MFC 30 Play-by-Play – Davis, Cobb Victorious


Top MMA News was at the Mayfield Inn for Maximum Fighting Championship 30.  Come by this weekend for our photo gallery of the event.

Andreas Spang was awarded Submission of the night while Mukai Maromo was awarded Knockout of the night.

Brian Cobb vs. Drew Fickett
Round 1: Cobb starts off by landing a few leg strikes and is keeping Drew at bay. Cobb throws a hard head kick and Drew defends and shoots for a takedown. Cobb stands up. Cobb lands a hard left to Drew’s jaw. Drew takes Cobb’s back and Cobb tries to spike Drew’s head into the canvas but Drew absorbs the blow with his shoulder and holds position on Cobb’s back. Drew locks in a body triangle. Cobb is landing really hard elbows to Drew’s thigh. Cobb starts stomping Drew’s ankle. Drew is still controlling Cobb and is trying to lock in a rear naked choke. Drew switches to a neck crank but Cobb shucks it off. Drew is getting real close to submitting Cobb by switching between the RNC and neck crank attempts. Cobb turns into Drew’s guard and starts reigning down hard rights! Drew stops defending the rights as well and the referee stops the fight. I think the ropes made the strikes look worse than they were but Drew wasn’t defending them.
Brian Cobb defeats Drew Fickett by TKO(strikes) in Round 1, 4:44

Pete Spratt vs. Marcus Davis
Round 1: The fighters circle with Pete Spratt controlling the centre of the ring. Marcus is looking very light on his feet but Spratt is showing a lot of speed as well. Marcus comes in with a jab overhand right combination but narrowly misses. Davis lands with a leg kick jab combo. The fighters clinch and separate. Davis narrowly misses a knee to Spratt’s head. Davis lands a huge overhand left but Spratt seems unfazed. The fighters clinch and Spratt lands a knee to Marcus’ midsection and Davis again narrowly misses a knee to Pete’s head. Sprat lands a crushing body shot and Davis finally lands that knee flush to Spratt’s jaw. Spratt throws a hard high kick but Davis defends. The fighters are picking up the pace and exchanging a lot of strikes. A small cut opened up underneath Spratt’s eye. Davis lands a hard knee to Spratt’s body and the fighters clinch and separate. They clinch and separate again and Sprat lands a hard body shot. Davis shoots in for a takedown near the end of the round but Spratt defends. This was a very close round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Marcus Davis

Round 2: Spratt is pressuring Davis a little and controlling the centre of the ring but neither fighter is throwing down. Pete lands a hard leg kick but slips and Davis jumps into his guard. Spratt tries to get up and Davis jumps on his back then pushes him away. Spratt narrowly misses a right hand to Davis head. Davis is stalking Spratt now. Davis locks Spratt up in the corner and lands a hard knee to the face. Spratt moves out of the corner and the fighters break. Spratt throws another hard leg kick but Davis catches it and takes Davis down. Davis is keeping busy landing short shots to the body and head from Spratt’s guard. Spratt tries to control Davis’ posture and Davis moves into half guard. Spratt stands up. Davis counters a kick to the body with a hard left to Spratt’s face and then takes Spratt down again. Davis moves to half mount and focus’ on controlling Pete. This was another very close round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Marcus Davis

Round 3: Marcus grazes Spratt with a left and Spratt slips. Marcus is pushing the pace but both fighters are landing. Marcus presses Spratt into the corner but Spratt pushes back and takes Marcus’ back. Davis stands up immediately, turns and pummels for under hooks. The fighters separate again and Spratt lands a two hard lefts. Spratt’s nose is bleeding. Spratt lands another hard right. Spratt lands a hard jab to Davis face and Davis charges in and clinches up with Spratt. Davis tries to get Spratt’s back but Spratt turns him. Spratt’s size advantage is evident in the clinch. Spratt’s strikes are really showing on Davis’ face now. Davis counters a Spratt’s body kick with a hard left. Again, this is a tough round to call.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Pete Spratt
Marcus Davis Wins by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Thomas Denny vs. Sheldon Westcott
Round 1: Sheldon comes out swinging and the fighters clinch against the ropes. Sheldon gets the takedown and lands in half mount. Sheldon is looking to pass but Denny is defending well. Sheldon is trying to lock in a head and arm choke from half guard but can’t. Sheldon pins one of Denny’s arms and is now going for a guillotine from half guard. Sheldon passes to side control and starts reigning down elbows. Sheldon is landing a lot of right hands as Thomas recovers half guard. Sheldon is threatening a guillotine and he uses it to pass to side control again. Thomas turtles Sheldon lands a few strikes to the back of Denny’s head. The referee calls time. Sheldon is warned and the fight resumes. Denny comes out of the neutral corner aggressively and Sheldon clinches and starts landing a lot of knees to the body. Sheldon gets a huge slam and lands in side control. Sheldon starts landing a number of strikes and Denny asks Sheldon to watch the back of the head. Denny reverses Sheldon and the round ends with Thomas on top.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Sheldon Westcott

Round 2: Sheldon lands a hard jab to the body and Thomas returns the favor with a superman punch and a shot to the body of his own. The fighters clinch and Denny pulls guard with a guillotine which isn’t very tight. Sheldon passes to side control. Denny recovers half guard. Sheldon is working to pass but Denny has a really great defense. The crowd is chanting Westcott, Westcott, Westcott. Sheldon passes to mount and lands a few hard elbows before Denny recovers half guard. Sheldon is working for a guillotine from half guard again but Denny is defending well. Sheldon is working hard to pass. He locks in an arm triangle from half guard but it’s not tight enough for him to use it to pass.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Sheldon Westcott

Round 3: Both fighters appear fresh and ready to go. Denny leads with a leg kick and Sheldon misses with a counter right hand. Sheldon shoots for a takedown drags him down. Westcott moves directly to side control. The referee stops the fight and takes a point away for strikes to the back of the head.

Restart. Denny lands a hard right hand and Sheldon lands a hard right of his own. Sheldon land two moreright hooks and Denny is dazed. Sheldon takes him down into side control but Denny recovers. Denny reverses Sheldon are gets top position but Sheldon sinks in a guillotine and Denny roles to defend. Sheldon switches from mounted guillotine to an arm triangle and moves to side control. The arm triangle is tight but Sheldon can’t put Denny to sleep. Denny recovers half guard and tries to stand up but Sheldon keeps top position.
Top MMA News scores the round 9-9 (Westcott was docked one point)
Sheldon Westcott Wins by Unanimous Decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27)

Jamie Toney vs. Dhiego Lima
Round 1: The fighters don’t touch gloves. Jamie lands a hard leg kick. Both fighters are showing good movement and Jamie lands another hard leg kick. Jamie comes in with a hard right hand but Dhiego defends. The fighters clinch and Jamie shucks Dhiego off. Lima is looking a little tentative and Jamie lands a right land then another leg kick. Jamie is landing a lot of unanswered strikes but no combinations. The fighters clinch and Lima presses Jamie against the cage. A hematoma is forming on Jamie’s head. It might have been from a head-butt. The fighters separate and Lima lands a crushing right hand. Lima is pounding Jamie from side control and the referee steps in to end the fight.
Dhiego Lima defeats Jamie Toney by TKO in Round 1, 2:47

Robert Washington vs. Curtis Demarce
Round 1: Roberts shoots in immediately after touching gloves but Curtis defends. Robert shoots again and Curtis eats a left hand. Robert pins Curtis against the corner and starts landing right hooks to the body and knees to the thighs. Referee separates the fighters and the pace slows down a little. Robert is moving in with long range jabs to the body and is avoiding Curtis’s offense with great in and out movement. Curtis moves in with a combination and Robert shoots in for a single leg. Curtis defends and turns Robert into the ropes. Curtis is doing damage with his knees. Robert turns Curtis and Curtis turns Robert back. Now Curtis is pinning Robert against the ropes near the corner. Curtis lands a hard knee and the fighters separate. Curtis looks like he is finding his rhythm just as Robert shoots in for a double leg and gets the takedown. From half mount Robert starts dropping short elbows and body shots as the round comes to a close.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Robert Washington.

Round 2: Fighters touch gloves again. But this time Robert is tentative. Curtis drops Robert with a huge right hand but lets him stand up again. Curtis lands a hard knee to the body and is stalking Robert now. Robert shoots again but Curtis easily defends and pins Robert again the ropes. Robert explodes off the cage and Curtis lands a huge uppercut as they separate. Curtis is stalking Robert again and Robert gets a huge takedown slamming Curtis to the grounds. Curtis is landing hard elbows to Robert’s ear from the bottom. Robert lands a few forearm strikes but Curtis is controlling his posture from guard. Curtis is trying to set up an arm bar. Robert stands up and Curtis lands an up kick. Robert drops back down into half mount. Robert closes the round by landing a few body shots and forearm strikes from half mount.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Curtis Demarce

Round 3: The fighters look totally fresh as they circle each other. Curtis swings hard with a right that narrowly misses Robert. Curtis is throwing everything into his strikes. Robert ducks a right hand by Curtis and shoots. Robert pins Curtis against the ropes but Curtis turns Robert into the corner. Curtis is kneeing Robert in the leg as the fighters pummel for underhooks. Robert turns Curtis into the corner and is working hard for a double leg. Robert gets the takedown and lands in Curtis’ half guard. The fighters are tangled in the ropes so the referee restarts the fighters in the center of the ring. Curtis almost stands up from half guard but Robert is controlling him well. Curtis recovers guard and attempts a triangle. He doesn’t get close with it though. Curtis stands up and Robert gets the takedown again into half mount. Curtis is landing elbows from the bottom and stands up again. Curtis is working hard to engage Robert in the remaining seconds of the round but Robert retreats. This is a tough round to score. Robert controlled position but didn’t do much with it.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Curtis Demarce
Curtis Demarce defeats Robert Washington by Split Decision

Andreas Spang vs. Cody Krahn
Round 1: Both fighters look very relaxed. Cody shoots in for a takedown and Andreas locks in a tight guillotine on the way down. Cody gives Andreas mount attempting to escape the guillotine by rolling. Cody explodes from the bottom and rolls Andreas escaping the guillotine. Cody stands and slams Andreas down but falls again into another guillotine. This time Cody is forced to tap.
Andreas Spang submits Cody Krahn by Guillotine Choke in Round 1, 1:18

Scott Cleve vs. Mukai Maromo
Round 1: Fighters start slow. They feel each other out standing just out of the pocket and measure distance. Mukai starts things off with a crushing leg kick. The fighters circle and Mukai drops Scott with a left jab and the referee moves in instantly to stop the fight.
Mukai Maromo defeats Scott Cleve by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 0:36

Garret Nybakken vs. Jevon Marshall
Round 1: Jevon leads with a leg kick to open things up. The fighters scramble and Garrett drops Jevon with a huge left hand. The referee moves in instantly and stops the fight. It was a tough call for the referee, the stoppage may have been a bit premature.
Garret Nybakken defeats Jevon Marshall by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 0:16


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  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Dhiego Lima is the real deal!

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  2. i_love_beans says:

    Yeah these Lima bros have the swagger of champions…Dhiego might be scarier than douglas. But both have that pedigree of a champ

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  3. Dean Panas says:

    I have to give props to Sheldon Westcott. I know he wanted to keep it quiet before the fight, but he was involved in a car accident about 9 days before his fight with Thomas Denny. Sheldon didn’t want anyone knowing about it prior to the fight in case he lost because he thought people would think he was using it as an excuse. I saw his vehicle and I knew he wasn’t 100% going in and I wuold be lying if i didn’t say I had my concerns.
    I talked to him today and asked him if I could share the news and Sheldon said it was fine. Just wanted to again say how proud I am of Sheldon and he showed a lot of balls by going through with the fight!! We always hear when guys pull out of fights….but we don’t always know when guys put on for the fans when they aren’t 100%. My hat is off to you Mr. Westcott!!

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