Kalib Starnes To Retire


Starnes defeatedKalib Starnes lost what may have been his last match in MMA tonight in Victoria, British Columbia as he has decided to walk away from the sport.

Starnes faced UFC veteran John Salter at Armageddon FC 6 and lost by TKO in the second round. After the fight, a classy Starnes thanked the crowd for coming out to support him even with the busy schedule in BC as of late (UFC, Stanley Cup). Starnes then told the crowd, “I am probably going to retire” and “I am 36 years old … this was my last fight.” Starnes finishes his career with a record of 12-7-1 against some very tough opposition.

Kalib rose in popularity during his appearance on The Ultimate Fighter 3. Starnes had to quit due to injury on TUF 3 but he managed to get a spot on the UFC roster where he had a record of 2-3 in five UFC fights.

Unfortunately, many will remember him for his infamous loss to Nate Quarry at UFC 83. However, Starnes had some huge wins in his career including victories over Jason MacDonald and Chris Leben. He also won the Armageddon Fighting Championship Middleweight title with a win over Nick Hinchliffe. Kalib’s last win was a Rear Naked Choke over Matt MacGrath early in 2011.

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  1. Top MMA News would like to wish Kalib Starnes the best in the future, wherever that may take him.

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  2. Rick James says:

    Had some solid wins, his losses like mentioned were only to some of the top guys in his division. Great submission skills, and overall one of the nicest guys in MMA.

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good career, best of luck in his future endeavors.

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  4. ccanadx says:

    good honest fighter

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  5. ccanadx says:

    yes he lost tonight but was not a blow out

    Could have gone either way. Ignoring obvious mismatchs, MMA is like that, The styles make the fight– and in mma there are such style variation.

    Always enjoyed his efforts.

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  6. Corey says:

    John Salter for the WIN! was a good fight, showed matt and standup skills.

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  7. The Dude says:

    Good luck to Kalib in his future endeavors.

    He’s quite booksmart from what I am told. I wonder if he will pursue academics.

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  8. Big Jake says:

    Great fighter, a lot of respect for the guy and what he did in his career. I’ll choose to reserve my opinion on other business practices.

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  9. Robin Black says:

    Good luck Kalib. Thanks for the great fights. Hope you enjoy whatever you do next.

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  10. Big Jake says:

    Disregard my comment from earlier. Not an appropriate forum to air shit. This is about Kalib and his retirement.

    Best of luck and great job on an impressive run.

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully he stays around to become a trainer, manager and intsructor for the youths coming into all things with MMA. Down to earth gentleman, I think Kalib could really transition well into the Coach role.

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  12. Jamie Locke says:

    * Kalib won the Middleweight title not WW.

    After seeing him fight live and meeting the guy, I respect him alot more. At first I had the reservations that anyone would have had after watching the Quarry fight.

    Kalib is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet in mma (cliche but he’s a really nice guy). He’s got a tonne of talent and is one of the best BJJ practitioners in Canada.

    Best of luck in the future Kalib.

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  13. Jason Heit says:

    Kalib is a great guy, a great fighter and a great father, we are honored that he was our champion. There was no one in western Canada that was able to beat him at 185. Best of luck in your school- http://richmondsportsclub.ca/

    Jason Heit
    Executive Producer, AFC

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  14. Trey says:

    If Starnes never fought Quarry, he would be remembered as one of the best Canadian MWs.

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  15. TheNatural says:

    Kalib is a great guy, won of the nicest guys I’ve met in our sport! Had some great fights and will always be one of B.C’s best fighters ever!! Good Luck to Kalib in life’s endeavors!

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  16. ruckus780 says:

    nobody likes a quitter,,,,everybody should fight well into there dementia like ken shamrock and dan severn,,,, where the fuck is the seniors league,,,, i am so ready to see an abu dhabi tourney with wheel chairbound competitors as well…might as well i mean we let broads out the kitchen and into the cage

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  17. Darren Owen says:

    @Trey he will still be remembered as one of Canadas best MW’s!

    Congrats on a great career Kalib! A great fighter and even better person.

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  18. Jarvis says:

    The Quarry fight ruined his career. Also the incident with Belcher at UFC in Ohio when he was screaming at his own cornerman on ppv. He became hated to most ppl after those 2 incidents.

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  19. Jarvis says:

    Starnes is a very skilled fighter but the Quarry and Belcher fights ruined him to the general public at least. Im not trying to hate on him, i take pride in us as Canadians also but its a fact that alot of people do not like him now due to those fights on a big stage.

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  20. TJ says:

    Here’s a pic of ruckus780 last fight…hahahaha

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  21. TJ says:

    Apparently “some HTML” mean none. Let’s see if a URL link works. http://photos.posh24.com/p/78137/l/amy_smart/amy_smart_beats_up_a_guy.jpg

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