Vinicios Set to Face Riotmaker in BFL Vernon


Top MMA News has learned that Matt ‘The Riotmaker’ Baker will face Marcus Vinicios in the main event of Battlefield Fight League 10. The two will fight at Middleweight on the BFL 10 card to be held in Vernon, British Columbia on August 20th.

Matt Baker is an up and coming Middleweight from Kamloops with a 6-2 record. Baker’s sole losses come at Light-Heavyweight against Clay Davidson. Since moving down to 185, Baker has reeled off four consecutive victories over the past two years. His last two have come in the BFL cage with dominating wins over Ryan Ballingall and Jose Cornejo.

Baker’s opponent will be Marcos Vinicios who is 5-6 in his MMA career. Don’t let the losing record fool you, two of the losses came to UFC veterans (Sean Salmon and Rodrigo Ruas) while another came against the IFL’s Savant Young. Vinicios won his last fight against Tim Skidmore at BFL 8.

Stay tuned to Top MMA News for more news on BFL 10.

7 Responses to “ Vinicios Set to Face Riotmaker in BFL Vernon ”

  1. RMK800 says:

    This is a way more exciting main event then Hicks vs Baker. Vinicios and Baker are prob both BC’s most exciting fighter to watch.

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    Agreed RMK, I was looking forward to Baker vs Hicks, as it would have been a tough test for Baker. I think this will be a very exciting fight to watch. Vinicios is flashy and exciting, and we all know Baker can bang.

    This will be one of those “don’t blink” fights.

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  3. armlocks4u says:

    I was looking forward to Mat making hicks look even uglier (if that possible) but Vinicious is crazy cool to watch. This fight screams Main Event Now.

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  4. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    LOL,both those comments from the oh so obvious people in BC. I love how people are so cowardly they make up their little fake names. U hurt my self esteem saying im ugly,lol. Yeah Vincius & Baker just screams Main event thats why outside of BC no one cares about this fight. an over rated 185lber vs a 170lber. those 2 commenters probably work for Battlefield,LOL.

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  5. Jamie Locke says:

    Are you still going to fight for BFL Marcus?

    I know there isn’t a tonne of competition in BC for you at 205, but I am sure if you kept cutting down there would be some decent match-ups at 190ish…

    What’s next for the LMA?

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  6. armlocks4u says:

    sorry marcus I dont work for Battlefield and live in alberta. By the way your still ugly and suck here too

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  7. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    I cant help being ugly,but I am working on improving my skills:) Yeah Jamie we are trying to get it worked out right now for Aug.20th in BFL. I am moving down properly to 185lbs now,I start my diet(no red meat or milk products)this weekend.

    I have a possible matchup for BFL,should know in the next couple days once its confirmed a 100%. I think people will like and be intrigued by the match u@ either 185lbs or 190.

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