Mein, Lorenz, Hill, Saggo are Canadian Warriors Coming to Global Warriors


Top MMA News has learned of some great Canadian fighters scheduled to fight on the August 13th Global Warriors card. Consider these matchups as tentative until the Ontario Athletic Commission gives their final approval.

One of the greatest Canadian warriors not signed to the UFC will be on the card – Jordan Mein is scheduled for the event. Although an opponent has not been named for Global Warriors, Mein has been running through big name opposition in his other Ontario bouts. First “Young Gun” knocked off Joe Riggs in Ottawa/Gatineau at WRECK MMA, then he beat Josh Burkman in Orillia, and in early June he beat DREAM champion Marius Zaromskis in Mississauga. Jordan (22-7) is ranked nationally at Welterweight and Middleweight and is 9-1 in his last 10 fights. Of course, any potential matchup with Mein must be approved by the Ontario Athletic Commission.

Lorenz finishes his takedown on Will Romero (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

Another nationally ranked fighter, Adam Lorenz, is scheduled for the August 13th date in Hamilton. Saskatoon’s Lorenz will be taking on Ontario’s Lyndon Whitlock from Iron Tiger Muay Thai. Lorenz defeated former Bellator fighter William Romero earlier this year and now Romero’s Iron Tiger teammate Lyndon Whitlock hopes to avenge his training partner’s loss. Whitlock hopes his luck remains in Hamilton as he recently beat Robert Rende in the Slammer in the Hammer card held recently in Hamilton.

Whitlock’s teammate and Canada’s sixth ranked Bantamweight, Josh Hill, has previously been announced on the card. Now, Top MMA News has learned that Hill will face “Money” Mike Roberts (4-3-1), an opponent William

Hill Goes for the Arm Bar (Photo by Deejay Sherman)

Romero beat to win the Iroquois MMA Featherweight title a few years ago.

Last, but not least, undefeated Canadian Lightweight Jason Saggo (5-0) is inching closer to the Canadian Top 10. After beating, Derek Boyle at MMA Live, Saggo will now face Adrenaline MMA’s Jesse Ronson (6-2) in a battle of up ‘n coming 155ers. After losing to Mike Ricci, Ronson bested Brandon Chagnon in Hamilton this month and looks to continue his winning ways.

Other fighters tentatively scheduled to appear include Shane Campbell (2-1), Josh Powell (4-1), Jason Gorny (4-5), Alan Wilson (1-0), Eric Attard (3-1) Ryan Dickson (0-0), Shawn Levesque (1-0),Troy Wilton (2-1) and Brett Biederman (1-2).

The event will be held at the Hamilton Place Theatre. If you are in the area, pick up a pair of tickets at Ticketmaster. This looks to be a solid card that MMA fans will not want to miss.

38 Responses to “ Mein, Lorenz, Hill, Saggo are Canadian Warriors Coming to Global Warriors ”

  1. ryan farse says:

    one and done

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  2. Lots of very good fighters from Hamilton and very close by on this show – Lyndon Whitlock, Shane Campbell, Joel Powell, Ryan Dickson, Josh Hill, Jason Gorny.

    This one will do well.

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  3. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    I would love to fight jason Gorny on this card,we were signed to fight before,I missed weight & the day of the fight he got sick and pulled out of the fight. I think we would be good tests for each other and I can guarantee I would make weight and we would be a great fight. Keith who are the promoters for this show?

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  4. Ares says:

    Hey Marcus glad tonsee ur back . I’m fighting 4-1 Josh Powell on this card and it’s my last fight at 185 before I drop to 170

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  5. duane says:


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  6. cliff claven says:

    I started to watch some of Lorenz’s fights, I was only able to watch 4 rounds of his fights before I fell asleep. Talk about the definition of lnp. He refuses or is unable to stand so he takes them down and holds his head to his chest until the rounds over. I mean only 1 finish in 5 wins…. I hope for his sake he tries to win this fight instead of not lose because Lyndon will definitely be trying to finish the fight from the opening bell

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  7. Derek Vineyard says:

    I dunno Cliff, Lorenz beat Romero pretty handly and Romero trains with Lyndon. Romero is old school Iron Tiger and his lacking ground game proves it. But Lyndon and Josh Hill are these new Iron Tiger guys that can’t really strike, but can sumbit, gnp and takedowns. The real question is where did Lyndon and Josh Hill learn how to fight and can Lyndon’s Jits beat Lorenz wrestling?

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  8. duane says:

    Hey cliff have you noticed who Adams fighting? He threw Rolando Perez around and was working the whole time to finish Romero! Guys aren’t that easy to finish! Unless you wanna show Adam how its done!

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  9. cliff claven says:

    To say anybody from Iron Tiger cant strike is just a joke. The facts are that 33% of Josh’s and 25% of Lyndon’s wins are by TKO/KO, and that’s a lot of more the Adams 0%. Don’t forget that a lot of their submissions are also due to guys not wanting to stand with somebody from Iron Tiger aka Adam Lorenz

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  10. cliff claven says:


    To say Adam was trying to finish Romero the whole fight is kinda a stretch. Yes he was on top the majority of the fight but how many times did he even posture up and actually try and finish him, or how many submission attempts did he make?

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  11. duane says:

    Romero is tough and doesn’t leave openings.

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  12. cliff claven says:

    That’s funny, the poster above called Romero’s ground game lacking. You’d think there would have been at least a few openings. None of this changes the fact that Lorenz is a solid wrestler that hasn’t shown anything else and relies on holding guys down to win fights

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  13. Robin Black says:

    The Iron Tiger guys are the most well-prepared guys in the country, and their wins and momentum prove it. They have awesome striking, extreme toughness, great coaching.

    Lorenz is a stud, big at 45 (as is Lyndon), talented, aggressive, explosive wrestling, dangerous everywhere..

    I love this match-up, and I love the balls on Lyndon to take this big step up.

    Kudos to both fighters and camps for making this great match.

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  14. alin says:

    this video is for you Derek Vineyard: . I hope this video answers your question where my fighters learn haw to fight, please show me your Team high light so I can make my opinion on your fighters and there striking abilities.

    Lyndon and Josh won by high light ko but they can not strike? :)keep hating my friend, we just do our job here and try our best, not claiming that we are this or that just trying to grow in the sport and entertain the people that pay for the ticket to see my fighters fight.

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  15. Robin Black says:

    Look at the skills toughness and success of Will, Hill, Campbell, and others.
    Check out the rise of Puric and the recent success of Lyndon, who looked awesome on the ground in London and destructive on the feet in Hamilton.

    Notice that Claude brings Alin to corner him in the UFC, because of how top shelf his coaching is.

    If you look at all that and don’t realize just how legit Iron Tiger and Alin is, then you’re not paying attention to what’s going on in MMA in Canada.

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  16. Robin Black says:

    Here’s some Iron Tiger striking and aggressive fighting-

    Denis Puric:

    Man I like watchin that menace fight

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  17. Hardcastle says:

    Amen robin… Amen

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  18. duane says:

    Thanks Robin! Robin just proved how legit Adams win was Adam fights tough guys every time and is always looking to fight the best! Adam has finishes but like every normal person that knows about mma knows the top level guys are harder to finish! Or should GSP just walk through evryone too?

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  19. JYD says:

    I have trained and sparred at gyms all over the place and can say that without a doubt Iron Tiger is one of the most welcoming/bad-ass group of dudes I have ever had the pleasure of training with.

    Also, if Alin hasn’t wrapped your hands… you don’t know how it feels to be alive.

    That is all.

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  20. Robin Black says:

    Adam Lorenz is superlegit. No question. Called a few of his fights and he is the real deal.

    Very excited for the privilege of seeing these guys compete.

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  21. smash says:

    Duane and Derek Vineyard… Perhaps you are not up to date on the most recent Hill and Whitlock fights. Josh Hill’s last fight against extremely tough Team Stockton fighter Darrin Cooley was a great fight. Hill landing huge punches on Cooley forcing Cooley to jump guard about 10 times and jump guillotines and so on. Hill also stood right up after being dragged to the ground. Perhaps Cooley was doing this because of Hill’s stand up.

    Whitlock recently one at the 2:25 mark of round 1 by vicious k.o. After attempting a flying knee and headkicks the straight right landed and put his opponent to sleep.

    This is all in thanks to the ” 2 new iron tiger guys who cant really strike.”

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  22. duane says:

    never said iron tiger guys suck. arguing that they are tough and you don’t finish them anywhere in a fight.

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  23. Derek Vineyard says:

    WOW, sorry what a sensitive bunch on here. I checked out the highlight video that you posted on it here its pretty badass.

    But how come nobody has answered my question about where Josh Hill and Lyndon Whitlock learned how to fight MMA.

    Hill is a wrestler with decent gnp who’s striking is slowly developing and Whitlock is a jiu jitsu guy who knocked out another jiu jitsu guy recently. All i want to know is if they learned all the skills at Iron Tiger or somewhere else prior. Because there other skills clearly out weigh their striking skills as most of their victories have come on the ground, and coming from a striking gym I would think otherwise. Look at the rest of the Iron Tiger Guys and the majority of their wins come on the feet.

    Also we guys out in the west get no respect from you ontario guys, you get MMA and all of a sudden Ontario is king. Just don’t be surprised when Adam finishes lyndon

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  24. Cliff Claven says:

    For being such an expert on Lyndon and Josh I would have expected you to know that every fight they both thank and wear the logos of Pura BJJ and Bruckmann’s MMA so Id think thats where they learned to fight MMA.

    Its also crazy how Josh is a wrestler even with no wrestling background and Lyndon is the bjj guy even though Hill has more bjj experience

    As far as Adam finishing Lyndon, its questionable since Adam wasnt able to finish an “old school Iron Tiger striker” like Romero even with him on his back most of the fight. Wait, does that mean Adam actually plans on standing with this Iron Tiger fighter who cant strike? You must mean Adam will stand untill he shoots the second he’s kicked

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  25. There has been great conversation here on Lorenz vs Whitlock, but I have to apologize. The fight does not appear to be happening.

    Lorenz is strongly rumoured to be fighting in Bellator this month and I have confirmed with his coach that they never agreed to this fight in Hamilton.

    With Mein and Lorenz both never on the card, this now becomes the worst article ever produced by this site(other than the Gossip Queen lol).

    My apologies to both the Mein and Lorenz camps and all the TMN readers.

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  26. Cody Bargholz says:

    In the end, at least we got to watch a couple of bad ass Denis Puric KO’s.

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  27. Cliff Claven says:

    Well this turn of events sucks. Any suggestions on who Lyndon should fight next then.

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  28. How about Rejean Groulx (5-1) from Ringside or Brent Fryia (4-2) from Sault Ste. Marie.

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  29. Robin Black says:

    Cody Bargholz says:

    “In the end, at least we got to watch a couple of bad ass Denis Puric KO’s.”

    Ya man, I can watch that little demon fight all day.

    Good man Keith!! Someone’s gotta give Brent Fryia some love in Ontario! Only thing is, he’s only fighting at his natural weight class of 135….

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  30. Yeah.. i know Fryia has been heading to 135 since forever. Is it his first fight at 135 this month in KOTC?

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  31. booboo says:

    lyndon vs groulx would be sick , and as for Adam Lorenz , congrates for your shot at the bigger stage my friend . U r 1 tough sob and love watchn your fights , cant wait for this 1 vs gross ., and Keith u kick ass and i hope rejeans name gets kickd around as mabe a replacement for Adam , TY TOPMMANEWS

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  32. alin says:

    Derek this is how Josh got where he is today:

    I was training Jordan and Brett Jewell for a numbers of year and one day about 3 years ago they bring this kid Josh Hill to my gym,one day I made the training fun and give everybody a fitness challenge and to my surprise the new kid in the gym won and show me that he is very strong, athletic and fit. That make me raise my eye and ask him if he ever think of fighting, he say yes and that he will love to do it, he also told me that he competed in subbmission wrestling in the past so I belived that it is a good place to start with. At the time I was already pretty involved in the mma scene so it was easy for me to get him a fight so I think that in about a month after that conversation we hade Josh made his pro mma debut and you can watch the fight here: . Josh won by KO his MMA debut and got the KO of the night bonus, for that fight the all training camp was at my gym in Stoney Creek, his trainers where me and Nick Johnson, his sparring partners where Adrian Wooley, Shane Campbell, Brett and Jordan Jewell, Will Romero, Lyndon Withlock and everybody else at the gym, he also roll at my gym with Andrew MacInnes and my long time student, partner and brother Claude Patrick give him his wisdom on the ground.

    His second fight was for Wreck mma in Gatineau against a very game fighter in Randy Turner, Josh won by unanimous decision this fight dominating Randy every round and scoring big blows and take downs, this camp was 100 procent at our gym as well same trainers, same sparing partners and his training with Nick Johnson and Adrian Wooley realy pay up on this fight.

    His 3th fight supposed to fight a Montreal fighter but things happen for different reasons and his initial opponent back out then Josh face Denie from Barry, this fight was a short one for Josh but for this fight we bring in to help Justin Bruckmans and our friend Antonio Carvalho and since this fight Josh, Lyndon, Scott travel once a week to Oshawa to train with Justin and Antonio as we exchange there training with mine and we try to work together as much as we can for the benefit of everybody.

    Fight 4 was against Brett from Windsor, at this point Josh and Lyndon beside the training at our place will go for Jiu Jitsu at Pura BJJ in Hamilton, our friends there Ricardo, PJ and Rory helps them a lot with there Jiu Jitsu, they will also train once a week with Justin and Antonio. Jsoh always trains his Muay Thai at least 4 times a week.

    Fight 5 was for the Agression mma Title against Diego Willson. After the fight with Brett I was working on Thaiboxing with Waigney Fabiano in his preparation for his lats fight and he was ready to go back to Brazil to do his training camp there so I belive that will be a great opportunity for my 2 fighters to go there with him and spend some time at Nova Unio, so we organize a fund raiser and we got Josh and Lyndon on a plane to Rio, they spent there 3 weekes and got to work with some of the best Bantamweight and featherweight fighters in the world, they got to spar with Jose Aldo and everybody there so this was a great experience for Josh and Lyndon. When they return Josh did his training camp here doing the same thing, Muay Thai training at our gym and Claudes new gym in Mississauga Elite MMA where I teach 2 clasess for pro fighters only 2 times a week, so here Josh got to spar for his fight against guys like Claude Patrick, Mark Bocek and all our light weights that we have, Jiu Jitsu at Pura and every friday at Bruckmans mma in Oshawa. The fight was a great experience for Josh as he got to fight for 5 rounds and he got to fight a great opponent for that time of his carrear. We have to give special thanks for this fight to Moin and Harvey from Agression for the way they treat us from the start to the end and we hope to go back to Edmonton and fight for Agression in the future.

    Fight 6 same story like every fight we have 3 different opponents but the one that Josh end up fighting was the Ceser Grace fighter Darin Cooley, don’t miss the fight on the score as I believe that was a good one and Josh show that he can bang or grapple whatever the case will be.

    One think you have to understand is that we never claim to do this or that but my job as a coach and his manager is to make sure that he trains with the best people around and I think that so far me and my team we did a good job with Josh as he did not lose on round yet in all his 6 mma fights.

    Now that I give you a small chapter from the book I will wright one day can you please answer my question? What is your gym, can I please see your high light? are you a fun or a fighter? can you tell us your name so we know who hates on us so much ? :)

    I will be happy to share with you Lyndon’s jorney as well but please answer a few of my questions first

    Yours in Combat Sports,


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  33. Dean Panas says:

    WOW!!! How is that for answering your critics. Alin with a hi-lite reel k.o.!!! Well done sir.

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  34. I_love_beans says:

    Alin is all class.

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  35. Thanks Alin! Always been a fan of Iron Tiger and Alin is a class act!

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  36. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    Alin is all class. & treats all his fighters like family & even offers others to train with him 7 his guys if they are in that area.Very Good guy imo.

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  37. Robin Black says:

    Alin is a brilliant coach and leader to his young men. That outline that he just wrote is EXACTLY how a great coach works.

    I too would like to know who the hater is. And why someone would decide to be rude to one of the best coaches and one of the best people in this business.

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  38. Jamie Locke says:

    So many haters on this site, but they all seem to get drown out easily by the amazing professional MMA community that runs all the behind the scenes here in Canada.

    Look at the many people on here who don’t bother with screne names….And then there’s Harry Balls….

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