AX Combat Play-by-Play – Bird Chokes Out Couture


AX Combat LogoAX Combat is holding its debut card in Calgary tonight.

Top MMA News Awards:

  • Submission of the Night: Sheila Bird
  • Knock Out of the Night: Mike Hofer
  • Fight of the Night: Adam Lacasse vs Trevor Remus

Here is Cody Bargholz’ play-by-play:

Ryan Hunter vs Devan Garnon
Round 1: The fighters start out by just throwing bombs. Ryan is getting the better of the exchanges and Devan starts turning away from Ryan. Devan keeps turning away from Ryan and after a few more shots the referee stops fight. The cheers from the crowd are deafening.
Ryan Hunter defeats Devan Garnon by TKO (Referee Stoppage due to Unanswered Blows) in Round 1, 0:26

Kim Couture vs Sheila Bird
Round 1: Sheila moves inand clinches up with Kim against the ropes. The fighters separate and begin to circle. Sheila throws a few right hands that miss. The fighters clinch again and scramble. Sheila winds up in side control. Sheila adjusts her position and tightens her legs around Kim’s neck for a scissor choke. Sheila chokes Kim out and the referee ends the fight. Kim is out cold for at least 30s which was scary.
Sheila Bird submits Kim Couture by Scissor Choke in Round 1, 1:48

Keto Allen vs Mark Burns
Round 1: Keto looks physically bigger and stronger than Mark. Mark immediately shoots in for a takedown. Keto stuffs it and starts kneeing Mark to the body. Keto pushes Mark down and obtains side control. Keto lands a few hammer fists and elbows to Mark’s face. Keto is kneeing Mark now and the referee warns him not to knee the spine. Mark gets up and shoots in again and Keto locks in a very tight guillotine choke and pulls gaurd. Keto looks incredibly relaxed because he knows the choke is tight and Mark is forced to tap.
Keto Allen submits Mark Burns by Guillotine Choke in Round 1, 2:18

Mike Zvonik vs Advin Omic
Round 1: Mike starts out stalking Advin but Advin knocks him down with a crushing leg kick. The fighters clinch up and are circling on and off the ropes. Mike is stomping on Advin’s instep. Both fighters start throwing knees and Advin drops down for a single leg. Mike is elbowing Advin to the spine and the referee stops the fight and docks Mike a point. Advin moves in again for a takedown. Mike locks in a guillotine and pulls guard. Advin escapes the guillotine and the referee restarts the fighters in the center. Advin lands a few punches before Mike stands up. Advin immediately picks up Mike and slams him down. Advin is in side control and is landing elbows to the body. The referee warns Mike about elbows to the spine again and Advin moves into full mount. Mike turns and Advin secures back mount. Mike is trying to turtle but Advin keeps stretching him out and landing shots from his back.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-8(one point deducted for illegal elbows) for Advin Omic

Round 2: Advin starts with a few kicks and shoots. The fighters scramble and Advin takes Mikes back. Mike stands up and shucks Advin off then knees Advin to the groin. The referee stops the fight to give Advin time to recover. Advin looks visably distressed from the shot to the groin. After a few minutes the fight resumes and Advin is kicking to the legs and body again. Mike attempts a takedown but Advin easily stuffs it and shoots in himself. Advin picks up Mike and slams him hard down on the mat. Mike recovers half guard and Advin is trying to pass to mount. Mike attempts to reverse Advin again but Advin maintains top position, takes his back and flattens out Mike. Advin is landing really hard shot from back mount. Mike tries to stand up but Advin uses his movement against him locks in a body triangle then sinks in a rear naked choke soon after.
Advin Omic submits Mike Zvonik by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 2:57

Mike Hofer vs Andrew Bard
Round 1: Mike lands a few hard leg kicks and Andrew takes him down. The fighters stand up and Andrew gets the Thai clinch and hurts Mike with a number knees. The fighters clinch again and fall through the ropes. Mike goes for the leg kicks again and Andrew takes him down. Mike is working for a triangle and Andrew is posturing up to defend. Mike attacks with an arm bar then another triangle. The triangle looks really tight but Andrew is still landing shots and doesn’t seem to be concerned about the choke at all. Mike is even holding the head down. Andrew either has an iron neck or this choke is just not tight. Andrew picks Mike up and slams him. Mike gains top position and then the fighters stand. Andrew immediately pulls guard with a loose guillotine and lets go of it as soon as they land. Mike lands a few shots from Andrews guard as the round comes to a close. This is a tough round to call. Andrew didn’t seem to be in any danger while Mike was attacking with a triangle choke for a large part of the round
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 for Andrew Bard

Round 2: Mike starts this round up with a leg kick and the fighters clinch again. Andrew takes Mike down into mount and then takes Mike’s back. Andrew is working for a rear naked choke but Mike is defending. Andrew sinks his hooks in comes really close to a choke out before Mike slips out and reverses Andrew. Mike passes guard and is landing a number of hard right hands and left elbows from mount. Andrew is cut above his right eye. Mike lands a few more right hands and the referee moves in to stop the fight.
Mike Hofer defeats Andrew Bard by TKO in Round 2, 3:13

Amateur MMA
Adam Lacasse vs Trevor Remus
Round 1: Both fighters touch gloves. Trevor lands a hard leg kick. The fighters are feeling each other out and showing good ring movement. Adam lands a hard leg kick of his own and Trevor comes back with a few shots to the body. The fighters are staring to thrown down now and Trevor takes Adam down and moves into mount. Adam reverses Trevor and winds up on top in Trevor’s guard. Trevor is working for a triangle but gives it up. Trevor has a really good guard and is controlling Adam’s posture and is showing really good wrist control. Adam works Trevor into the corner and the referee restarts the fighters in the center of the ring just before the end of the round. This was a very close round.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 for Trevor Remus

Round 2: Adam lands a hard leg kick and Trevor moves in with a flurry of body punches. The fighters are throwing a lot of punches but nothing is landing. Trevor lands a hard right and a crushing leg kick. Trevor shoots in for a takedown and Adam stuffs it and starts working for a guillotine. Adam pulls guard and Trevor moves into half guard but Adam is still holding on to that guillotine. Trevor escapes and Adam recovers guard. Trevor uses behind the back wrist control to pass into side control and then starts working for a kimura. Trevor over commits position wise with his kimura attempt and Adam escapes but then Trevor jumps on Adams back while Adam is starting to stand and works for the rear naked choke before the round ends. The choke didn’t look tight. This was another really close round.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 for Trevor Remus

Round 3: The fighters are exchanging leg kicks. Both fighters appear totally fresh. Adam lands a hard spinning back fist as Trevor moves in with a right cross. Trevor is landing with his body shots. Both fighters are showing really great head movement. Trevor rocks Adam with two hard right hands then pins Adam in the corner. Adam locks up a standing kimura and pulls guard again. Trevor escapes and Adam reverses Trevor finishes the round on top. This was an awesome extremely close back and forth fight.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 for Trevor Remus
Trevor Remus defeats Adam Lacasse by Split Decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

Denham Periera vs Greg Steen
Round 1: Fighters touch gloves and Greg comes in with incredible energy landing a lot of straight lefts. Greg is constantly throwing his left out there. Denham is blocking a few but Greg is still landing a lot of shots. The pace starts to slow and Greg switches to mostly leg kicks to Denham’s lead right thigh. Denham is stalking Greg now and lands a three punch combination of his own. Greg is starting to slow but is still landing with hard leg kicks to Denham’s thigh.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 for Greg Steen

Round 2: Greg starts off with a left cross and Denham comes back with a leg kick. Denham is using a lot better head movement this round and isn’t taking much damage but Greg is throwing most of the punches. Both fighters are throwing and checking a lot of leg kicks. Greg knocks down Denham and jumps into half guard. He attempts a kimura but Denham defends well. Denham recovers guard but Greg fires off some hard shots to the body before passing again into side control. He locks in another kimura and uses it to move into mount before the round ends.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 for Greg Steen

Round 3: Denham is taking the initiative this round and is landing more shots. He rushes Greg and lands a few really hard hooks to the head and body. Denham is really finding is stride this round capitalizing on Greg’s exhaustion. Greg is throwing back but Denham is landing more and harder shots. Greg takes Denham down and starts working on an kimura. Greg uses the kimura to move into mount again. This time Denham taps out.
Greg Steen submits Denham Periera by Kimura in Round 3, 2:09

Curt McGorman vs Rick Pfeifer
Round 1: Rick charges right in immediately throwing strikes but Curt ducks under, shoots and slams Rick. From the bottom Rick locks in a tight guillotine. Curt is struggling to escape but neither fighter has even started sweating. Curt taps.
Rick Pfeifer submits Curt McGorman by Guillotine Choke in Round 1, 0:42

Sukh Gill vs Hayden Harrison
Round 1: Hayden charges forward with a flurry of punches in an attempt to set up a takedown. He shoots but Sukh reverses and wins up in Hayden’s guard. Hayden attempts a guillotine from the bottom but Sukh escapes. Hayden transitions immediately to a triangle choke which looks tight. Sukh attempts to pull out but Hayden transitions to an arm bar forcing Sukh to tap.
Hayden Harrison submits Sukh Gill by Arm Bar in Round 1, 1:08

22 Responses to “ AX Combat Play-by-Play – Bird Chokes Out Couture ”

  1. imitefite says:


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  2. Couture was out for a while before ref figured out that she was out.

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  3. DB says:

    that scissor choke was slick, and sick…..Sheila was the belle of the ball.

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  4. Sam wambam says:

    Boob shot? Lol

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  5. ruckus780 says:

    thats the fuck im talking about war Ryan Hunter,,,,congrats Bird

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  6. Robin Black says:

    Congrats Sheila!!!!!

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  7. Bobby Karimi says:

    Choke was just awesome!

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  8. Bobby Karimi says:

    Omic’s nut shot that he took looked super hard.

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  9. Brad Wall says:

    Great 1st promotion!

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  10. Joe Doerksen says:

    Couple quick fights, couple long ones. None that were slow and boring. Solid night of fights.

    Sheila Bird was impressive, dominating a more experienced opponent, and making it look almost easy.

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  11. Dean Panas says:

    Sheila may be one of the most dominating unknown fighters in the world. I can see a Kaufman/Bird match-up one day.

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  12. Greg says:

    “Great 1st promotion”. Dog, are they paying you to say that? Are you tripping. Have you been to many fights?
    Let’s see: I stood in line for 35 mins to get in, I was felt up, searched by security, the fights started 55 mins late, there was no security into VIP, I paid $150 to sit in VIP and general tix holders just walked in and sat where ever they wanted, liquor service was super slow, they cut off liquor sales early, Hunter’s and Allen’s matches were so miss match.

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  13. ASSASSIN says:

    first show there are some things we have to tweak. We appreciate the support and strive to accomodate the fans with service and matchups. the next show will be better all around. The Telus convention center is rookie as well, and we are meeting this week to strategize how to improve for AX2:HAVOC.

    Greg contact me for free vip tickets to AX2 because of your feedback.

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  14. ASSASSIN says:


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  15. ASSASSIN says:

    Please anyone else with feedback about the show, and how we can improve, email It is stampede week, I will attempt to return emails by next week. thanks so much.

    Steve Fader
    ASSASSIN/AX Combat

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  16. The PPV stream was great.

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  17. Greg says:

    Lol, sorry Steve too many Coors, “Hunter’s and Allen’s matches were so mismatched”
    I wouldn’t have commented but I hate sucks and paid commenters. Let’s just keep it real. I enjoyed your comments and the free vip tickets-thanks.

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  18. TOOSWEET598 says:

    I realize that this has nothing to do with the promotion and is soley the responsibility of the commission who provides the referees. That being said, the referee that did Sheila’s fight should never be allowed to ref another MMA bout ever again. He clearly is not aware of his sole duty which is to keep the fighters safe. Kim was uncouncious for at least 8 seconds which is extremely dangerous. Kim will be lucky if she does not suffer some sort of brain damage from being out for so long.

    As for the other fights, i thought the night was pretty good considering it was the first event. It started late but so does every other mma event ive ever been too. I thought the venue was pretty well layed out. I like others did not like the fact that we had to be felt up upon entering but i realize they want everyone to be safe. The main event was ridiculously mismatched and we knew it would not last long. Its too bad Ryan Machan had to drop out because that was the fight i was looking forward too the most. all in all i had a pretty good time and i think Steve and his crew did a good job for their first event. im sure they will strive to get better and look to ensure the fight cards in the future and well put together will quality fighters.

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  19. Big Jake says:

    I thought the show was great. I watched it streaming online and heard nothing but positive comments from the people that were there. I thought Joe did a good job commentating as well. I understand if people’s opinions may not be the same but I would say it was a successful 1st event for Assassin.

    As for Hunter’s fight being mismatched, fair enough. Hunter obviously didn’t have a problem with Devan but on paper, its not that far fetched of a match up. Devan’s last fight was against Lee Mein and people didn’t complain even though Lee destroyed him. On paper, Devan has 8 fights and Hunter has two. Not that crazy in my mind.

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  20. Mike Davis says:

    Ryan Machan vs Keto Allen next card PLEASE!

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  21. Dean says:

    That choke was pretty sweet. Coutures eyes were gone for at least 6 seconds before the ref even grabbed her arm. Guy shouldnt be allowed to ref again and Kim should probably retire. She looks terrible in the stand up aspect.

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  22. ademir parmezan says:

    You could not be more right on

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