Top 10 Maple Leaf Match Ups In July


It’s that time again friends for the Top 10 Maple Leaf Match Ups. Just like everyone else in Canada, the Canadian MMA scene has slowed a tad as everyone enjoys those hot and humid Canadian summers. That being said, there is still a ton of great fights taking place across the country this month and with the slowed schedule several fighters are given their chance to make their first appearance on this prestigious list… LOL

Now for the Zuffa disclaimer: as always this list will be for match ups taking place outside of Zuffa, as those match ups will receive enough press through breakdowns, news posts and Top MMA Radio. Here’s a list of Canadians fighting under the Zuffa banner in July:

Sarah Kaufman (13-1) vs. Liz Carmouche (5-1) – Strikeforce Challengers 17 – July 22

Julie Kedzie (16-8) vs. Alexis Davis (9-4) – Strikeforce: Fedor Vs. Henderson – July 30

10. Elmer Waterhen (10-13) vs. Brad Stewart (4-1)
KOTC: Brawl in the Mall 5 – Edmonton – July 16
Stewart bested Waterhen in their first meeting just under a year ago, now these two men rematch for the KOTC Canada Middleweight crown. Waterhen, a long time KOTC veteran, has faced some of Canada’s top fighters like TJ Grant, Jesse Bongfeldt and Rory MacDonald albeit in losing efforts.  He is an extremly game and crafty fighter who is also one of the most entertaining to watch.  Stewart started off his career with three quick TKO victories, including a cut stoppage over Allen Hope, before defeating Waterhen in their first meeting via majority decision. Is revenge a dish best served cold for Waterhen? or will Stewart triumph again and get his first taste of MMA gold?

9. Ali Mokdad (4-0) vs. Javier Torres (2-0)
Pro Fighting Championship – Windsor – July 16,

Canada’s top Middleweight prospect will finally get to test himself against former UFC competition, well sort of, when he meets TUF 13 cast member Javier Torres. Mokdad, a master of the RNC, has finished all four of his opponents by way of the rudimentary choke and has yet to see the 10 minute mark in any of his fights. Torres lost via unanimous decision to Chris Cope in his first TUF match up. He was later brought back as a wild card but once again lost via decision this time to Chuck O’Neil. Torres also seems to prefer the submission game as he has coaxed a tap out from both his previous opponents outside of the TUF house. A win for Mokdad would solidify his status as one of the top up and comers in Canada’s Middleweight division.

8. Justin Bourgeois (5-3) vs. Brad Duguay (8-5)
Elite 1 MMA – Moncton – July 16
Bourgeois defeated Iron Tiger Muay Thai stud Lyndon Whitlock to capture his Elite 1 MMA Featherweight crown and now prepares to defend it against Brad Duguay. Bourgeois, a Springhill MMA / Matmen MMA product, has won five of his last six and looks to make his mark on the national MMA scene. Duguay has won 6 of his last 7 and was the favorite to win Elite 1’s Featherweight tournament before an injury forced him out of the mix. Duguay even defeated “Judo” Jon Williams and it was Williams who gave Bourgeois an early exit to the tournament. However, an injury to Duguay allowed Bourgeois to be invited back and ultimately win the tournament and the inaugural title. Now healed up and ready to go, Duguay finally gets his shot at Elite 1 gold.  Is Duguay the true champion or will Bourgeois show that the right man already won the belt?

7. Ryan Machan (13-7) vs. Keto Allen (5-2)
Ax Combat1: Execution – Calgary – July 8
Two of Western Canada’s most durable Welterweights will finally square off to main event Ax Combat’s debut card. Machan a perennial top 20 Canada Welterweight has fought the who’s who in Canada and his ability is not necessarily reflected by his record. Machan was able to turn around a two fight losing skid by defeating Dave Hulett via submission just two months ago. Fight fans haven’t seen or heard from Allen since his back to back losses to Jason High and Jordan Mein. Allen was on a 5-0 run before encountering the aforementioned top competitors and will look to rebound against the stern test in Machan. This should be an exciting fight as both men love to throw down and brawl. Machan may hold the advantage off his back while Allen is better at top position. The fighter who can implement their game plan best will be the one with their hand raised.

6. Sheila Bird (1-0) vs. Kim Couture (3-4)
Ax Combat1: Execution – Calgary – July 8
Finally, Canada’s women’s BJJ phenom will get to test herself against real competition and show everyone she is a cage combatant that needs to be taken seriously. If and when this fight hits the canvas, it will be all Bird, but while on the feet Couture is a great test to see how Bird has grown as a true MMA fighter and if she really will be Canada’s next big MMA export. Given that Bird is only 1-0 and her fight lasted less then four minutes, not much is known on how Bird will perform in this match up. She trains out of a great team at BDB Martial Arts and has even cornered fighters like Brad Cardinal and Jason Day. While Couture may not be the next Cris Cyborg, she is a well rounded fighter with her key attribute being her durability. While Couture can take a licking and keep on ticking, she will be great test for Bird and show Canadian fight fans how much Bird has progressed in her all around MMA game.

5. Lee Mein (5-9) vs. James McSweeney (4-8)
Bully’s Fight Night 2 – Lethbridge – July 22
A solid Heavyweight fight featuring a Canadian that’s worthy of the Top 10 Maple Leaf Match ups. Mein ranked 5th in Canada’s Top Heavyweights, will once again test himself against a UFC veteran. Before considering the merits of this fight, throw both men’s records out the window,as these two stand up artists will not have to worry about their Kryptonite (wrestling) in this match up. Mein, a self professed three minute man, has never seen the second round in fights when he gets his hand raised. McSweeney hasn’t won a fight since 2009 but has only fought strong wrestlers during his latest four fight losing streak. Both men have only won their fights via either TKO or KO, so expect lots of action and a quick brutal finish. This fight will be Mein’s fists and footwork meeting McSweeney’s kicks and speed. “The Gladiator” versus “The Hammer” enough said.

4. Nick Penner (9-1) vs. Jon Ganshorn (4-1)
Bully’s Fight Night 2 – Lethbridge – July 22
After one and half years away from the cage due to injury, Nick Penner finally makes his return to action. Penner and Ganshorn will battle it out for the Bully’s Fight Night Heavyweight title with the winner potentially taking on the victor of the aforementioned Mein vs Mcsweeney match up. Penner made his name by defeating Eric “Butterbean” Esche in 2007 then proceeded to surge up a barren Heavyweight division. Originally Penner was thought to be cutting down to 205, but a match up with up and comer Ganshorn was too much to pass up. Ganshorn has only been fighting professionally for two years and his only loss was to dual division ranked Tim Chemelli. This fight has huge ranking implications for both fighters as a win will allow either man to crack the nation’s top 5 and as mentioned before, get them a shot at another big name.

3. Chucky Mady (5-3) vs. John Fraser (8-3)
Pro Fighting Championship – Windsor – July 16
After sitting out almost a year between fights, Fraser made a triumphant return to the cage by defeating Eric Wilson for Wreck MMA’s Bantamweight title. Fresh as a daisy, Fraser returns a mere two months later to challenge submission ace Chucky Mady. Mady himself has been extremely active in 2011 going 2-1 in sanctioned MMA events and he even traveled to Jordan to participate in a fight which he won, even though no site has yet to record the victory for him. Bantamweights are known for constant action and excitement and this pairing is no different. Both men are great in the scramble, while Mady may enjoy a slight advantage in the submission game, Fraser has mastered the art of submission defense and will have a sizeable advantage on the feet. Fraser has a a lot to lose in this match up as he is currently ranked in both the Featherweight and Bantamweight rankings and Mady could easily steal all the “Haggis Basher’s” thunder with a win.

2. Adrian Wooley (7-2) vs. David “Bo” Harris (5-2-1)
Bellator 47 – Rama – July 23
Wooley dropped a razor close decision to Nick Mamalis at the inaugural Score Fighting Series and instead of sulking and licking his wounds, he’ll jump right back into action. Just like the previously mentioned Fraser, Wooley had an extended lay off between his last fights but is now ready to fight often and advance his career. Harris will be a tough test for Wooley and has a great record against Canadian foes, going 3-0 beating Chucky Mady twice and Brent Franczuz. Harris is a well rounded and tenacious fighter who excels in scrambles and fighting on the inside. Granted Harris is a tough competitor if he tries to fight in close with Wooley, he’ll get bullied to the ground and face the wrath of Adrian’s ferocious ground and pound.

1. Travis Briere (8-1) vs. Chris Clements (8-4)
Pro Fighting Championship – Windsor – July 16
Every month choosing the number 1 match up is always a difficult decision, except this month. Chris Clements, the Ringside MMA Welterweight champion takes on Unified MMA Welterweight champion Travis Brere in this classic East versus West match up. Clements is currently ranked 9th in the Canadian rankings while Briere sits just outside the top 10. Clements, an Adrenaline Training Center product, will have the advantage in punching power and experience going into this tussle. While Briere could be considered a more well rounded fighter, he has yet to face top echelon competition like Clements. Clements has been the more vocal fighter going into this match up telling Top MMA News he’s the “Bigger, stronger, faster… and all around better at everything.” Briere on the other is taking the silent assassin approach having no comment on his competition. Either way, Windsor MMA fans are going to be treated to a spectacular display by two top notch Canadian fighters. No matter which fighter takes home the W, the national Welterweight rankings will sure be shaen up after this affair.


* top photo of Ali Mokdad courtesy of MFC.

** photos of Keto Allen and  Nick Penner by Jason Bouwmeester|TKO Photography

*** photo of John Fraser by Mike Fischl|Great Fight North

**** photo of Travis Briere by Jason Bouwmeester|TKO Photography

24 Responses to “ Top 10 Maple Leaf Match Ups In July ”

  1. Hank902 says:

    Mady sub ace and Fraser the striker? Not being a tool here just didn’t realize that. Guess I’m not up on my Bantamweights.

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  2. I think Fraser has the advantage everywhere in that fight.

    Still a great read as always !

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  3. Robin Black says:

    Mady has flashy stand up and very low level grappling. Fraser has tough meat and potatoes stand up and infinitely better grappling than Chucky.

    Chucky’s has some opportunity on the feet but he will be subbed or GNPed on the ground in seconds by Fraser. Fraser absolutely dominates this fight in wrestling and grappling.

    Love ya Big Win my man but IMO you’re off on this one.

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  4. Big Win says:

    I still stand by the fact, that Mady has some slick submission but I agree this is Fraser’s fight to loses

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  5. Jamie Locke says:


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  6. Bobby Karimi says:

    Big Win stands alone. LOL!

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  7. Robin Black says:

    Mady is at the top of “Level 1″ is the sub game so, against ‘level 1″ grapplers he has ‘slick submissions’.

    Fraser is ‘Level 3” or “Level 4” grappling. So against Fraser, Mady is monstrously outclassed in grappling. On the ground, you will see absolute domination by Fraser.

    Both guys are ‘Level 4′ at striking, with Fraser’d being more based in rock ’em sock ’em exchanges, aggression, toughness and heart and Mady’s being based on slick skills, quickness, and crisp kicks and punches.

    The problem for Mady is Fraser is also ‘Level 4’ in wrestling, takedowns, cage work, in-between-type positions etc, while Mady is weak there.

    So, on the feet it is competitive, but Fraser can control positions and dominate on the ground.

    Tough fight for Chucky.

    But Chucky is tough and game and can change the fight’s direction on the feet in a moment.

    No disrespect intended to my friend Big Win. Good read and good debate.

    (All ‘Level 1’ ‘Level 3’ etc references are only the opinion of moi and only for illustration purposes)

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  8. Dean Panas says:

    Machan must be out of the fight with Allen. Mark Burns is now facing Keto.

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  9. Jamie Locke says:

    I heard that fight was off, but didn’t know for sure.

    In that case I have Keto winning that fight.

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  10. Sean Quinn says:

    Don!! Are you fucking high???? Wtf are you injecting? Mady’s slick submission skills? lol

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  11. Big Jake says:

    I was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiting for Tink to comment on this thread. My day is now complete!

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  12. blayd cooper says:

    fraser by headkick, just saying!!!! hes better EVERYWHERE than chucky except kumatai tournaments!!!!

    and “NO CLUE” don wilson again u may be off on your analysis!!!!

    bo harris also by upset 3 rd decision over wooley!!!

    clements is scary!!!

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  13. Sean Quinn says:

    Harris will not be upsetting Wooley. Wooley will beat the fuck out of him.

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  14. Robin Black says:

    Ya gotta agree with Sean. Harris looks good and is improving but Wooly is WAY WAAAAAAY too much.

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  15. Stay tuned for another great matchup being announced in the next few days for this month as well!

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  16. LBoutin says:

    “I still stand by the fact, that Mady has some slick submission but I agree this is Fraser’s fight to loses”

    by fact you mean your opinion, which is way off on this one. Fraser will dominate Mady on the ground like anyone with solid jits would.

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  17. Sean Quinn says:

    On second thought, Mady looked real good on the ground at the tuf trials. He was slick and smooth…just like a fish…out of water…flopping around like an idiot.

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  18. blayd cooper says:

    robin, wanna bet?


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  19. Paul Ebejer says:

    Some sick match ups with a twist of hunting season!

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  20. Rob J says:

    I LOL’d at the comment that Mady has an up in the sub game over Fraser. Fraser round one via easy kimura.

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  21. Rob J says:

    I think Wooley will be way too much for Harris.

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  22. Robin Black says:

    To my friend Woodrow:

    I was very impressed with young Mr. Harris against a very very good young fighter in Brent Fraxxzixtbrzzsthxzus.

    But Wooley is a whole other deal.

    Betcha $32.50 my man.

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  23. canadx says:

    I thought drysdale was the classiest fighter in last few months in canada. Anyone know where/when he fights again?

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  24. Bobby Karimi says:

    AFC I’m sure

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