Slammer in the Hammer Weigh-In Results


Slammer in the Hammer is the latest Ontario promotion to make their debut. They held their weigh-ins to make their card official. Here are the weigh-in results:

Jason Day (204.5) vs. Francis Carmont (204.5)
Daron Cruikshank (158.5)* vs. Brad Cardinal (155)
Brandon Chagnon (168) vs. Jesse Ronson (167.5)
Eric Attard (153.5) vs. David Bodrug (154.5)
Andrew Cseh (134) vs. Michael Imperato (136)
Lyndon Whitlock (145) vs. Robert Rende (144.5)
Syd Barnier (137.5) vs. Sajid Rizvi (139)

*Cruikshank gives up 20%

5 Responses to “ Slammer in the Hammer Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Zach B says:

    what happened to the chemmelli tilt

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  2. Big Win says:

    @Zach B check out the latest Top MMA Radio thread, Tim explains why his fight was cancelled

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  3. ryan farse says:


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  4. Hank902 says:

    It’s their first card. Looks like a solid card for a first time event. No need to fill the card with big names and break the bank before you get a chance to put a couple dollars in it first.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    It’s not a bad card. When young athletes prepare for 6 weeks to put on a show, and they’re brought together by positive promoters with good intentions, there’s no such thing as a bad card. These great young athletes will put on a great show.
    Congrats and good luck to the fighters and promoters.

    Its not a bad card, but there’s certainly some risk. They are putting on a 5 fight undercard and 2 fight main card in a 13 000 seat arena.
    Depending on cost, the cost vs value for fans may be skewed. If that’s the case, you hurt the market by creating new fans unhappy with what they got for their money.
    And, even if you can put 3 or 4 thousand in that arena, with these names you know you are doing it simply with “MMA is big in Ontario”-type good will. When a crowd is full of “MMA is big in Ontario” people, their expectations are super high. If you don’t meet them, they march back into the marketplace saying “I’ll never spend money on MMA now”, which hurts everyone.

    Having said that, the Slammer in the Hammer guys have brought together legitimate young talent, young guys with genuine futures, and they’ve done it honourably and with hard work and love of the sport.
    Because of that, they have the potential to grow and evolve.
    Really, regardless of how a promotion’s first couple of shows go, their future relies on honesty, hard work, and love for sport and a desire to do well by the athletes and fans.

    Unlike a few other Ontario shows so far, where people involved were only out for themselves and their bank accounts and power, the Hammer guys seem to be in this for the right reasons.
    Best of luck.

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