Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – June 21


Wow Vancouverites suck! Way to burn down your own city, you sore losers, and don’t tell me “hey it wasn’t us, it was just a bunch of punks”. Yea it was you guys, tons of people were just standing there letting it happen, cheering and filming. Brutal! Shame on you!

Now on to funner things…

I gotta say, why didn’t AX Combat asked me to compete in their Ring Girl Search? Would have been tons of fun!!! Oh well, I’ll still check out the show for sure. If you’re in the region, how can you not go, especially with Sheila Bird and Kim Couture going at it. Come on boys and girls!

  • No GSP vs Anderson Silva in near future.  Word out of TriStar is that GSP has told Dana White and the UFC that he will only fight Anderson Silva near the end of his career.  He is concerned his legacy will be tarnished just like BJ Penn’s after Penn has moved up and lost.
  • King of the Cage is looking to pad their wallets to the tune of $320K. They are suing the city of Grande Prairie because KOTC feels they had the right to put on the first Grande Prairie show.  However, the commission pulled their permit and Evolution ended up putting on the first event.
  • Sounds like Ryan Chiappe and Andrew Buckland will be battling it out as the co-main event on BFL 10.
  • Everyone is saying that the UFC will head to Montreal later this year.  What people do not mention is that the UFC has tentatively booked that same date with both the Ontario and Quebec Commissions?  Is the UFC trying to play the two provinces/venues/commissions against each other in hopes of getting a better deal?
  • Good chance we’ll see one of Canada’s top Lightweight prospects, Guillaume DeLorenzi, back in action on the next Ringside show.
  • BAMMA in the UK is looking for an opponent for Tom Watson to defend his Middleweight belt against. They’ve been checking around Canada for a suitable contender.
  • I’m hearing at least 3-4 MMA shows in Edmonton in September, talk about market over saturation.
  • Now that Score has their own Promotion, what happens to shows like Aggression, Wreck, etc ?
  • Bellator is starting to go balls to the walls for their debut Canadian show. Heavy budget on marketing, ads, productions, etc. Word is if this show is a success, then they’ll be holding more shows in Canada this year.  If not, it might be one and done, so go out and support the show!
  • MMA Live 2 might not be in London.

NOTE: These are just rumors and opinions of the Gossip Queen. If you have a rumour that you want to contribute,

16 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – June 21 ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    Chiape vs Buckland would be a solid fight!

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  2. Mike Davis says:

    agreed I like that match up but would like to see Buckland continue his winning ways. Cote vs Watson I wish :( lol would not be shocked to see Joe making the trip to Bamma.

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  3. Does Cote ever train at TriStar? If so, we won’t see him fight Watson.

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:

    Why did KOTC permit get pulled?

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  5. Gossip Queen, we would have loved to have you join the AX COMBAT RING CARD GIRL SEARCH!! But wouldn’t that have taken away from your mysteriousness? Bobby still won’t tell us who you are, but for the record.. He may or may not have tried to enter the search, now that’s gossip!!

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:

    LOL! Nice one Vic, NO ONE wants to see me in a bikini.

    I did enjoy browsing through the fine ladies on the AX COMBAT RING CARD GIRL SEARCH!!! facebook page. :)

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  7. Guest says:

    “Wow Vancouverites suck!”

    Hey Gossip Queen, stick to something you know like hearsay rumours about MMA. If we wanted your opinion on public matters, it wouldn’t be written on an MMA website.

    “Brutal! Shame on you!”

    Shame on yourself for pointing your finger like you’re above other people. Who are you to point your finger? Keep your over generalized, biased, unnecessary and DUMB comments to yourself. You think you know something about Vancouver.. well you don’t. Maybe you should watch a video of the thousands of people cleaning up Vancouver the next day.

    Your blog is public, and in case you didn’t realize, Vancouver has a large following of MMA fans. You just lost a reader, im sure more to follow.

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  8. ASSASSIN says:

    ASSASSIN makes a Vancouver/ASSASSIN Shirt now to commemorate the Canucks Run to the finals 2011. Will be available for sale on soon!

    GG, the search was by entry not invite. AND Bobby karate buscemi is right, nobody wants to see him in a bikini.

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  9. Bobby Karimi says:

    Pretty good play on my name there, LOL!


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  10. Bobby Karimi says:

    Ryan Chiappe and Andrew Buckland fighting at WW or MW?

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  11. Gossip Queen says:

    Bobby Karimi…I am told Chiappe and Buckland will fight at 170.

    Guest…I’ve been dumped before, but they all end up coming back for more.

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  12. Phil Baroni says:

    Chiappe FTW

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  13. Darren Owen says:

    I got Buckland

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  14. First of all.. I’d like to see you stop a screaming mob. You must be something special. I do agree they went to far. If you read the news, there where people from the U.S.A. involved in the mayhem. Both sexes and different ethnicities were also involved. For a reporter, your not very professional. Get your fax right. This happens all over the world. Why dish only Canada? Over 10,000 people showed up the next day with garbage bags to help clean the streets and help the merchants. IT WAS THE BEER! LOL!

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  15. No Spring Chicken, you’re right.. that kind of stuff does happen all over the world, but that being said it usually happens because of political instability.. not a hockey game.

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  16. What about soccer? The riots in Philadelphia after the Canada game? Boston 1999, (base ball) Arkansa, 1987 (college football) 3 people died over a football game. Yes it’s usually because of politics, But in north America….. It’s beer and sports. It’s still REALLY stupid, But it happens. I wish it didn’t.

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