Slammer in the Hammer Play-by-Play – Carmont Tops Day


Slammer in the Hammer is the latest Ontario promotion to make their debut and its tonight. We will be posting the play-by-play for tonight after each round (hit refresh to get the latest updates):

Jason Day vs. Francis Carmont
Carmont pawing out his arms making it hard for Day to get inside. Carmont bull rushes Day against the cage and muscles him down to the mat. Day turtles up and Carmont throws until Big John steps in.
Francis Carmont defeats Jason Day via TKO @ 2:10 of Rd1

Daron Cruikshank vs. Brad Cardinal
Cruickshank lands a solid body kick. Cruickshank lands a nice leg kick. Cardinal jumps Cruickshanks back but can’t hold position and gets thrown to the mat, Cruickshank lets him back up. Cruickshank flies across the ring and lands a jumping knee then a right cross on Cardinal’s chin but The Bonesaw walks right through it. Cardinal misses the spinning back kick and eats one from Cruickshank. Cruickshank lands a right then a head kick that crumbles Cardinal. Cruickshank jumps on top and finishes off the Wreck MMA champ.
Daron Cruickshank defeats Brad Cardinal via TKO (punches) @ 4:35 of Rd1

Eric Attard vs. David Bodrug
R1. Bodrug comes straight out and floors Attard with a hook then shoots the double and slams him to the canvas. Attard gets back up only to be thrown to mat again. Attard back up again, Bodrug flurries against the cage and takes Attard back down. Bodrug easily passes to mount and unleashes a barrage of elbows. Attard turns to avoid punishment but Bidrug continues his assault. Attard again escapes to his feet and finally starts to land some shots. Bodrug smiles, calls him on and throws a head kick that is caught by Attard who beings Bodrug down to the mat. Attard looks for the rear naked choke but can’t finish. Bodrug reverses winds up on top and finishes off the round with some ground and pound.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Bodrug
Eric Attard defeats David Bodrug via TKO (punches) @ :27 of Rd2

The fighters come out throwing Bodrug lands a nice body kick, right cross, but Attard lands a left straight, right uppercut combo that floors Bodrug and the ref steps in to save the semi conscious fighter.

Brandon Chagnon vs. Jesse Ronson
Ronson connects with a solid hook to the body. Ronson wobbles Chagnon with a right, then shoots and lands the double leg takedown. Ronsom stacks him up and rains down some punches, then passes to mount. Ronson pounds away with elbows and fists until Chagnon gives his back. Ronson locks in the RNC but Chagnon turns and Ronson continues his beating from mount until the ref stops the action.
Jesse Ronson defeats Brandon Chagnon via TKO (punches) @ 4:40 of Rd1

Lyndon Whitlock vs. Robert Rende
R1. Lots of posturing and feinting until Whitlock lands a flying knee that floors Rende and sends him crashing to the canvas. Whitlock connects a powerful right straight that drops Rende and finishes him off with a vicious jumping downward punch.
Lyndon Whitlock defeats Robert Rende via KO (right straight) @ 2:25 of Rd1

Andrew Cseh vs. Michael Imperato
R1. Imperato throws right hook, misses but shoots in and lands a big slam takedown. Cseh tries to make it too his feet but gets caught in an Imperato guillotine and kneed to the head, Cseh puts his hand on the mat, but Imperato throws a knee and Yves Lavignes halts the action to warn Imperato. On the restart Cseh lands the takedown but gets quickly reversed by Imperato. Imperato works the ground and pound from inside Cseh guard. Imperato stands up grabs an ankle and looks for the ankle lock just ad the round finishes.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Imperato

R2. Both men cone out swinging and Imperato lands 2 big haymakers. Cseh looks for the flying triangle but Imperato pulls out, Cseh modifies from arm bar to shoulder lock but still Imperato muscles out. Imperato on top landing huge shots on Cseh. Cseh throws up a hail mary triangle but again Imperato escapes. Imperato again in Cseh half guard works overs Cseh body with punches.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Imperato

R3. Cseh flurries forward and catches Imperato with a hook and uppercut. Cseh flurries again but Imperato pulls guard. Imperato turns and Cseh takes his back but Imperato quickly reverse and takes over top position. Imperato passes to mount and cinched in a guillotine and pulls guard but Caeh escapes. Cseh works from top position for the last 10 seconds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-10
Michael Imperato defeats Andrew Cseh via Unanimous Decision (29-28,29-28,29-28)

Syd Barnier vs. Sajid Rizvi
R1. Fighters start off tentative. Rizvi missed a spinning roundhouse kick. Rizvi lands 2 spinning body kicks but gets wobbled by a right from Barnier. Barnier puts on the pressure but Rizvi works out from the bottom. Back on their feet Rizvi gets pushed against the fence and dropped by a Barnier combo. Barnier pounces and attacks but Rizvi is able to reverse position and almost cinched in the head and arm choke. Rizvi spends the rest of the round in top position trying to pass Barnier’s half guard
Top MMA News Scores the Round 10-9 Barnier

R2. Rizvi misses a sloppy shot and Barnier sprawls out. Barnier throws a low kick and Rizvi shoots in and presses him against the cage. Again Rizvi is wobbled by a Barnier right. Back on their feet Barnier lands a body shot, then a right straight to the chin that drops Rizvi. Barnier bangs away on the downed Rizvi until Big John stops the action.
Syd Barnier defeats Sajid Rizvi via TKO (GNP) @ 2:01 of Rd2


16 Responses to “ Slammer in the Hammer Play-by-Play – Carmont Tops Day ”

  1. Tellitlikeitis says:

    Who is Daron Cruikshank? Couldn’t find his record anywhere

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  2. Big Jake says:

    WHOA!! Cardinal…buddy…hope you’re ok.

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  3. Big Jake says:

    And yeah, who the hell is Cruickshank?

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:

    Wow crazy finish!

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    Why’d JDay turtle up? Was he hurt from takedown?

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  6. Bigtoe says:

    ????? Jason, what’s going on?

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  7. Jarvis says:

    Jason Day lost? damn that stinks, im a big fan of that guy.

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  8. Robin Black says:

    Cruickshank is an ANIMAL!

    I’ll post more thoughts later but, in general, WOW great show!!

    Seriously. Congrats to all.

    More later. :)

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  9. Robin Black says:

    Haven’t been at a show as a fan in awhile (always working)….. man, I’m glad I was a fan at this one.

    Great show. Lotsa passion in the presentation. It FELT like a show put on by fight fans, for fight fans.

    Great young fighters. Congrats to all. You guys were inspiring tonight.

    LOVE the ring announcer. Kid added lotsa pizzaz. Nice find.

    GREAT crowd. All seemed new to MMA, but this show made them all MMA fans for good.

    Man. The Score show felt great last week (I worked there, I can’t be impartial, but it felt sweet) and then THIS great show really make me feel so much more confident about MMA in Ontario.

    Man. These guys got it right!

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  10. blayd cooper says:

    cruikshank is the real deal, from detroit area. does this mean he takes cardinal’s spot vs horodecki?

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  11. joe says:

    Told you guys Cruickshank was a beast! First round KO in impressive fashion just as I thought! I agree with Blayde I would rather see him vs. Horodecki than Cardinal.

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  12. Tellitlikeitis says:

    I think it’s a bad idea when these guys try and make a living off of fighting full time and take fights whenever they can. Cardinal took his last few fights month to month. I think it takes away from a proper training camp, the kind you need to properly prepare for your opponent (bring in similar sparring partners, watch video, work weaknesses). And now by losing to Cruickshank, he lessens his value as a WRECK champion. That’s why Pavelich freaks out when fighters go out and fight for other organizations and lose.

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  13. Ross says:

    Cruickshank is a contender here in the U.S. and is showing a lot of promise so far in his professional career as he just turned pro in 2008. He’s exciting to watch, and adopts fight styles not often seen or utilized by fighters anymore. If you’ve ever met the guy like I had the chance to briefly, he’s a nice guy and I look forward to seeing more of his energy.

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  14. Home Wrecker says:

    Cardinal and Day looked terrible.

    Day should be the one retiring, not Kalib Starnes.

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  15. Big Jake says:

    Day’s biggest fight is a mental one. He has all the skills to win in the cage and has proven himself there time and time again. He’s got to get over whatever is holding him back…and I personally think it’s all in his head.

    Just like good ol’ Uncle Jake says: If you’re right in the head…you’ll bring home the bread.

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