Canadian Rumour Mill – July 4



Did everyone catch William and Kate on Canada Day!  Now that girl has style!  I hear they are going to visit Alberta on their royal trip.  Maybe they will pay a royal visit to the Black Prince of MMA while they are there.

How come we don’t have a cool Canada Day movie where Aliens come and blow up 24 Sussex Drive and then Ryan Reynolds, Keanu Reeves, or Hayden Christiansen save us!!! Now that’d be a blockbuster! :)

On to the rumours:

  • Now that former/current ??? MFC Lightweight champion Antonio McKee is back in the fold and scheduled to fight Brian Cobb sometime soon is he still going to be competing on the Colloseo Championship Fighting card in Sangudo? I’m hearing ‘yes!’
  • Big twitter war happened on the weekend between Aggression and ERA Fightwear. Check it out on twitter:  @Erafightwear, @aggressionmma, @aggressionmma1
  • Ryan Machan has had to pull out of his fight with Keto Allen on the upcoming inaugural AX Combat show. Mark Burns has stepped up on short notice to fill the void, and make the bout a classic Edmonton vs Calgary matchup.
  • Nick Hinchliffe vs Jesse Juarez is not happening at CCF Bushido.
  • So Steven Rogers vs Ricky Goodall’s much hyped and anticipated rematch will not be happening on the July 16th Elite1 show, as Ricky Goodall has withdrawn. Veteran Jason MacKay has agreed to replace Goodall.  This fight is still a non-title fight.  Why is it at a 160lbs catchweight when MacKay last fought at 145lbs?
  • Hope Fight Productions next show will most likely be in September, that is if they can work out their differences with the Nova Scotia Boxing Authority.
  • Tim Hague will not be rematching Todd Duffee in Japan at DREAM.
  • Denis Kang’s next fight will be back in Korea this month, his opponent: Seung Bae Whi.
  • How confusing is it to have a ONE Fighting Championship in Montreal on Sept 2 and a ONE Fighting Championship in Singapore on Sept 3.

NOTE: These are just rumors and opinions of the Gossip Queen. If you have a rumour that you want to contribute, email:

64 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – July 4 ”

  1. BigBoi says:

    Bobby Kalamari is a mean jerk pants.

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  2. Sean Quinn says:

    I have feelings to, Ricky Bobby Karimi!!!

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  3. BigBoi says:

    Seen Quint please stop talking.

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  4. Yeah…Grienk is cranky!

    Everyone knows that I am proud of this site for its great community and comment boards. Fighters, promotions, commissions, refs, judges, the site, our writers and me all are up for criticism and praise here.

    And you know what…. this community has proven knowledgeable and Canadian fighters, promotions, commissions, refs, judges do come to the site A LOT and I know this site has helped change/influence/promote Canadian MMA for the better.

    But when I have to start going through posts and seeing retard this, homosexual slur that, one promoter bashing another, this fighter turned down that, it shows that this mma community is not that knowledgeable and does not deserve to be listened to anymore. Who would you rather have on the site, RUCKUS or John Alessio? Homewrecker or Gary Goodridge? I’d prefer both but eventually haters push people away.

    I hate putting on my dad hat and editing, banning stuff and rarely do it. I don’t want moderators. I don’t want to force people to logon with their Facebook account to post comments. I don’t want to ban IPs. I think this is a great sport and should be treated a little better.

    btw… i added ‘this fighter turned down that’ because lets make it clear that EVERY fighter and/or his management has turned down an opponent at some point for some reason. It is STUPID if they don’t. Alessio has turned down fights, Ford has turned down fights, and GSP has turned down Anderson Silva. Its a business, these guys fight to support themselves and families. e.g. if Marc-Andre could fight me for 15K at GFC or Ryan Ford for 15K at RFC, there is way less risk fighting me and would take that fight. (Hell… he’d probably punch me for free.)

    And with Tim Hague, the UNANIMOUS #1 HW in Canada and the EASIEST fighter to rank in Canada after GSP (& maybe Hominick).
    criticism – I saw him in Fort Mac, he looked out of shape. I saw him in the UFC in his last fight. He did lose to Mitrione quickly. I believe that training with better camps would be a tremendous career move for Tim.

    praise – I also know that Hague KTFO’d Jensen, who is on Bellator this month, and Wiuff in his previous two fights and that no other HW in Canada can do that or would take those fights. NONE.

    Nothing wrong with criticism. Nothing wrong with praise.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    Keith you are a homosexual slur.

    But also totally right.

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  6. Bdc says:

    K.G. Is a wiener eater

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  7. Alright… got home…had a few kokanees and ate a few wieners and have settled stuff with Ruckus and Home Wrecker. Bans are off. Back to the lovely world of MMA!

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  8. Bobby Karimi says:

    I knew you liked wieners!

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  9. Sean Quinn says:

    Can have dessert now, Dad?

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  10. Bobby Karimi says:


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  11. Jamie Locke says:

    TMN is the best Canadian mma site hands down. There are some great mma minds here as well as pro fighters of all different caliber.

    I like have the opinions of all, but there are tonnes of other sites you can go spread your hate. On TMN I would rather have John Alessio weighing his opinion on fighting Ford than have Ruckus calling him a pussy. If the option is to either allow haters and not have the best fighters in Canada on the site, or moderate and maintain the opinions of the most established fighters and Canadian MMA pioneers, I have to go with option B…

    I am sure you won’t sensor, but maybe give a three strike system, if you don’t have constuctive critism and are just here to cuss out fighters and promoters than find another site to frequent…

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  12. Sean Quinn says:

    Mady is a pussy.

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  13. Robin Black says:

    Those are fighting words. That guy probably wants to fight you now.

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  14. Sean Quinn says:

    I bet.

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