Canadian Rumour Mill – June 13


Hello fellas. As the summer approaches, the rumours are getting slimmer and slimmer.

  • John Fraser vs Chucky Mady at PFC in July
  • It’s getting a bit tougher, MMA Live and MMA: The Reckoning are now both officially off for July.
  • I’ve heard this mentioned a few time, ERA Fight Wear looks to be hosting a show in Wetaskiwin next month.
  • Some good news though from MMA Live, #2 will be October 20th in London.
  • I’m calling it now.  That Oshawa show will not happen.
  • WRECK will be hosting a show at the Civic Centre in Ottawa, September 24th.
  • By most accounts it seems as if Maximum Fighting won the head to head with Aggression on the 10th. Round 2 later this year?
  • Next week’s debut show for Challenge MMA is cancelled.
  • I hear former NHL tough guy Donald Brashear is looking at getting a few more fights in quickly. He’ll have to lower his asking price though, won’t get many fights with his current guaranteed purse request.
  • First Ricky Goodall does not want to rematch Steve Rogers in July for the right to a title fight with Rogers in the fall.  Now it seems he has agreed to it.  Sounds like three Goodall vs Rogers matchups could happen in 2011.

NOTE: These are just rumors and opinions of the Gossip Queen. If you have a rumour that you want to contribute,

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  1. Sean Quinn says:

    Jarvis, whenever you finish giving Hague head, ill be ready for you to work your magic lips on me.
    Thank you.

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  2. Jarvis says:

    Sean Quinn, how does it feel to know you are never going to get into the UFC or a big show? You are prob the same guy telling people you train UFC at local watering holes.

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  3. busted nut says:

    Any word on who they want brashere to fight? I would like to see him nail off a couple big wins and than test his hands with Canadas top heavys.

    Anyone know what his ground game is like? I would imagine it needs some work

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  4. Sean Quinn says:

    Thats me alright. Always trainin the UFC. Dana and I are actually pretty close. He doesnt want me in the UFC until i learn how to tone down my deadly arts. He saw what i did to Rampage when he started talking sass to me. He doesnt want me coming in and killing guys in front of millions of people.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    Brashear only trained MMA for about 2 months. He can’t fight top heavyweights.

    Jarvis don’t you understand Quinn is trolling you for his own amusement? When you mouth him off he wins (and baby Jeebus cries).

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  6. busted nut says:

    2 months that it? Cant wait to see if he can get something going. Best of luck to him, he is already a big draw if he has some skills he could be a goldmine for Canadian MMA organizations

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  7. Robin… aside from Hague, who do you think are Canada’s top heavies that have fought recently? Brashear may be in the top 20 already its so thin. :)

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  8. ryan farse says:

    But how many real people watch your show? People just claiming that this cable station numbers and Canadian PPV that no one watches is it. Mr. Owen you come across as a very jealous person that really came late in the MMA business. I wish you the best of luck but come on, you really believe you’re even close to the MFC? Website, TV, fighter roster, sponsorship , not even on the same playing field. If you focused more on you instead of everyone else you might do better.

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  9. Jarvis says:

    Canadas top hwts? Its a very weak division.

    1, Penner
    2, Hague
    3, Fortin
    4, Brashear

    I would say Munduruca but he only hand picks his fights against bums, had one tuff fight and got wrecked by Dan Christensen

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  10. Penner has not fought in past year and either has Rod, who was beating Christison in a dominant first round.

    Fortin is the #2 Heavyweight in Canada behind Hague.

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  11. Jarvis says:

    I agree about Fortin, i guess Penner is a 205 guy now when he finally comes back. He seems to be injured. Rod Munduruca doesnt have good cardio or striking. It showed against Big Dan.

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  12. ryan farse says:

    Fortin is good

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  13. Bobby Karimi says:

    I agree with Keith.

    Hague then Fortin.

    Penner and Munduruca can’t be ranked due to inactivity. Both are very good though.

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  14. MTLMMA says:

    Would rather see Fraser vs. Wadsworth. Wadsworth’s most recent fight at Challenge was canceled and he could take up a fight right now.

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  15. Would be a good fight, but Mady is the local draw in Windsor.

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  16. jay says:

    if you guys think Fortin is top of Penner in skill you lose all credibility. If its strictly with inactivity, than you are right with ranking fortin ahead. You guys also lose all credibility if you think Fortin would beat Rod. Rod was smashing dan C until he got caught. I was at the fight, and Im not even a rod fan. But I do face facts. Fortin has zero ground game, Rod is the man with BJJ in Canada which falls right into Rods advantage over fortins weak ground game and takedown d.

    Penner was 220 when he fought fortin. He was preparing for a 205 fight and he was on holidays two weeks before the fight with fortin.

    Really guys, Fortin is dangerous as a striker. I love watching him fight, hes a good guy. But theres just no comparison between those three. Fortins style match up works best against Hague because they are both brawlers. Penner and Rod are to well rounded and can exploit fortins weakness

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  17. Donovan says:

    farse, 1.2 million watching HDnet would be nearly statistically impossible. They are in less than 8 million homes and viewership is so low that subscribing to a nielsen ratings program is pointless. Fox’s Fuel Television, a similar niche channel (not that there is anything wrong with that) with an endemic fanbase, just begin subscribing to ratings only to find that their top rated prime-time program drew less than 25,000 viewers. Fuel TV is also in about 5 times as many homes as HDNet. Any ratings HDNet does get are likely infinitesimal.

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  18. Jay…its based inactivity. If you do not fight within a year, you are off the rankings.

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  19. Lets not forget how much fortin was beating penner with a badly sprained ankle. Penner did pull off the sub though.

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  20. Mitch Clarke says:

    didn’t Penner have a blown out knee for the Fortin fight?

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  21. Big Jake says:

    Don’t mean to ruin this thread but I’m looking for a strong 170 and 145’er for the DREAM card next month. Hit me up if you’re interested…

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  22. Cody Rempel says:

    Jordan Mein and Antonio Carvalho?

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  23. Big Jake says:

    Thanks Cody!

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  24. Adam Lorenz says:

    I would gladly go kick some ass in Dream.

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  25. Graham Weenk says:

    hey jake, adam lorenz from alliance wants that fight, talk to kurt loth and lets make it happen… unless of course bellator or ufc is confirmed for adam

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  26. Big Jake says:

    On it Graham and Adam! Waiting to hear back from a few people. Let’s keep our fingers crossed…

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  27. canadx says:

    I think ryan farts has the best nick name but it takes the class out-a d-aa joint.

    Place smells like an unwashed hockey bag.

    My basset hound just peed on my putor tower, left the room and skipped his food.

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  28. canadx says:

    fart ass at both shows? hmmmm, maybe that is why both were a gas? Seemed to be a lot of that going around.

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  29. canadx says:

    Yes, i have heard AFC treats the fighters with respect. Its a consistent buzz from pst participants.

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  30. Eastern MMA says:

    Penner admitted he took him lightly, especially going on vacation right before the fight with little training. I seen the fight video and fortin landed 5 punches on Penner the whole fight. Penner said in the press conference he wanted to brake fortins leg and he would take some punches to do it. That he did and penner admitted to fighting stupidly. fortin dropped a few beautiul bombs which cut penner but didn’t do any damage. Penner said after when his cuts were bleeding bad he was going to end it, and he did. Took fortin to his weak spot and finished it within seconds. Minus those couple big bombs fortin didn’t do anything.

    Keith I didn’t expect you to be like the average UFC fan. You should understand the fight game better than that. Were you there or even at the fight?

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  31. Eastern MMA says:

    Let me clear this up. I realized my last comment just downplayed fortins performance and that I didn’t intend to do. Fortin came in there and got his timing down and when penner went after that leg fortin went for the bomb and caught him a few times. I give him credit for that.

    But fortin is to big for penner to fight like he did. So without taking the credit fortin deserves away, penner should have just took him down immediately, or maybe just tookthebfight seriously. I was disappointed in him and the guys at franks were livid with penner. You can bet he won’t make that mistake again

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  32. Robin Black says:

    How do you know that Fortin wasn’t equally unprepared?

    And if this “penner should have just took him down immediately” was only that easy, everyone would win every fight.

    Most people feel Fortin and Penner are both great and very equally matched.

    Penner’s people (like yourself) and Fortin’s people probably disagree.

    But that’s to be expected.

    Don’t mean to bust your balls. It just seemed a bit much to take a jab at Keith because he saw it differently than you. Lotsa people see fights differently. That’s the beauty of a fight.

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  33. Eastern MMA says:

    I have actually known fortin longer and met penner a few months prior to that fight. Like I said I like fortin, love watching him fight and I have trained with him. But penner wanted to fight foolishly. This coming from an unbiased person cause I like both guys and wish them both the best.

    I understand how people watch fights differently but when you make a bold statement like Keith did you leave yourself open for an attack, especially when the statement is way off. Watch the fight again is all I got to say.

    As states before, I wish both penner and fortin best of luck, both great people to rep the sport and fortin is really entertaining!

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  34. Robin Black says:

    cool and well put

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  35. Bobby Karimi says:

    What was the bold statement Keith made? That Fortin was beating Penner?

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  36. I was there. I was two steps from the ring.

    I am sorry but we see it differently. I am in no one’s camp so am probably less biased than you, Eastern MMA. Fortin beat Penner in the first round. Penner strategy was to chop down the giant Fortin Marcos Ruas Paul Varelans style. Unfortunately, Fortin would not even check the kicks but rock Penner during each one. Penner “tried taking him to his weak spot” in the first, but Fortin was too strong to take down. Penner desperately went for them in the second because he was losing the standup and he got the sub for a real tough fought win. Truly an awesome fight where both guys won in my eyes. Penner got the win and Fortin got his name on the map.

    Lets not forget that Fortin badly sprained his ankle when entering the ring as well. You don’t seem to mention this. With two wheels, Fortin may have won this.

    As for excuses of taking the fight against a HW while heading to LHW or taking Fortin lightly or going on vacation or not training hard, this screams of poor management, poor training and a fighter who was not taking his fight career seriously.

    I hope Penner is healed and learned a lot from this fight, because the guy is a killer and could do very well in the sport.

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  37. Jarvis says:

    Great post by Keith! I remember Fortin almost breaking his ankle entering the ring. That had to hinder him a bit!

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  38. Eastern MMA says:

    Watch the fight again

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  39. LBoutin says:

    Fortin’s ankle looked disgusting at the start of that fight, broken/dislocated I don’t know which. Extremely impressive that he still continued and put up such a tough fight.

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  40. tyler b says:

    I also know them both very well and they both have legit reasons why they didnt perform well. As a matter of fact both of them have excuses not known to public, so end of story with penner vs fortin already. Like Keith said; Penner won, good for him and now he knows he needs to fight guys his own size in lhw. Fortin fought excellent against a top 3, got his name on the map which led to a few big fights after and he will continue to be a crowd pleaser by throwing his bombs and banging it out. Just dont put him with a guy like gormley who wrestles, that was a dumb fight to take style wise for fortin.

    Lets move past this and see Fortin take a fight or two more then fight Hague and Penner can fight someone like desilet/hollet after he gets his feet wet again from his 16 month layoff.

    I am jumping on the wagon with the hague vs fortin fight. I think thats a good match up for hague to return and I think fortin has a legit chance if hague just wants to bang. Who else wants to see that?

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  41. trevor cadia says:

    sick of not seeing penner get any love from that fight. Im pumped Penner got hit with some of those bombs, just proved to be another strength of his. Not only are his muay thai and boxing skills excellent but he got the submisson and took punishment and overcame controversy to get the win

    Big things going to come in the lightheavy division. Cant wait to see you after you get a few tilts under your belt

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  42. Robin Black says:

    “they both have legit reasons why they didnt perform well”

    EVERY fighter has legit issues. Stress, injuries, real life….. that’s a big part of it.

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  43. ccanadx says:

    is afc 6 the first event where everyone made weight? first i’ve seen.

    Often making weight is a carrer ending experience– certainly very difficult part of most weight catory sports.

    But to me its about respect of the sport.

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  44. Jana (JSR) says:

    Has Ricky changed his mind again?????

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