Hybrid Combat H9 Results – Aubin beats Nallo


Hybrid Combat is having their ninth show in their H series. Unfortunately, our usual team got caught up in traffic in Toronto while trying to get to Gatineau for the show. Special thanks to Yohann Dagenais for sending Top MMA News the results:

Amateur MMA
Olivier Aubin defeats Mandell Nallo by Decision
*** Aubin wins Welterweight belt

Ralph Jean Pierre David defeats Dan Lariviere by Decision
*** David wins Middleweight title

Demetry Furman defeats Mickael Dufort by Decision
*** Furman retains Featherweight title

Derek Dexter defeats Mat Papineau by Decision
Sandra Lanois Bazinet and Melanie Leblanc ends in a Draw
Frank Lepine and Chuck Roberts ends in a Draw
Nick Reynolds defeats Bruce Chaplin by TKO in Round 2
Tom Nickerson submits Grant Webber by Arm Bar in Round 2
Jacob Rouleau defeats Ben Laporte by Decision
Sean Brauer submits Mitchell Skinner by Arm Bar in Round 1
Joey Guerin defeats Trevor Leroux by Decision

4 Responses to “ Hybrid Combat H9 Results – Aubin beats Nallo ”

  1. harry balls says:

    Got there late. Fun night as usual. Sorry you missed it Big Win…

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  2. Don Wilson says:

    Cannot believe my luck, get stuck on the dam Highway and miss waht seems to be a night of huge upsets. I would have picked Papineau, Nallo and Larivere to win easy. Cannot believe I missed this card, now i’m extra cheesed.

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  3. Joe Nathan says:

    Best night of amateur fights I’ve ever seen Big Win. The last two fights were wildly entertaining (Double leg td through the ropes and onto the floor) and technical (Maaaad Judo tosses all around).

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  4. harry balls says:

    The thru-the-ropes thing was actually a little scary. I knew it’d happen eventually in that tiny ring.
    Although the girl-fight was not exactly a display of technical wizardry, I was pleased to see some females step into the ring. They weren’t that good, but they were evenly matched and going for broke..

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