Poll: Would you appeal if a gap in cage floor affected your fight?


You are fighting in a cage. During the fight, a significant gap appears on the cage floor. Maybe you get tripped by it. Maybe you twist your ankle in it. Maybe you have to work around it. Then you lose. Would you appeal the loss on grounds of dangerous working conditions? An unsafe cage?

This is not about assessing blame and deciding someone is at fault for the cage situation.  Two people have already asked me if they should appeal in this situation, so let’s answer their question.

If you fought with a significant gap in the cage floor and lost, would you appeal to the commission for a No Contest?

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6 Responses to “ Poll: Would you appeal if a gap in cage floor affected your fight? ”

  1. Home Wrecker says:

    This commission is a joke. Every guy who lost should be appealing this.

    Fighters earlier in the night were injured due to the cage being shitty.

    The promotion may own this shitty cage, but the commission should be ashamed of allowing anybody to compete in this thing.

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  2. Jarvis says:

    This was definitely NOT GOOD for Agression

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  3. The Dude says:

    How was the cage not inspected by the commission prior to the fight? If it was and the cage was deemed unsafe, heads need to be rolling.

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  4. Kendall says:

    The problem with the cage was that it wasnt set up by professionals! Hopefully aggression CEO has learned his/her
    Lesson and will hire qualified trades peole next time!

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  5. Gunner says:

    Malfunctions and equipment failures happen every day in all different types of work places.

    Questions i would like to know are:

    1: When did they notice the floor of the cage was damaged or out of place?

    2: Did they knowingly allow fights to happen after this time and if so did they notify the fighters of the issue before they fought? (If they did then fighters and owners at fault )

    3: How did they remedy the damaged floor to enable the main event fight to happen?

    4:Why could it not have been done to finish the harris fight?

    5:Was it a safe and suitable fix or was it a bandage attempt just to safe face and some money by letting the show continue without angry fans?

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  6. Mike Davis says:

    I would protest that and the commission should be looking deep into this right now. I have not seen a press release from Aggression on this as how it happened or anything what is kind of upsetting, the commission should go ahead and call the event every fight up and down a no contest as a malfunction not in the fighters control was a factor in the fights. From first fight to last the commission should step up right now and just disregard the event as a whole. Do your job and protect the fighters! we pay you every time we fight so do something for the fighters at the event and protect them.

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