Hicks vs Chiappe at BFL 10



Fresh off his debacle in Nova Scotia where Hicks was ruled unable to fight by the Nova Scotia Boxing Authority, Marcus Hicks has signed to fight with Battlefield Fight League in Vernon on August 20th.  His opponent will by Ryan Chiappe, a fighter who is undefeated in BFL.

Hicks most recent win was against former TKO champion Yan Pellerin at Ringside 11.  It was Hicks first since a lengthy medical suspension.  Hicks is 11-20 in his career, but has showed signs of being a reformed professional who now does his talking in the cage.

Chiappe, who is from Prince George, BC, is a former King of the Cage title holder and is 2-0 in the BFL.  Chiappe first beat Levi Alford in a 180 lb catchweight fight and then took out Bill Fraser in a Welterweight matchup where Chiappe weighed in a few pounds heavy.

This fight will be the semi-main event for BFL 10 in Vernon.  Already announced is a main event between Marcos Vinicius and Matt Baker.

17 Responses to “ Hicks vs Chiappe at BFL 10 ”

  1. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    Im hyped for this fight. Im interested in knowing what u guys think of this matchup? & who are u picking in this fight?

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  2. Jarvis says:

    This is great to see LMA back in action after what happened to him with the Eastman cancellation. Hicks by brutal elbows once again!

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  3. BigBoi says:

    Jarvis you’re retarded.

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  4. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    What is ur opinion for how the fight will go big boi? I would like to think that its not retarded that I will win by elbows again if thats where the fight goes.

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  5. phil baroni says:

    chiappe by brutal ko

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  6. Me says:

    Lol get real, Marcus has battled badder & bigger, he has never ever been KO’d. This is a perfect match for Hicks and @ 185 he will crush Chiappe. GUARANTEED

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  7. Anonymous says:

    What weight class will the fight be at, 185?

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  8. Sam wambam says:

    Chiappe is a ok fighter and so is Hicks, but for once it looks like Chiappe is stepping up in competition. Hicks will win this fight easy! Chiappe will go back to fighting debut guys and guys below.500 where he belongs. Wait Hicks is way below .500 too but atleast Hicks takes a fight he might loose, instead of bitching out like he did against Riggs…..

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  9. armlocks4u says:

    Chiappe didnt bitch out to Riggs I was in Rexal Place when he got up in the cage and called him out, he got injured in training so te fight couldnt happen. I think Battelfield is stupid for putting a guy like hick who just got denied to fight by one commision to fight on such a big show in the okanagan

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  10. Jamie Locke says:

    I like the match-up. Solid fight for both guys. What’s the weight is my question?

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  11. Fight is at Middleweight.

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  12. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    Armlocks obviously has a hard on for me. U shouldnt talk unless u know what ur talking about. 1st of all Im cleared to fight anywhere,It was one guys opinion that stopped my fight in N.S.,of which we are appealing with N.S. comission actually on my side to be cleared in NS. 2nd-We already talked to the comission in Vernon to make sure the same thing didnt happen which they have verified it wont & that basically the doc in nova Scotia is a moron who over stepped his bounds. BFL-wanted to make sure of my clearance before they made the matchup which we did. Its a great fight & good opportunity for me & I will win this fight. There is & will be no excuses for this fight not to happen.

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  13. Blackman 613 says:

    Marcus by whatever he wants.

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  14. Sam wambam says:

    When exactly did Chiappe, “call out” Riggs? Lol I was there too. He was sposed to fight him next but he dropped his KOTC Middleweight belt to go fight some guy no one ever heard of and pad his record. Sounds like he bitched put up me…..

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  15. Anonymous says:

    Not sure the last time “the LMA” competed at MW, if he makes the 186 limit it should be a good fight!

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  16. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    Jarid Bussemaker was the last time I was at MW. Im 4lbs above the weight I cut from then & have 7 wks of training&dieting(first time Ive ever dieted for MMA).

    & yes it will be a good fight. A Statement fight for me.

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  17. Ryan Chiappe says:

    gonna be fun :)

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