Victory MMA (Amateur) – Montreal – June 25


Date: June 25, 2011
Location: Academie Sportive Fight Club in Montreal, QC

Main Event:
Abdou Yousri (1-2) vs. Jean-Frédéric Gauron (5-3)

Co-Main Event:
Jonathan Brun (1-0) vs. Kevyn Thouin (1-1)

Kevin Legris (0-0) vs. TBA
Simon Grimard (0-1) vs. Charles Pimpare (0-0)
Izatis Croteau (1-1) vs. Derek MacDonald (0-0)
Mathieu Desrosiers (0-0) vs. Olivier Althot (0-0)
Chris Cleveland (0-1) vs. Sébastien Généreaux (0-1)
Joshua Vincze (0-0) vs. Jean-Francois Lépine (0-1)
Philippe Delice (0-2) vs. Joey Hie (1-0)
Francis Paquette (1-2) vs. Maxime Lavigne (2-1)

6 Responses to “ Victory MMA (Amateur) – Montreal – June 25 ”

  1. brodes says:

    Somebody correct me if im wrong, but isnt Montreal kind of a saturated MMA market? Ive driven up for lots of shows, and many of them havent had very strong attendance. Alot of them have just plain bombed. Anyone else surprised that new show keep popping up there?
    If i were promoting a show, Montreal would not be my first choice of cities to promote in, the crowd is too fickle.

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  2. imitefite says:

    I agree & have also been to a “non-UFC” MMA show in MTL and thwd was lacking… at best. I’d even go Gatineau>MTL.

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  3. imitefite says:

    *the crowd was lacking

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  4. Brodes says:

    re-read my post, just thought i should clarify that I wasnt knocking the promotions. Alot of the shows that struggle have put on some great fights and the crowd still didnt show.

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  5. harry balls says:

    I actually am stoked about more ammy shows, crowd or no crowd. Hopefully more guys will consider doing amateur shows before going pro as more shows come together.

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  6. blayd cooper says:

    isnt quebec ammy big gloves and insteps? limited rules on the ground? hard to get crowds for those events unless free admission or close to it.

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