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Tim Chemelli has a fight with DJ Linderman coming up at Slammer in the Hammer. The Evolution FC champion talks with Keith and Don about the biggest fight of his career in Hamilton on June 17th.

Next, Armageddon Fighting Championship President Darren Owen talks about his upcoming AFC 6 card in Victoria on June 18th. Headlining that event is John Salter and Kalib Starnes.

Off course, TMR also break down the past weekend and preview the upcoming weekend of MMA.

Check it out:

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8 Responses to “ Chemelli, Owen Join Top MMA Radio ”

  1. Tim Chemelli says:

    I’ll be the first to post this before the rumors start.
    I received a call from my manager this morning stating that the Ontario commission would not approve the fight with DJ Linderman beacuse they believe I have lack of experience since none of my fights have gone past the first round,which makes no sense to me.I even contacted the promtor to try and make this fight happen or at least get some answers.He also did not understand their decision.
    I thought as a fighter the goal is to get in there and win as quick as possible and never leave it in the judges hands.If this means I lack experience, I guess their right.
    If I’m willing to step into the cage and sign the waiver to fight someone with pretty much the same record as myself please come up with a better excuse then lack of experience!!
    I do not have anything bad to say about Jeff Joslin as he treated me with nothing but respect,this decision was out of his hands and I wish his card nothing but the best.

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  2. After that great interview you gave us, they still want to cancel it? Joking aside, I feel bad for you Tim.

    With no Challenge MMA card, get Bosse vs Chemelli going in Hamilton.

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  3. Jarvis says:

    Chemelli vs Bosse! Make it happen!

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  4. busted nut says:

    Thats terrible news Tim. Are the rumors about you and Penner true? that would be a great fight to watch. I heard its pretty much a done deal for september. A source close to me mentioned that Penner said yes and you had pretty much aggreed to it, but they were not sure if you fully committed

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  5. busted nut says:

    Darren I also heard Penner wanted to fight in your organization, any truth to that?

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  6. harry balls says:

    Big Win fucking NAILS it about Challenge MMA. NAILS. IT. Look how it turned out.

    Nice to hear you guys argue too haha.
    This show tickled my cockles indeed.

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  7. tyler b says:

    I have also heard this rumour, I was hoping for a response from tim if he is taking that fight.

    Darren, looking forward to that show tomorrow. Good luck!

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  8. Tim Chemelli says:

    If I had the proper training camp and the proper notice you never know,as of right now it’s just rumors noone has come to me about a september fight with penner,

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