Freedom Fights – Sudbury – September 10


Date: September 10, 2011
Location: Sudbury Community Arena in Sudbury, ON
Tickets: Buy Tickets Here

Tony Hervey (11-10) vs. Brad Cardinal (13-6)
*** for the Freedom Fight Lightweight title

Tannaya Hantelman vs Valerie Letourneau – 135
Jason Bissonette (2-1) vs Ali Mokdad (4-1) * – 185
Syd Barnier vs Chucky Mady – 135
Chris St-Jean (3-2) vs Igor Caetano (2-1) – 170
Albert Cheng vs Mike Sledzion (2-1) – 155
Luc Nadeau (2-0) vs Steve Simms (2-0) – 155
Jesse Fox vs Denis Puric – 135
Randy Turner vs Eric Montgomery (1-0)
Peter Nolan vs Craig Hudson

* Unconfirmed by promotion

83 Responses to “ Freedom Fights – Sudbury – September 10 ”

  1. Robin Black says:

    JYD is back baby.

    Great to hear man.

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  2. showtying says:

    hey dimond i leave in alberta now brother and my muay thai recoard is 17-0 no contest…check out the fight in sept 10 in the peg if you can …also if there is any muay thai fight you hear about let me no please..thanks again

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  3. Hunter says:

    Didn’t a 17 year old fighter dislocate your shoulder with a kick and TKO you at the Toronto Grand Prix Showtime? I’m pretty sure you’ve only had 3-4 Muay Thai fights stop the lies.

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  4. shawn says:

    hunter wow must really not no showtime…3-4 muay thai fights .lol and his shpulder got dislocated after him throwing a punch.. get your story right.

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  5. showtying says:

    lol who ever you are your just making yourself look really dumb..iron tiger was the best thing that happend to me but i had muay thai fights before iron tiger and i also have more then 7 muay thai fights with iron tiger.with a next one coming up sept befor you try to look for some bash showtime buddys get your facts right.. atleast the other bashers had a point with the missing weight but your just wack son..and on the other note the guys name was chad and he had nothing to do with my sholder dislocated i throw a hook and it pope out that was the no contest.. man yall are the best….by hunter now thers some facts for ya….yeh i no my spelling lol lol lol ..what else

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  6. kevin says:

    why does it say eric bisonette?? ITS JASON MONSTER BISSONETTE

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  7. Chiggs says:

    Wow some Really sad news for the MMA community, especially the Canadian contingent :/ Sadly Shawn Thompkins, lead trainer of Chris Hordecki, Sam Stout and Mark the machine Hominick has passed away sadly at the age of 37 at his home, in his sleep. RIP Shawn, Be truly missed and was a true Pioneer of Canadian MMA/Combat Sports.

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  8. PapaG says:

    I wonder if Horodecki will remain on this card? With the passing of his good friend and coach, Shawn Tompkins and less than a month away from the fight, I could understand if Horodecki needs to pull the pin.

    Either way, I wish everyone at Team Tompkins nothing but the best. Our thoughts are with them!

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  9. Robin Black says:

    Ya Chris has been through a lot lately. Whatever he feels is right for him IS right for him.

    I have a feeling he’ll need the break. Maybe Alessio would step in?

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  10. Robin Black says:

    Brent Fryia vs Jesse Fox also on card

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  11. PapaG says:

    yeah, nobody would fault Chris for pulling out. I just hope the promotion will find another name to headline if it happens. alessio would be great.

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  12. kev says:

    any word on chris horodecki’s status on the card?

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  13. kev says:

    horodecki pulled off the card. totally understandable. i’m sure he needs time to himself.

    who will be the new main event. it will be hard to get big names on 2 weeks notice.

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  14. PapaG says:

    no surprises here. I couldn`t imagine the Polish Hammer being ready in time for this fight.

    the card lacks star power…I can see this hurting last minute ticket sales. there will be some good fights, but only hardcore fans will pay the asking price for tickets to see these guys.


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  15. harry balls says:

    Thoughts: I think a working class town like Sudbury will be starved for some fights.
    And just on the rep of the old FF shows, I am making the trip to a city I’ve never been to. Rodley may be a tad controversial, but those shows never disappointed. And can you fix the Eric Bissonette thing? It’s Jason and he’s 2-1…

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  16. kev says:

    Any predictions on main event???

    According to Alessio’s Twitter, he would have been a replacement for Horodecki but Cardinal didn’t want to fight him.

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  17. Cj Saftic says:

    King of the Cage vet Tony Hervey (11-10) will be replacing Horodecki in the main event but im not sure if its still for the belt

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  18. Robin Black says:

    Great turn of events for Cardinal. Hervey is tough but not as big a mountain as Horodecki.

    Lookin like Albert Cheng may replace Pete Brown vs Sledzion, pending commission approval.

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  19. Cj Saftic says:

    I like that matchup, im interested in seeing how Sledzion rebounds from that brutal KO at the Score Fighting Series

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  20. JYD says:

    Cheng via Pho Diet and Train Insane regiment.

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  21. mark says:

    Hey M.A or Keith…………how about doing your job and correcting the mistake harry balls and 10 other ppl pointed out. ITS JASON BISSONETTE NOT ERIC!!! or is it too hard to fix?

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  22. Title Shot Mgmt says:

    Tony Hervey is actually 13-10, sherdog is missing 2 fights, and is missing 1, great match up for both of them,

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  23. Update: Abdallah and Brown also out due to Coach Tompkins’ passing. Changed Bissonette’s name.

    Mark…if it is that important to you, best way to get a hold of me is using contact form. I don’t read every comment.

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  24. mark says:

    eff off lol

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  25. mark says:

    just saw via facebook that kris lee’s lung collapsed. he’s off the card

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  26. mike kent says:

    whos the contact for this card ?

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  27. mark says:

    pete rodley…..add him on facebook

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  28. mike says:

    surrrre Lee’s lung collapsed!!! He prob just didn’t want to fight The Monster!

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  29. JYD says:

    there are pictures of Lee in the hospital with an IV of some sort going into his rib/chest area. I am sure his injury is legit.

    From what I have heard Monster has been training hard and appears to be in great shape, lets hope FF can find him a replacement.

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  30. mike says:

    Monster vs. Monster…….I’ll go with the Ali Monster via rear naked choke

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  31. Derek LeBlanc says:

    added to the card. Tannaya Hantelman vs Valerie Letourneau. Good rematch as both were the first two to have a female fight in Nova Scotia. I think this is the first one in ontario as well which is pretty cool

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  32. kev says:

    i heard bissonette did not accept the fight with ali mokdad??

    anyone know about this?

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  33. Title Shot Mgmt says:

    Congrats Tony LionHeart Hervey on becoming new 155lbs champion!!!

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