Canadian Lightweight Rankings – June 2011


The top of Lightweight division loses to Benson Henderson, #2 knocks out Yves Edwards, and #3 has not fought in a year – there could be a big shake up at 155, right?  Not really.

There are two new faces to the 155 rankings, Curtis Demarce makes his debut on the list and Kurt Southern makes his return, and we say farewell to two individuals who have not fought in a year, Gavin Neil and Guillaume DeLorenzi.

On to the list:

Top 10 Canadian Lightweight Rankings
1. Mark Bocek (9-4) – Previous Rank (1) – After much debate, Top MMA News decided to keep Bocek as the number one Canadian Lightweight. Sure he has lost two of his last three, but the two he lost to are UFC Lightweight title contenders – Benson Henderson and Jim Miller (who many thought he beat). Next Fight: TBD.

2. Sam Stout (17-6-1) – Previous Rank (2) – Since the last rankings, Stout had to pull out of his fight with Paul Kelly due to injury. That turned out to be a black cloud with a silver lining because he ended up getting the KO of the Night bonus at UFC 131 when he knocked out Yves Edwards in spectacular fashion. Now with two wins in a row and four in his last five, Stout is climbing up the UFC 155 ladder and should get someone closer to the title picture with his next bout. How about Melvin Guillard? Next Fight: TBD.

3. John Makdessi (8-0) – Previous Rank (4) – The best spinning back fist KO ever in the UFC. Has Kyle Watson woken up yet? The Bull was supposed to fight Paul Taylor next, but he unfortunately tore his MCL and had to pull out of the fight. Get better soon John! Next Fight: vs TBD

4. Chris Horodecki (17-3) – Previous Rank (5) – After being cut by ZUFFA, Horodecki is touring Ontario hoping to rack up wins and get back to the big show. First off, Horodecki overwhelmed David Castillo in Ontario’s first MMA show. Next he will fight Tony Hervey who is 2-6 in his last eight fights in Windsor, Ontario. Then in September he will face Brad Cardinal in Sudbury. Horodecki would like one more before the end of the year and four wins may get him to the big show. Next fight: vs Tony Hervey at Professional Fighting Championship on July 16

5. Kurt Southern (9-3) – Previous Rank (NR) – Southern has been on and off the top 10 but now rockets back into the rankings with a big win over the previously fifth ranked Brad Cardinal. The fight happened at Aggression MMA and Southern was able to avenge a loss to Cardinal from earlier in his career. Then in June, he also beat Jorge Britto winning a unanimous decision. Next up is Southern’s toughest test – a fight with Mike Ricci, who may be one of the few Canadian Lightweights with better wrestling than Kurt. Next fight: vs Mike Ricci at Ringside 12 on October 21.

6. Brad Cardinal (13-7) – Previous Rank (6) – Cardinal kept busy in 2011 with two wins and two losses. One of those victories was a WRECK title win over super prospect Jesse Gross while his other was over Rob Roy. Cardinal lost a rematch with Kurt Southern in the same time frame and had a terrible outing against Daron Cruickshank in Hamilton. At .500 and with losses to two very good MMA players, Cardinal stays at number six. His next fight is another very tough opponent – the number four ranked Chris Horodecki. Next Fight: vs Chris Horodecki at Freedom Fights on September 10th.

7. Mike Ricci (6-1) – Previous Rank (8) – Mike Ricci is a dangerous Zahabi MMA student who sliced through Jesse Ronson at Ringside 10. In the fight, Ricci looked extremely focused and Ronson on his back and TKO’d him with strikes on the ground. The win showed Top MMA News and other Canadian Lightweights that Ricci is back and he still is one of the best in Canada.  As previously mentioned, Ricci fights Southern next. Who is the best MMA wrester at 155 in Canada is a question that may be answered at Ringside 12. Next Fight vs Kurt Southern at Ringside 12 on October 21.

8. Kajan Johnson (18-11-1) – Previous Rank (7) – Kajan Johnson made it back into the Top 10 after dominating Ryan Healy. Since then, Kajan has been rehabbing a shoulder injury and performing the odd rap show. Now back at training, Ragin’ Kajan is hoping to get on the MFC 31 card in October. Unfortunately, Kajan slides down one spot to make room for guys with wins. Next Fight: vs TBD.

Curtis Demarce (photo by Jason Bouwmeester|TKO Photography)

9. Mitch Clarke (9-0) – Previous Rank (10) – Mitch Clarke may have an issue with Top MMA News calling Southern and Ricci the best Canadian 155 lb MMA wrestlers as no one has beaten Mitch and his dominant ground game. Top MMA News was able to see Clarke slam his way to a unanimous decision win over Ed Rincon at Evolution this year. After the fight, it was rumoured that Clarke would join MFC’s roster, but that never materialized. Let’s hope Mitch and his camp can get some more fights against some stronger opposition in the near future. Next Fight: vs TBD.

10. Curtis Demarce (11-9) – Previous Rank (NR) – Curtis “Split Decision” Demarce has had four split decisions in a row and gone .500 in those fights. After beating Dominick Blais in what should have been a unanimous decision, Demarce then lost close decisions to uber-tough Lightweights Richie Whitson and Marcus Davis in Fight of the Night performances. Finally, Demarce eked out a victory against Robert Washington to break his MFC goose egg. Going 8-2 in his last 10 (which means he was 3-7 in his first 10), Demarce has really turned his career around and has deservedly made it into the Top 10. Next fight: vs TBD.

Fighters who dropped out of Top 10 – Guillaume DeLorenzi (inactive, was 3rd) and Gavin Neil (inactive, was 9th)

Just out of Top 10:
Samuel Guillet (9-6)
Iraj Hadin (6-3)
Jesse Gross (6-1)
Jason Saggo (5-0)

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  1. Adam Lorenz says:

    Big Congrats to Kurt “The Hurt” Southern he deserves it!

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  2. mmaEH says:

    I agree with the top 4 lightweights on this list , from 5 on its very tough as #269 lightweight brad cardinal is ahead of #226 curtis demarce and also #119 kajan johnson, It’s very hard to determine who should be ranked higher than who from 6-10 as they all have been doing an outstanding job. I dont believe anyone is fighting as tough competition lately as demarce is he only has 2 loses out of 10 fights which were controversial split loses to two very very highly skilled lightweights, as well most people thought he won the whitson fight, where as kajan has been out due to injury. clarke and cardinal have been doing well but have faught no one near that level of talent but have managed keep some wins going. The lightweight division is so stacked and difficult to rank. I believe demarce should be up at 7 or 8 as well bring kajan up as well.

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  3. duane says:

    Finally some bloody respect for Kurt the Hurt!

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  4. Graham Weenk says:

    Nice to see Kurt Southern in top 5 as he deserves to be!

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  5. Glad to see Kurt back in the rankings. Southern vs Ricci is going to be awesome!

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  6. Jamie Locke says:

    I’m guessing these rankings will be done again after Dec 10th….

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  7. Bobby Karimi says:

    Kajan musta cracked the top 5!

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