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In the small town of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia about 1000 fans filled into the Mariner Centre to witness Hope Fight Productions first event title Throwdown in Y-Town. While due to medical reasons the main event between Marvin Eastman and Marcus Hicks was pulled off the card (click here to read the reasons why), the fans were still treated to seven fights during the evening. Here is a breakdown of how it went down:

TOP MMA NEWS Awards go to:

  • KO of the Night-Mitch Musie
  • Submission of the Night-Chris Spang
  • Fight of the Night-Jeremy Henry vs Dave Henry

Mike Kent vs Jeremiah Bernard
Round 1
Bernard starts off with the leg kicks. Kent pushes him against the ropes and gets a right hand in. Kent pushes him but Bernard gets the knees in. Kent answers back and gets the takedown and throws some elbows that land on the back of the head and some ground and pound. Kent stands and hits, while Bernard tries to push him off but Kent jumps back in and works on keeping him down. Bernard has a hold of Kent’s leg. Kent is standing up but Bernard gets up and puts him in the corner. Kent prevents the take down but ref stops the fight and deducts Kent a point for grabbing on to the ropes. Bernard goes in swings and puts him in the corner. Kent takes him down and goes for some ground and pound. Kent gets an elbow in but the ref moves in to middle of the ring. Kent looking to go for more ground and pound and this time he is connecting with some good shots. Bernard tries to scramble out but Kent hooks on his back. Bernard has a hold of his right wrist but can’t hold on. Kent gets the rear naked choke. Kent can’t keep it on so he finishes the round with some ground and pound and another rear naked choke attempt.
Top MMA News 9-9 round due to the decuction on Kent

Round 2
Kent starts in with some muay thai. Bernard recovers and pushes him to the corner. Kent stuffs the takedown and falls but has a triangle choke. Bernard is trying to get an arm but Kent has the triangle in. Kent still has it in but the ref stops it to move it closer to the middle. Kent gets and armbar but can’t starighten it out but Bernard escapes to side control. Bernard gives some head shots. Kent gets the armbar again and submits him.
Mike Kent submits Jeremiah Bernard by armbar in Round 2, 2:19

Allen Hope vs Todd Henry
Round 1
Hope starts the match with some leg kicks. Hope gets another kick and misses with a big right hand. Hope is working the 1 2 combo good with the legs kicks and knocks him down. He then punches on top of Henry’s back. He tries for the rear naked choke but goes back to ground and pound. Hope then knees Henry on the side of the head and some body shots. Hope gets another knee then back to ground and pound. Hope gets his back but Henry gets a leg and lets go. Hope uses more ground and pound that seems to be doing some major damage. Henry grabs that leg again but seems winded. Henry gets on his knees but Hope gets his back. Hope tries to turn but Henry gets on top where the ref moves them to middle. Henry attempts to pass guard but Hope uses his energy to get up a bit but Henry gets on top and throws elbows. Henry then throws some hammer fists. He works on his ground and pound to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Hope

Round 2
Hope starts off with some leg kicks but Henry counters. Henry throws a left jab in but Hope connects with a big right. Hope then goes with another right but Henry gives one back and throws a leg kick. Both guys swing and Henry falls down with Hope on the side of his back. He tries for a choke but Henry gets on top. Henry works on the ground and pound and continues to work on it till the fight is stopped.
Todd Henry defeats Allen Hope by TKO (ground and pound) in Round 2, 1:30

Cory Comeau vs Mitch Muise
Round 1
A little bit of trash talk happens as Muise walks down to the ring. Muise charges in to begin the fight but Comeau sucks him in and gets the take down. Muise loses his footing and almost falls out of the ring. The match resumes standing up. Comeau uses a fake punch.and goes for take down but eats some punches. Comeau goes for it again but Muise has a guillotine. Muise can’t hold onto his back but still has one hand on as Comeau uses side control and gets on top. He throws an elbow and throws a left right combo to keep his head down. Muise has a hold of the back of his head. Comeau is trying to sit up but it causes both fighters to stand back up. Comeau goes for a take down. Muise punches him off and gets him down and ground and pounds and wins the match. Huge cheers come from the crowd.
Mitch Musie defeats Cory Comeau by TKO (ground and pound) in Round 1, 3:18

Chris Spang vs Adam Hazelton
Round 1
Spang controls the centre to start the match. Hazelton charges in but Spang answers back with a knee. Spang throws a knee and falls. Hazelton is on top going to throw a punch but Spang gets a hold of Hazelton’s arm and submits him for the win.
Chris Spang submits Adam Hazelton by armbar in Round 1, 0:38

Jeremy Henry vs Dave Henry
Round 1
The feel out process begins but then a leg kick by Dave. Jeremy goes with a punch and kick combo. Both fighters go swinging and Dave tries for a takedown. Jeremy blocks it and sweeps him down. Jeremy goes for body punches to get him down. Jeremy the tries to pass guard but continues with body shots. Dave tries to get up but Jeremy keeps him down. Jeremy then starts grinning and slamming Dave’s head with elbows. Dave tries to get up but Jeremy keeps him down. Jeremy works the elbows and switches to North South position. Jeremy gets on top with some ground and pound then tries to get his back but Dave gets on top. Dave then uses some ground and pound work. Jeremy looking for a triangle on his back and grabs a hold. Jeremy uses it to regain top position. He goes back for some ground and pound and gets Dave’s back. He slaps a rear naked choke but can’t keep hold. Jeremy punches him to loosen it up and then Dave switches and gets on top. He tries for punches to the head but Jeremy uses his arms to block any damage. Jeremy grabs a hold of his head but Dave stays on top to end the round
Top MMA News scores it 10-9 for Jeremy Henry

Round 2
They touch gloves to start the round. Jeremy goes for a head kick. Dave throws one in response as well and then Jeremy throws another. Jeremy throws a strike that seems to wobble Dave. It goes to the ground where Jeremy is on top in north south position. Jeremy is trying to stand but then goes for his back and gets it. Jeremy then goes for a rear naked choke. Dave is blocking the attempt with his hand but Jeremy gives him a right handed punch which helps him to sink an arm in. Blood is starting to come out of Dave’s nose. Jeremy mixes it up with some elbows and punches and then secures the rear naked choke in to make Dave submit.
Jeremy Henry submits Dave Henry by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 2:32

Michael Waugh vs Joe Dugas
Round 1
The match starts with Waugh charging. He gets Dugas in a clinch but both are tangling around the ring. They hit the ropes and Waugh is on top but ref moves them to middle of the ring. Waugh is trying to switch but Dugas is trying to get him up. Waugh tries to grab a head but Dugas gets out and gets on his back in side control. Waugh has a leg but Dugas is trying to grab an arm but ref moves them to middle of the ring. Dugas gets some elbows while Waugh is trying to scramble and Dugas gets on top. Dugas gets a D’arce choke from North South position and he is able to submit him.
Joe Dugas submits Michael Waugh by D’arce Choke in Round 1, 2:18

Ryan Connor vs Michael Steele
Round 1
A leg kick by Steele to start the fight with Connor throwing a right hand punch. Both fighters lock to get going with a fury of punches. Connor gets the takedown and is trying to pass guard but the ref moves them to middle of the ring. Steele tries for a triangle but has no luck. Connor lifts him off the ground to gain more control. Both are trying to get elbows but both seem to be blocking them. Connor is dragging him across the ground and then is going for rights. Connor then goes for some ground and pound but ref moves them to middle. When the action continues, Connor goes to side control. Steele is on his back to see if he can get some elbows to back of head. Connor goes on top to pass guard but gets side control and gets him in an arm triangle and submits him.
Ryan Connor submits Michael Steele by Arm Triangle Round 1, 3:02

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  1. Heard from a few sources that there may have been as many as 1800 fans in Yarmouth.

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  2. Hank902 says:

    I think the arena holds 12-1400 for a hockey game so with floor seats its not a stretch. They always sold out for JrA hockey so they would easily sell 1800 for MMA. It has a big area to draw from too.

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    Commissionaire told me 1800 after the show.

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  4. Jamie Locke says:

    Good crowd, nice work!

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  5. Jamie Locke says:

    Will there be another HFP in the near future?

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