Assassin’s Fader Talks AX Combat Event


Top MMA News caught up with Assassin Fight Wear’s Steve Fader. Fader is putting on the first AX Combat card in Calgary, Alberta on July 8th. Fader discusses why Assassin is entering the fight game, he talks about the fights on the card such as Ryan Machan vs Keto Allen and Kim Couture vs Sheila Bird, and even discusses what is happening with his own fight career.

***photos by Jason Bouwmeester|TKO Photography

9 Responses to “ Assassin’s Fader Talks AX Combat Event ”

  1. Robin Black says:

    Great luck with the show Steve!

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  2. BigBoi says:

    Sounds like a nice guy but can he potentially dial down the ‘stereotype’ a little?

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  3. “stereotype” ? What does that even mean? My opinion may be bias but I believe ASSASSIN is a great representation of the sport an of what the sport can become.

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  4. sheldon westcott says:

    wow what the heck man!!!!! lol

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  5. Tyler Davis says:

    sounds like a great show, GREAT FIGHTERS.Calgary does need a higher end mma promition. Hopfully the commision is ready for the task, from all reports ive heard thier commision is a joke. Good luck steve

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  6. Couldn’t agree with Tyler anymore! Calgary does need this.

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  7. ASSASSIN says:

    Thanks guys! The show is shaping up to be a great success. Some AWESOME local fighters, and a few names appearing at the show. Should be a great time and some great fights. NEED tickets?? 403-616-6594

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  8. tyler b says:

    good luck steve, looking forward to some calgary shows

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  9. assassinisajoke says:

    He’s so much the stereotype that he beats his women and can’t pay his bills. Don’t believe it? Check his criminal record and credit history. In fact at this time he can’t even afford his truck. Lol. Pathetic veneer loser. Your slip is showing.

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