Top MMA News Exclusive: Ontario Bellator 47 Undercard Revealed


Bellator will be holding its Summer Series’ Featherweight tournament semi-finals at Casino Rama on July 23. The main card has been set for a while with Patricio “Pitbull” Friere challenging Joe Warren for his Featherweight title and the four semi-finalists squaring off to reach the finale of the Summer Series 145 tournament.

Now, Top MMA News has learned the majority of the undercard and as expected, its chock full of Canadians.

Jesse Gross (6-1) will make his Featherweight debut on the Bellator undercard. The Adrenaline Training Centre fighter will not take it easy in his first foray into the 145 lb division as he is rumoured to be taking on Adam Lorenz (5-1) on the undercard. Lorenz is Canada’s highest ranked Featherweight

outside of the UFC and he has already defeated fighters who have appeared in the WEC and Bellator.

Canada’s fifth ranked Featherweight will make his return to Bellator on July 23. Will Romero (5-3), who was Heel Hooked by Patricio Friere at Bellator 15, will try to get back in the win column against Daniel Langbeen (3-3). Romero has been on a three fight slide since the loss to Friere and Bellator will be just the place to reverse his fortune. Langbeen is also coming into the the fight with three consecutive losses – one of which was to Romero’s teammate Lyndon Whitlock.

As previously posted on Top MMA News, Canada’s #2 Bantamweight Adrian Wooley (7-2) will take on David “Bo” Harris (5-2-1) in a Bantamweight fight. Wooley recently lost a closs decision to Nick Mamalis while Michigan’s Harris has knocked off two other Canadians in his last two fights.

A Bantamweight fight previously scheduled for the Score Fighting Series, Syd Barnier (3-3) vs Denis Puric (3-1), will also be held on the 23rd. The two Ontario fighters had their SFS fight called off when Puric became ill the week of the fights. Now they take their contest to Bellator.

Alka Matewa (1-1) will face the unbeaten Alex Ricci (2-0) in a Lightweight bout. This will be a battle of two kickboxers who are newer to the MMA game. Ricci has looked very impressive and knocked out Mike Sledzion in his last fight.
*** photos of Jesse Gross and Adrian Wooley by Mike Fischl

17 Responses to “ Top MMA News Exclusive: Ontario Bellator 47 Undercard Revealed ”

  1. Paul Ebejer says:

    I got goose bumps

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  2. ryan farse says:

    who are these people are they kidding?

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    Do you ever have anything positive to say?

    It’s the undercard, Bellator could have brought in a bunch of fighters of the same caliber from Iowa, Georgia, California or wherever else but no one in Ontario would know who the hell they are. This gives local fighters a chance to show Bellator what they can do and maybe get into a future tournament… I see more than a few great up and comers on that undercard. Who would you recommend they put on preliminary card?

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  4. joe says:

    Jesse Gross will destroy Lorenz…I almost feel sorry for him, he’s a good talent but he is about to be crushed!

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  5. Graham Weenk says:

    Adam get Crushed?? we hear the same thing before allot of Adam’s fights! Will Romero was gonna crush him too,so was Rolando Perez, so was Roland Delorme, so was Seigi Sugiman Morango, people even said Drew Blight would… Yet none of them have, this fight will be the same.

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  6. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    Gross looks like a beast but I think Lorenz will be too much on the ground for him. just my opinion.

    No real west coasters on this card. All eastern fighters.

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  7. harry balls says:

    I’m giving it to Lorenz. Please don’t tell Gross where i live…

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  8. Bobby Karimi says:

    Lorenz might be one of the most underrated and under appreciated fighters in Canada. I pick him to win this, in a great fight.

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  9. Paul Ebejer says:

    Gross is going to be a very tough guy to beat at this weight! It will be a tough fight but I see Gross taking the win in the second round by ground and pound!

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  10. Robin Black says:

    Gross vs Lorenz is the best fight in Canada right now.

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  11. Sean Quinn says:

    “Lorenz might be one of the most underrated and under appreciated fighters in Canada. I pick him to win this, in a great fight.”


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  12. Jeff Harrison says:

    If Puric stands he has no idea what he is up against. Barnier by vicious KO.

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  13. Robin Black says:

    I love you Jeff harrison.

    And I agree Syd has some beautiful stand up.

    But Denis knocks out 205ers with one punch. Not joking.

    He has that kind of unnatural power that can’t be taught and can’t be learned.

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  14. jeff harrison says:

    I say we should make a friendly wager Mr. Black?:)

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  15. Dale says:


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  16. Lorenz vs Gross is off, which is too bad. Would have loved to see that one

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  17. jasnon wishatacker says:

    “Lorenz is going to get crushed”

    when were done with the fight can you give me a free palm reading?

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