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MMA BettingUFC 132 will be taking place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on July 2nd and will feature a much anticipated Bantamweight Championship bout between Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber.

Main event fights will be aired via PPV and the televised portion of the prelim card will be aired in Canada on Spike TV and in HD on Rogers Sportsnet. The unaired prelims will be available in their entirety live on Facebook.

Here is the Top MMA News breakdown:

Dominick Cruz (-145) vs. Urijah Faber (+105)
I’m predicting that this will be a coming out party of sorts for current UFC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz. When these two fighters last met at WEC 26 back in March of 2007, Urijah walked away with a submission victory early in the first round. In that fight, Dominick demonstrated better movement on his feet, faster hands and superior wrestling. After Dominick took Urijah down and secured side control, Urijah recovered guard and secured a guillotine from the bottom. This time around I suspect Dominick will at least wait until both fighters have started sweating before taking Urijah down. I think Urijah will likely still have the superior submissions game but that the chances of him catching Dominick twice are extremely low.

Both fighters have a lot to lose in this fight so don’t expect a barn burner. Keep in mind that Urijah lost his Featherweight belt back in 2008. This is his third title shot in seven fights since then. If Urijah loses again he will have run out of weight divisions where name recognition will earn him title shots without the onerous task of putting together a massive win streak. Dominick has never fought in the big show before so if he loses he may end up fighting in the prelims for years before earning another spot on the main card of a UFC pay per view event.

Cruz has the speed and strength needed to finish this fight by TKO but after watching Urijah survive five rounds with José Aldo, I’m predicting this fight will go to a decision.
Prediction: Dominick Cruz by Unanimous Decision

Wanderlei Silva (-189) vs. Chris Leben(+137)
Call me a cynic but doesn’t it seem that whenever two brawlers face off in the octagon lately the  option of “surprising” their opponent and the audience with relentless takedown attempts and cage pinning is just too tempting to resist.  I’m going with Leben via octagon control.

If I am wrong and these fighter do decide to slug it out, I’d have to give the edge to Wanderlei.
Prediction: Chris Leben by Unanimous Decision

Tito Ortiz (+330) vs. Ryan Bader (-556)
In this fight Tito has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Despite not defeating a single opponent in nearly five years, Ortiz has actually proven to be a very game competitor in the octagon against the top echelon of fighters in the Light-Heavyweight division.

Ryan Bader has all the tools needed to win this fight but we don’t know how he will respond coming off the first loss of his career to Jon Jones. He might bounce back like a champion full of confidence but he also might second guess his training methodology or even worse his game plan during the fight if things don’t go his way initially.
I’m really excited about this fight.
Prediction: Tito Ortiz by Split Decision

Carlos Condit (-115) vs. Don Hyun Kim (-120)
I think for Kim to win this fight he needs to dominate Condit with his wrestling for the first two rounds and hang on during the third to win the decision.  Don Hyun looked great in his bout against Nate Diaz because wrestling has always been Nate’s Achilles Heel. I don’t think this match up is as tailor made for showcasing Kim’s strengths as his last one was.

Condit’s come from behind performances against Rory MacDonald and Jake Ellenberger were remarkable to say the least. If Carlos can push the pace and find himself in the third round with his opponent exhausted, I see him finishing Don Hyun with strikes.
Prediction: Carlos Condit via Third Round TKO

Dennis Siver vs. Matt Wiman
In Wiman’s last fight against Cole Miller, his aggression and tenacity were off the charts. When he did take Miller down, he punished Cole with insanely viscous ground and pound. At UFC 127 back in February, Siver showcased his competent takedown defence and disciplined striking against, the then top contender, George Sotiropoulos walking away with a victory despite being considered an underdog by many, including myself.

I don’t think Siver’s takedown defence is good enough to shut down Wiman’s takedowns once Matt shifts into high gear. I think this will be a back and forth bloody war with Wiman’s takedowns being the difference in this fight.
Prediction: Matt Wiman by Unanimous Decision

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14 Responses to “ Top MMA News UFC 132: Cruz vs. Faber Breakdown ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Cruz UD
    Leben TKO 3rd
    Tito UD
    Condit TKO 2nd
    Siver TKO 3rd

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  2. harry balls says:

    Tito is going to lose. This will be his last go-round I think. He looked flat in the Hammill fight; like he didn’t want to be there.

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  3. Mike Davis says:

    Cruz UD
    Silva UD
    Bader 2nd tko
    Kim UD
    WIman UD
    Guillard tko 2nd
    Anjos Tko 1st
    Bowles UD
    Simpson tko 2nd
    Winner tko 1st

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  4. I put 10 on Faber and 5 on Leben.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    Dos Anjos

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  6. david letourneau says:

    Keith ill take 5 on wanderlei, payable next time were at a fight together, since nobody wants me “cfc” might be a while

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  7. Great picks, Cody ! Good call on Tito!

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  8. Robin Black says:

    I got all but Tito.

    I was cheerin for Tito but wouldn’t bet on it.

    But, when I saw how stressed out and herky jerky Bader started, I was callin for it…..

    Great fights. Fun havin a TMN to interact with other fight fans while watchin.

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  9. Bdc says:

    Wiman lost robin black

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  10. Cody Bargholz says:

    A few years ago Wiman would have earned a decision victory against Siver in that fight based on his wrestling alone. People have been complaining a lot about judges in MMA but there are a lot of examples like Wiman/Siver where I think the judging has been getting better and better.

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  11. Robin Black says:

    Round 2 of Wima/Siver was 10-8 for Wiman if round 3 of Fitch/Penn was a 10-8 Penn, that’s for damn sure. Y’know?

    CONSISTENCY is the problem with judging.

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  12. harry balls says:

    Wow i missed the boat on Ortiz. I dunno if Bader woulda settled in if the fight had continued.
    Totally shocked by Leben. I can’t tell if he is awesome or just a guy they keep around because he is a fan fave. But what a finish!

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  13. Dean Panas says:

    I thought the fight was a draw. 10-8 second round for Wiman ans Siver 10-9 in rounds 1 and 3.

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  14. Cody Bargholz says:

    I totally agree that consistency is a major problem too Robin, particularly from commission to commission. I just think things have been getting better.

    Wiman showed excellent ground and pound but that was during the last half of the round. I don’t like fight stats but according to Fight Metric Siver landed 42 jabs in Round 2 and Penn landed 2 strikes total in Round 3 with Fitch. 2 jabs, nothing else.

    Don’t get me wrong. I seriously don’t think fight stats tell the story of a fight but in my mind Round 2 was a clear 10-9 round for Wiman. If Penn would have attempted even one submission in Round 3 against Fitch I would have argued for a 10-9 round in that fight as well. Penn did nothing so a 10-8 was justifiable in my opinion.

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