Ringside 12 is Stacked


The Ringside MMA card going down October 21 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec keeps getting better and better and it’s not even complete yet. On the heels of the Ryan Ford versus Seth Baczynski Welterweight title match up, Top MMA News has learned of even more tasty, delicious match ups.

Top MMA News has finally been able to confirm the rumored tilt between Canada’s top 10 ranked Alex Garcia and perennial top contender Matt McGrath. Garcia will make his return to the cage after suffering his lone career loss to the aforementioned Seth Baczynski. MacGarth, like Garcia will also be looking to bounce back to the win column after being quickly submitted by Marcus Aurelio at MMA Live this past April. Top MMA News confirmed this match up with MacGrath’s manager Robin Black. Andy Cotterill of MM-eh.ca was the first to announce this match up.

Canada’s favorite Hockey pro turned MMA fighter Donald Brashear will finally get to test himself against real competition when he meets Bruno Hosier in the cage. Brashear who just made his MMA debut this month defeated an over matched Mathieu Bergeron via TKO with a flurry of hammer fists. Hosier a 4-2 heavyweight will have not fought in over a year when he steps into the cage with Brashear. Hosier last fight was an unimpressive retirement TKO loss to Ricardo Francois at MFL 3 in September of last year. Nic Landry of RDS.ca was the first to break this match up.

Canada’s number 8th ranked Lightweight Mike Ricci will finally get his shot at the Ringside MMA Lightweight championship. Ricci returned from a year long absence by defeating Jesse Ronson at Ringside’s previous outing to the Bell Centre this past April. Rumored opponents for Ricci are Jason Saggo and Jesse Gross. Andy Cotterill of MM-eh.ca was the first to announce Ricci’s participation.

Ringside MMA’s Bantamweight and Featherweight champions, Stephane Pelletier and Mitch Gagnon are also confirmed to be on the card as well. Team Gamma product Chris Franck is also confirmed to participate on the undercard.

There you have it folks, it’s possible we may see up to three Ringside titles defended on one fight card. For any fight fan within 500 km this is a must see event. Congrats to Eric Champoux and Joey Benoit for putting together such a stacked card. Only bad thing is, it’s only June and we’ll have to wait four  months for this spectacular.

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  1. Haggis Basher says:

    Can’t wait to see who they get for Stephane Pelletier and Mitch Gagnon. Josh Hill vs Pelletier and Adam Lorenz vs Gagnon would make for some great fights with four top ten fighters.

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  2. Haggis Basher says:

    Jesse Gross making his featherweight debut would also be a good match up for Gagnon belt.

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  3. codykrahn says:

    Badass card, I like they’re setting up these fights this far in advance. Helps the fighters be prepared and at their very best come fight night.

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  4. Robin Black says:

    Nice. Ringside putting on awesome shows.

    Joey Benoit knows how to match quality fights man.

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  5. Mort says:

    Awesome card so far. Wish it was closer to home!

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  6. Ryan says:

    I assume since it’s at the Bell Centre that they’ll put Cote on it. Cote vs The Crow anybody? : )

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  7. I_love_beans says:

    They’ll never fight each other

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  8. Jason says:

    I would like to see hollet vs penner on this card

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  9. harry balls says:

    Bosse-Desilets. Just cut the shit already and make it happen.

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  10. Matt says:

    Bosse vs Penner

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  11. Matt says:

    I would actually agree with Jason as well, Hollet vs Penner would be great. I like the East vs West Match Ups with Penner going out there. Other than Chemelli theres not much for top lightheavys out west with Jimmo fighting for the MFC.

    Gross vs Gagnon would be nice

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  12. Kim says:

    Bosse stuck it to Ringside on their last two cards.Left his title. I dont think well be seing him anytime soon. I could be wrong…but, thats why they have Brashear. Theres another surprise coming…I wish I could tell…UGH

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  13. Jarvis says:

    What happened to Bosse with Ringside?

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  14. booboo says:

    lorenz or gross vs groulx would b hell on wheels if gagnon goes to 135 ! hope to see rejean groulx on this card also !!!!!1

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  15. booboo says:

    the haggis basher vs gagnon would really b insane too , love the talent coming out of Canada and that fight has WINNER IN MY BOOK , gettn there next paychech from Dana White lol !

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  16. Robin Black says:

    Pelletier looked fantastic in his last fight. That kid has crazy skills and a good mind for fighting. Great great young guy.

    Gagnon is a freakin bruiser. Beast.

    Man I hope that one happens.

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  17. Robin Black says:

    I mean, if Gagnon drops down like the rumor is sayin.

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  18. Brocky says:

    Jesse Gross vs Mitch Gagnon would be a great fight!! I would def pay to watch that!!

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  19. Tommy says:

    i second that GROSS vs GAGNON Make it happen!!!

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  20. Adam Lorenz says:

    Thanks for your comment Mr. Fraser; that fight would be a blast. I do believe that I would have the superior striking, wrestling and bjj in that fight along with a size and strength advantage.

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  21. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    Im hyped for this card,I hope to fight on this card also,lots of good possible matchups & tests for me in Ringside.

    Ryan will add another title to his waist.

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  22. Joey Benoit says:

    Ricci vs Kurt Southern for the Lightweight Championship Title

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  23. Bobby Karimi says:

    Wow great card!

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