Mein Not on Global Warriors Card


Sources close to the Global Warriors card informed Top MMA News that Jordan Mein would be on the Global Warriors event subject to Ontario commission approval. However, according to Lee Mein, they are not on the card.

Lee Mein, father/trainer/manager of Jordan Mein, cleared up the situation:

“(The promotions) asked if Jordan could fight, we considered it and they were looking for an opponent, but Jordan decided to take more time off to train and work on things. His next fight will be most likely Sept 23 here at RITC 44.”

If anyone deserves some time off, its Jordan Mein. Can’t wait to see him back in action in the fall.

2 Responses to “ Mein Not on Global Warriors Card ”

  1. Cj Saftic says:

    How could Jordan Mein be fighting for Rage In The Cage September 23rd when he’s signed by Strikeforce and fighting Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos September 10th?

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  2. Adam Lorenz says:

    Because the article is before he got signed to Strikeforce.

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