Canadian Heavyweight Rankings – June 2011


It’s been one year since Top MMA News ranked the Heavies. Since that time, Nick Penner and Rodrigo Munduruca have not fought and this Canadian division has become desolate. Aside from Tim Hague, the absolute King of Canadian Heavyweights, its very difficult to put together a reasonable Top 5 list.

So, after considerable sulking, kicking, and screaming as well as consulting with various people around the country, Top MMA News revisits the Heavyweights. Surprisingly enough, I think we nailed the Top 5. If you disagree, please respond in the forum post here. There will be no comments allowed on the main site for this one, as the haters tend to come out for these guys.

Enough chit chat, time for the big boys.

Ryan Fortin with the giant knee - photo by Jason Bouwmeester (TKO Photography)

Official Top 5 Canadian Heavyweights
1. Tim Hague (12-5) – Previous Rank (1) – Hague is the #1 Heavyweight in Canada.  Sure he had a quick loss to Matt Mitrione earlier this year, but he also had quick wins over Zak Jensen and Travis Wiuff.  No active Heavyweight is close to Hague.  Next fight: TBD

2. Ryan Fortin (5-3) – Previous Rank (NR) – What has Ryan Fortin done to warrant #2 on the list?  Merely stop Dan Severn from recording his 100th win – a task that Maritime Heavyweight Scott Fraser could not pull off.  Fortin was 2-0 in the past year and shows a lot of promise, but he must work on his ground game.  Next fight: TBD.

3. Tim Chemelli (9-1) – Previous Rank (NR) – Chemelli is ranked tenth on the Light-Heavyweight rankings but has fought the majority of his career at Heavyweight.  For now, that is good enough for third on this list until Chemelli fights for a year at Light-Heavyweight.  Like many HWs, watch out for Chemelli’s fists, but little is known about his ground game.  Next fight: TBD.

4. Ralph Bergman (4-2) – Previous Rank (NR) – Raphael Bergman is the KOTC Heavyweight champion and has beaten good fighters like Adriano Bernardo and Jared Kilkenny.  He has lost his last two fights against two tough opponents Tyler East and Tony Lopez and has had a fight over the past year which qualifies him for this list.  Not many Canadian HWs can touch him.  Next fight: TBD.

Lee "Old Guns" Mein (photo by Jason Bouwmeester|TKO Photography)

5. Lee Mein (5-9) – Previous Rank (NR) – The Head Honcho of the first family of Canadian MMA makes this list despite his losing record.  The fact is that Mein was 2-1 over the past year beating Ron Faircloth and Kyle Cardinal while losing to Jeff Monson.  Why the hell does Mein fight guys like Monson?  Lee would say “…because fighters fight” and that is what Mein is – a tough as nails fighter.  Take away three losses to UFC veterans, Monson, Krzysztof Soszynski, and Dan Severn, and Mr. Mein is almost .500.  Next fight: vs TBD at Bully’s Fight Night on July 22.

Up ‘n Comers
Top MMA News is not pointing out who is close to the Top 5 in this category, but we do want to point out a few prospects to look out for.

  • Blake Nash (1-0) – stopped the LT train at Ringside.  Fights Jeff Kugel at Professional Fighting Championships.
  • Denny Houle (4-0) – rough around the edges, but four wins in the past year – tops at HW in Canada.
  • Justin Shaw (2-0) – Powerhouse CFL player, turned undefeated AFC Heavyweight.  Watch out!

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