Slammer in the Hammer Quick Results – Carmont Bests Day


Slammer in the Hammer is the latest Ontario promotion to make their debut and its tonight. Here are the quick results for tonight (hit refresh to get the latest updates):

Francis Carmont defeats Jason Day via TKO @ 2:10 of Rd1
Daron Cruickshank defeats Brad Cardinal via TKO (punches) @ 4:35 of Rd1
Eric Attard defeats David Bodrug via TKO (punches) @ :27 of Rd2
Jesse Ronson defeats Brandon Chagnon via TKO (punches) @ 4:40 of Rd1
Lyndon Whitlock defeats Robert Rende via KO (right straight) @ 2:25 of Rd1
Michael Imperato defeats Andrew Cseh via Unanimous Decision (29-28,29-28,29-28)
Syd Barnier defeats Sajid Rizvi via TKO (GNP) @ 2:01 of Rd2

20 Responses to “ Slammer in the Hammer Quick Results – Carmont Bests Day ”

  1. Show has not started yet. Arena is packed and they delayed the show as people were still lining up to buy tickets.

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    Attendance estimate?

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  3. Big Win says:

    4000-4200 estimated attendance

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  4. TB says:

    What time do they start?

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  5. Big Jake says:

    Jesus Big Win! You sure you’re not counting how many beers you’ve had or attendance?? That’s a huuuuuuuge turnout!

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  6. TB says:

    When do the fights start?

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  7. Big Win says:

    Very impressive turnout, now I’m saying everyone is a fully paid ticket, but there appears to be about 4000 butts in seats

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  8. harry balls says:

    That’s fucking great news. Really happy for Joslin and his crew.

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  9. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good stuff, congrats. Now hopefully the show and the fights are good.

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  10. Big Win says:

    My math may have been a bit off, after doing done counting and busting out the calculator… The attendance is closer to 3000+

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  11. Big Jake says:

    Still a massive turnout, very impressive!

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  12. SteveChi says:

    What happened 2 the D.J. “Da Protege” Linderman (9-2) vs. Tim Chemelli (8-0) Fight?

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  13. Commission never approved the Linderman vs Chemelli fight.

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  14. Bobby Karimi says:

    How come?

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  15. Tim Chemelli says:

    The Ontario commission stated that because none of my fights went out of the first round that I lacked the experience to fight DJ Linderman.
    I’m very disappointed with their decision and still don’t understand it.
    As I stated before I talked to Jeff about it and he also didn’t understand it.
    I’m happy the card was a hit and wish I could have been apart of it.

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  16. Bobby Karimi says:

    LOL, so you got punished for being a fucking knock out machine? Nice call, jeez!

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  17. Mitch Clarke says:

    I don’t see why they wouldn’t sanction that fight between Linderman and Chemelli. Linderman didn’t look out of Chemelli’s league by any means and would be an interesting fight. All the best in the future Tim

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  18. Robin Black says:

    THANKS for an awesome show!

    Haven’t been to a show just as a fan (always working), but I am sure glad I got to be a fan at this one!!

    Great job everyone. Congrats to the fighters.

    Ya man. Forgot how much fun a good show can be. Thanks again.

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  19. Robin Black says:

    Great show. Lotsa passion in the presentation. It FELT like a show put on by fight fans, for fight fans.

    Great young fighters. Congrats to all. You guys were inspiring tonight.

    LOVE the ring announcer. Kid added lotsa pizzaz. Nice find.

    GREAT crowd. All seemed new to MMA, but this show made them all MMA fans for good.

    Man. The Score show felt great last week (I worked there, I can’t be impartial, but it felt sweet) and then THIS great show really make me feel so much more confident about MMA in Ontario.

    Man. These guys got it right!

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