Top MMA Radio with Mark Pavelich


Mark Pavelich, owner and president of Maximum Fighting Championship, joins Keith and Don on this week’s episode of Top MMA News Radio.

Topics covered by the trio include:

  • MFC 30
  • Canadian Commissions
  • The State of MMA in Ontario
  • Future plans of the MFC

Of course, you get all the Canadian MMA banter you can handle when the guys talks about AFC, Slammer in the Hammer, Strikeforce, UFC on Versus, and Throwdown in Y-Town.

Check it out by pressing play:

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or download the file by right clicking and Save As:   Episode 20 – Mark Pavelich

11 Responses to “ Top MMA Radio with Mark Pavelich ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Had a little diarrhea LOL!!!! WOW!!!

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    Wow “Big Sexy Win” defensive on his missed Slammer calls! LOL

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  3. UPDATE: It was mentioned on the broadcast that AFC had problems with the cage on their recent show. That was a mistake. It was not AFC. It was Aggression.

    Top MMA News would like to apologize for this error.

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  4. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Day is 30 I think. So not old.

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  5. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Great job with radio show. I woulda liked it a bit shorter, maybe around the 60min mark.

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  6. Yeah I think 60 minutes is a good length… this easily could have been 2 shows – an hour with Pavelich and an hour for the rest :)

    Enjoyed the listen though!

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  7. ryan farse says:

    great job Keith

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  8. harry balls says:

    Good show. Too bad Pav can’t shake the douche attitude. From what I heard from fighters, fans, cornermen etc. ,Slammer was a real good event. It’s their first outing. What does Pav have to gain by taking a jab at them other than look like a dick….

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  9. ryan farse says:

    The Pav is the King of MMA in Canada and the black Prince over all.

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  10. I think Top MMA News named him the Black Prince of MMA first. I think its sticking.

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  11. Etown780 says:

    PAV IS A GOOF!!!

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