavyweight title.

Ryan Fortin is riding a pair of wins, most recently denying UFC Hall of Fame Dan “The Beast” Severn his 100th career win in a come from behind victory at KOTC’s last foray into British Columbia at Dawson Creek. Prior to joining King of the Cage, Fortin enjoyed mixed success in HeatXC and MFC where he amassed a 3-3 record including a close fight with Nick Penner in which many thought Fortin was getting the upper hand before Penner was able to pull off the victory via submission in the second round.

23 Responses to “ Fortin Challenges Bergmann for KOTC HW Title in October ”

  1. kris says:

    Bergman is gonna lay a beating on…not fortin!!! too easy new cdn kotc champ!!!

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  2. Mike Davis says:

    going be a good stand up fight and not a terrible heavy weight fight. I like it!

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  3. Sam wambam says:

    Bergman might die. Nuff said

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:

    Fortin by TKO!

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  5. Jarvis says:

    Bergman now then TIM HAGUE gets wrecked next! Hague wants no piece of Fortin, ive heard it first hand.

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:

    There’s no reason for Hague to fight Fortin.

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  7. codykrahn says:

    Whens your next fight Jarvis?

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  8. Trent says:

    according to Zach Blaber Jarvis is Dannita Goulet. (sorry if i mis spelled) Not sure if its true??? but id be interested to know? lol Oh ya Zach also says she is, “alberta MMA” not sure what that means?

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  9. Bdc says:


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  10. Cody Rempel says:

    Alberta MMA is on Facebook

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  11. kris says:

    I know Dannita, IMO shes not Alberta MMA

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  12. Trent says:

    this must be the stupid trent coming out lol i come back and read this and it seems like im starting a rumour and im sorry for the way it sounds! i just read it earlier and thought it was funny is all… lol er no? i didnbt even know there was a person? group? named “alberta mma” so i appologize ahead of time! or after the fact? lol so to reiterate, i just read it and i was curious if it were true?

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  13. Trent says:

    ok ok ok so who or what is alberta mma?

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  14. Trent says:

    also sorry for the highjacking! to get things back on topic i think Bergman wins this fight! if not by his skills than by how nice a guy he is!

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  15. Bobby Karimi says:

    who cares

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  16. Bobby Karimi says:

    Bergman and Fortin is a real good Canadian HW fight, I’m excited for it.

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  17. mick says:

    Fortin by destruction than hague next. It would be great to watch

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  18. Bdc says:

    Alberta mma is sum fukkin douche on fb n people have said it’s sum broad but who ever it is, is sum troll/uper bagg of douche!

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  19. Jarvis says:

    Why should Hague and Fortin not fight if they are 1 and 2 in Canada?

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  20. tyrant says:

    Jarvis, I want to see the hague fortin fight as well but its dumb for hague. Even though fortin has a shot at beating him, why would hague want to risk it on a 5-3 fighter? his best bet is to fight someone who has a record similar to his or someone with a good winning streak. Hague has to much to lose and fortin has nothing to lose on that fight

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  21. Bobby Karimi says:


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  22. Chris Ladouceur says:

    Tim would KO Fortin. Yes Ryan has a punchers chance however that is a longshot. If Penner would have fought his fight it would have been over in the first too. Fortin should beat Bergman then go up against some of the guys Tim Beat Like Jensen or Wuiff. After that try Tim out but not before. Just My .02 $

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  23. Jarvis says:

    They should fight becuase they are number 1 and 2 in Canada.

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