Aggression MMA 7: Recap


Aggression MMA LogoAggression MMA LogoTop MMA News was cageside as Aggression MMA held their 7th event in the heart of downtown Edmonton tonight and the event was not without it’s fair share of technical difficulties and a little dash of controversy. The event was going off without a hitch despite the late start until the 5th fight when the plywood floor under the canvas began to shift, opening up a hole in the middle of the cage that produced an dangerous situation for the fighters. Referees and officials were able to repair the problem after a few minutes and continue the fight, however the problem continued to rear it’s ugly head forcing a long delays and ultimately forced a no contest for Luke Harris and John Troyer just halfway through the first round. The main event bout between Ryan Ford and Nick Hinchliffe also suffered delays but referee Kyle Cardinal did a great job to ensure a safe environment for the fighters and helped repair the cage in order to salvage the welterweight tilt.

Despite the issues, the fans were treated to some very entertaining fights. Here are Top MMA News’ choice for Fight of the Night, Knockout of the Night and Submission of the Night.

Fight of the Night – Steve Beaumont vs. James Haddad: The two undefeated Lightweight prospects went at it for three rounds of non stop action which saw Beaumont land huge elbows and punches before finally looking to submit the Gracie purple belt en route to a dominant decision victory.

Knockout of the Night – Matt Trudeau: The debuting fighter faced a tough test in former Muay Thai champion Levi Kump but proved he was no slouch himself when he took Kump to the mat and secured the crucifix position before splitting Kump open and forcing the ref to step in.

Submission of the Night – Rio Wells: The Quiet Storm was out to prove that he’s more than just a striker as he was able to submit a tough Mark Burns with a rear naked choke early in the second round after nearly submitting him in the first with an arm bar.

Ryan Ford vs. Nick Hinchliffe
Round 1: Ford lands a body kick followed by a leg kick to open the bout. Ford lands a huge right that sends Hinchliffe reeling into the cage where he follows up with a kick to the body. Referee Kyle Cardinal calls time as the cage issues resurface. After several minutes the cage was fixed yet again and the fighters were restarted. Ford lands a combo followed by a solid body kick. Ford looks for a high kick but slips to the mat. Ford is right back up and lands a big jab followed by a combo. Ford drops Hinchliffe with a big right and chases him down and lands a solid knee to the midsection. Hinchliffe grabs a hold and scrambles for position, looking for a guillotine and landing a knee before seperating as the round comes to a close. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Ford

Round 2: The second round starts out slowly before Hinchliffe lands an accidental kick to the groin. Ford is given time to recover and the two restart. Hinchliffe lands a leg kick and Ford responds with a big left and a looping right. Hinchliffe lands a leg kick before the two circle and throw shots with nothing significant landing. Hinchliffe strings together a leg kick, body shot and an overhand right. Ford responds with a big combo of punches and knees against the cage to close out the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Ford

Round 3: Ford comes forward with a big combo to open the round and the big right hand knocks Hinchliffe to the mat where Ford pounces on top and lays down heavy shots that prompt Cardinal to step in and call a halt to the fight. Hinchliffe however is looking for a double leg as Ford is being pulled off and immediately protests the stoppage.
Ryan Ford defeats Nick Hinchliffe via TKO (Punches) in Round 3, 0:18

Luke Harris vs. John Troyer
Harris comes forward with punches to open and eats a few shots in the process. The two circle with neither fighter eager to come forward. Troyer motions for Harris to bring it on and Harris flashes a big smile. The two tie up against the cage briefly before separating. Harris lands a leg kick followed by a solid kick to the body but absorbs a big right. Referee Kyle Cardinal steps in as the cage floor has begun to open up again. After approximately 15 minutes of attempting to the repair the issue the were unable to sufficiently reinforce the floor and were forced to declare the bout a no contest.
Luke Harris and John Troyer is declared a no contest due to faulty cage floor in Round 1, 3:14

Steve Beaumont vs. James Haddad
Round 1: Beaumont comes out looking for the early KO with a big flying knee but doesn’t get all of it. Beaumont presses him into the cage and secures the takedown, landing in full guard. Beaumont hoists him up on the ground and back to a standing position. Haddad gets a takedown of his own and lands in half guard. Beaumont stays active, landing elbows from the bottom. Haddad looks to transition to the back but Beaumont bucks him off. Haddad drives forward for a single leg but Beaumont scrambles into the full guard and lands some well placed elbows. Beaumont begins to pepper the body with hard punches. Haddad looks to stand but Beaumont gets to north/south and rains down more big punches. Haddad gets Beaumont into his guard but continues to take heavy shots for the final ten seconds of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Beaumont

Round 2: The two lightweight prospects exchange head kick attempts but neither land with any power. Beaumont fires a knee up the middle but it finds the groin of Haddad and a pause is called by referee Andy Social. On the restart, a superman punch from Beaumont misses but he lands solid leg kicks. Haddad tries for a double leg but Beaumont defends with hard elbows and punches. Haddad gives up on the double but Beaumont ties up and trips him to the mat, landing in half guard. Haddad sweeps and lands in side control but Beaumont is able to get back to his feet. Beaumont gets double underhooks and executes a beautiful suplex. Beaumont lands in side control and drops several more thunderous shots to the body and head. They get back to their feet where Beaumont looks for a jumping front kick but is unsuccessful. Beaumont lands a trio of hard shots followed by another combo. Haddad shoots in but eats several punches in the final few seconds. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Beaumont

Round 3: They open the round with a tie up and Beaumont landing knees to the body followed by a double leg takedown to side control. Haddad looks to stand but Beaumont continues to tenderize Haddad’s face with his accurate punches. Haddad is now bloodied up in Beaumont’s guard. Beaumont lands big hammerfist from the bottom before Haddad stands up out of his guard. Beaumont lands up kicks which prompts Haddad to drop back down into the guard. Beaumont looks for an armbar attempt but Haddad defends and gets him back into full guard. Beaumont finishes off the round just as the majority of the fight was going, with more crushing elbows until the bell sounds to end the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Beaumont
Steve Beaumont defeats James Haddad via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Jason Gorny vs. Elmer Waterhen
Round 1: The two trade leg kicks and Waterhen lands a body kick. Gorny presses forward with a combo that falls short and Waterhen counters with a booming body kick. Gorny scoops him up and slams him to the mat but Waterhen scrambles and locks on an ankle lock while Gorny does the same. They let go of the submission attempt and get back to their feet. Gorny gets a takedown but stays on his feet and kicks the legs of his downed opponent before dropping to side control. The two get back to their feet and tie up. Waterhen breaks free and lands a leg kick, Gorny responds with a combo against the cage. Waterhen retreats and eats a big right followed by an uppercut and a leg kick. Waterhen lands a leg kick of his own but again Gorny unleashes a quick combo that connects. Waterhen makes a final push at the bell with punches and body kicks. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Gorny

Round 2: Before the combatants have a chance to engage the referee calls time as the plywood under the canvas appears to have shifted opening up a hole in the floor of the cage. After a few minutes the cage is ready to go again. Gorny lands a big right hook that drops Waterhen to one knee. Waterhen springs right back up and retreats with Gorny hot on his trail. Gorny catches up to him and lands a takedown into full guard before passing to full mount. Waterhen sweeps into the full guard before transitioning to the back. Waterhen stands back up and lands a left followed by a leg kick and a body kick. A big knee causes Gorny to double over and Waterhen moves in for the kill but catches a shot coming in and gets knocked to the mat. Gorny kicks the legs and allows Waterhen to stand. Waterhen lands another knee to the body and both trade huge wild shots for the final seconds of the frame. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Waterhen

Round 3: Gorny drives a kick into the ribs and Waterhen lands a kick, punch, kick combo which prompts Gorny to throw wild haymakers and the self proclaimed “brawler”, Waterhen does the same. With neither man landing anything significant, Gorny rushes in for a takedown and eats some shots on the way in. Gorny throws an overhand right and Waterhen lands a low kick. A Gorny double leg is stuffed and Waterhen makes him pay for the attempt with knees to the body. During a brief pause the referee steps in to allow Gorny to replace his mouthguard and they restart. Waterhen throws a wild combo and knees to the legs. Gorny emerges with a bloodied nose. Waterhen lands an uppercut and more leg kicks before Gorny goes for broke in the final ten seconds with a wild flurry looking to score a late finish but the bell sounds before he can put the lights out. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Waterhen
Elmer Waterhen defeats Jason Gorny via Split Decision (28-29, 29-28, 30-27)

Rio Wells vs. Mark Burns
Round 1: Burns opens with wild shots that miss the target and Wells responds with a pair of leg kicks. Burns comes back with a leg kick of his own but Wells catches it and dumps him to the mat landing in half guard. Wells transitions to the back and lands knees to the body. Burns gets back to his feet briefly but Wells drags him back down again and lands a huge right. Wells locks on an armbar that looks tight. Burns defends and stacks him up to escape to half guard however Wells explodes out and takes his back, landing big shot for the final seconds of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Wells

Round 2: Burns telegraphs a right and Wells easily avoids it, ties up and forces him to the ground. Wells takes the back and sinks his hooks, looking for the rear naked choke. Burns frantically attempts to peel the grip of Wells off his throat and is able to survive briefly however with every movement, Wells sinks the choke deeper and deeper until finally Burns is forced to tap out just before he’s about to lose consciousness giving Wells his first submission victory.
Rio Wells defeats Mark Burns via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 2, 1:53

Mark Sawka vs. James Edwards
Round 1: Edwards knocks Sawka to the mat with a straight right but Sawka recovers and gets back to his feet, tying up with him. The two get separation briefly before tying up again in the center of the cage. Sawka lands a few knees before breaking off and landing a body kick and a combo. Edwards lands an overhand right and Sawka responds with a pair of leg kicks. Sawka looks for a guillotine and lands knees to the body in the process. Edwards pulls his head free and they trade punches and Edwards gets the better of the exchange with a big left at the end. Sawka begins to chop away with leg kicks before clinching and landing knees. Edwards lands uppercuts followed by a takedown to guard where he lands a flurry of punches as the round comes to a close. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Edwards

Round 2: They exchange shots to open the second round and Edwards secures a takedown, landing in full guard. Edwards rises to his feet and Swaka lands more leg kicks and stuffs a takedown attempt from Edwards. Sawka takes the back before Edwards spins and gives up mount. Sawka looks for an arm triangle attempt but Edwards is able to escape to side control and finally back to his feet. Edwards lands a combo followed by a takedown, throwing in a knee that appears to break Swaka’s nose in the process. Edwards lands briefly in full guard before returning to a standing position. Sawka lands a big combo against the cage and both men look tired. Sawka clinches and lands a knee followed by punches. Edwards unleashes a flying knee followed by a takedown, landing in side control. Sawka lands a few knees to the body as the round ends. Top MMA News scores 10-9 for Sawka

Round 3: Edwards lands jabs followed by a double leg trip takedown to full guard. Edwards lands body shots before referee Andy Social stands them up after a period of inactivity. Edwards drives forward again with another takedown and again lands body shots from the guard. Sawka looks for a triangle from the bottom but it’s easily defended. Edwards moves to north/south before being put back in half guard. Sawka replaces full guard but Edwards again pounds away on the body. Another stand up from Social followed very shortly after by another takedown by Edwards who is content to hammer the ribs as the seconds left in the fight tick down. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Edwards
James Edwards defeats Mark Sawka via Majority Decision (29-28, 28-28, 29-28)

Pappa Inkumsah vs. Dajan Kajic
Inkumsah opens with a quick combo and kajic lands a takedown to side control. Inkumsha springs right back to his feet and looks for a single leg against the cage. Inkumsah secures the takedown but this time Kajic pops back to his feet. Inkumsah lands another takedown, this time landing in full guard. Kajic looks to get back to his feet but Inkumsah climbs onto his back and holds him down and sinks in the rear naked choke. Kajic is able to defend for a brief moment but is ultimately forced to tap out ending Inkumsah’s three fight losing streak.
Paapa Inkumsah defeats Dajan Kajic via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 1, 2:23

Levi Kump vs. Matt Trudeau
The two debuting fighters feel each other out to open the bout with both looking to find their range. Kump lands a few jabs followed by a front kick. Kump lands a leg kick before a lull in the action. Kump lands another pair of leg kicks which prompts Trudeau to tie up against the cage and muscle Kump to the mat. Trudeau lands in side control and begins to land solid elbows. Trudeau pins Kump’s arms in a crucifix position before continuing to drive vicious elbows in the head of Kump. Referee Andy Social is forced to call a halt to the bout after Kump absorbs countless elbows giving Trudeau the highlight victory as Kump emerges from the mat a bloody mess from two separate gashes in his forehead.
Matt Trudeau defeats Levi Kump via TKO (Elbows) in Round 1, 3:56

18 Responses to “ Aggression MMA 7: Recap ”

  1. mymmaopinion says:

    Ford sure landed a lot of “big” shots: big jab, big right, big combo. Someone gets this Cody guy a thesaurus. And I’m curious if AMMA was using that shitty old ring they have used before or the cage from their last event? Either way sounds like it was a shit show for the fans and fighters having to wait for the floor to be fixed on multiple occasions. As has been the case with several of their events this far AMMA needs to improve their production if they hope to compete with the more successful shows in Canada.

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    Wow… After rereading that I did use “big” a helluva lot! Lol, I will take your comment into consideration during my next recap… In my defense it was about 430 in the morning when I was writing this up! A BIG thanks to you for pointing this out to me!

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    …and it was the cage they used in their Score Fighting Series event last time out at Aggression 6!

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  4. Mike says:

    Cage kept falling apart and was unsafe for the fighters. I was very disappointed with the show. Not 1 video screen, unsafe ring, late start again, tiny venue, and they still want $60 for a ga ticket. Still I must congratulate the fighters doing their thing.

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  5. Ron Anderson says:

    Sounds like a shitty night for the fighters, to bad for Luke man is a beast hopefully he will be able to sign with the MFC soon.

    MFC last night was awesome, I was a lil disapointed with spratt and davis tho thought they would bang more but it was a great card for the most part. My good friend Sheldon pulled it off dominating Denny!

    I stated before I would never attend another AMMA card worst cards ive ever attended and hearing this just puts the nail in their coffin for me.

    Congrats to Ford tho hes getting some big wins hopefully he signs with a better org soon so I can watch him fight again.

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  6. Jarvis says:

    Sounds like Ford dominated. If he wants in UFC he has to beat Mein.

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  7. BigBoi says:

    Jarvis I hope you aren’t giving out career advice outside of online.

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  8. i_love_beans says:

    Ryan and Zaromskis would be fun!!

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  9. Jarvis says:

    I am actually. Im a life coach. Ford vs Zaromkis would be fun fight.

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  10. ryan farse says:

    MFC killed Aggression last night.

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  11. BigBoi says:

    please see my breakdown of Ryan on a past topic. he’s good but there is a reason he’s not in the ufc.

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  12. ryan farse says:

    Ford is a good local fighter but anytime he steps up against anyone that isn’t semi retired or half way out of the nut house he has never done well. Jordan Mein would beat him very easy, Dhiego Lima would beat him, and Clements from London would beat him as well.

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  13. Tellitlikeitis says:

    Sad when Pavelich has to come up with twenty different screen names, cap on himself and hint at wanting Ford to come back just to post on here.

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  14. ares says:

    k i never come on here and make excuses if i loose or talk shit but here goes… Elmer this isnt about you, your the toughest guy i know and hell of a fight but…. in the first 2 round i dropped elmer twice and had 4 take downs and he had none. now i dislocated my right ankle when we both went for heel hooks and i sprained my left ankle IN THAT HOLE IN THE CAGE THAT NO ONE BELEIVED ME ABOUT BUT ALL OF A SUDDEN LUKES FIGHT STARTS AND PEOPLE ALL OF A SUDDEN BELEIVE THERE IS A HOLE IN THE CAGE FLOOR. so the third round elmer won hands down i was flat footed and couldnt move. BUT HOW THE FUCK DOES A JUDGE SCORE THE FIGHT 30-27?? WHERE U NOT WATCHING THE FUCKING FIGHT?? I DROPPED HIM TWICE AND HAD 4 TAKEDOWNS TO HIS 0…. Fair warning to my next oppoenent.. apparently the judges are fucked so i will finish you…. i promise u that

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  15. Mike Davis says:

    In my opinion its all the fighters right where the cage gave out be allowed to fight the result if it had effect in there fight. I know I know not the best way to approach it but for a guy like Gorny where he did go in it which I did see myself before ref even had a clue about it. But also Nick H should be allowed to protest the result of the fight cause it had a clear effect in the fight as he kept stepping in it and I would think this is fair.

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  16. Cody Rempel says:

    Upon re-reading my recap of the Gorny/Waterhen fight I could definitely see how Gorny could have won the 1st and 2nd… for whatever reason I gave it to Elmer while I was watching the fight, I definitely not a judge and I’ll have to watch the fight again if possible! Very tough fight to score!

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  17. Cody Rempel says:

    Mike… I saw you across the cage, how did you score the Gorny/Waterhen fight?

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  18. maybeso says:

    Andy Social – should not be allowed to referee! Use Vern or the old John, but really no-clue Andy?

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