Horodecki to Face Sharpe on July 16


After an impressive win at MMA: The Reckoning, the Polish Hammer will face Steve “Razor” Sharp in Windsor, Ontario. The card will be held on July 16th.

Horodecki, from London, Ontario, last beat David Castillo in a one sided fight on the first sanctioned card in Ontario history. Prior to the win, Chris was 2-2 in the WEC and had a long run as one of the top 155ers in the IFL Lightweight division. The Sharp fight adds to Horodecki’s busy 2011 as he is scheduled to fight Brad Cardinal in Sudbury in September.

Steve Sharp (26-14) hails from Salt Lake City, Utah. His most recent fight was a first round rear naked choke loss to Justin Buchholz. Sharp has also beaten David Castillo in the past year in unanimous decision fashion.

The Sharp/Horodecki matchup joins a previously announced Travis Briere/Chris Clements main event as well as a Gossip Queen leaked John Fraser/Chucky Mady contest.

*** Photo by Mike Fischl

5 Responses to “ Horodecki to Face Sharpe on July 16 ”

  1. Jason Harkes says:

    Steve Sharp is a very exciting fighter and a finisher, I am pumped for this fight!!

    He recently won a 16 man, one night tournament, 4 finishes all in one night, June 4th 2011. (it is not on sherdog or Mixedmartialarts.com yet)

    Here is the breakdown of the tournament, http://www.wcfc.com/events/fight-card

    Here is the full event on video

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  2. JKD says:

    Hordecki wins this one!

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  3. While there is no doubt Sharpe had to be tough to win a one day tourney, I don’t put a lot of stock in the wins after the first round.

    Just like Fickett’s one day win, usually the guy who fights the shortest wins. Just look at how the guys who went to decisions in the first round ended up.

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:


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  5. Jason Harkes says:

    While Keith makes a valid point, finishing 4 men in a night is pretty impressive. Every fighter knows how the tournament format works, if you can’t finish your opponent than you suffer for it in the next round. The best fighters will impose their will to end it quick and have an easier fight the next round.

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