Aggression MMA 7: Weigh In Results


Aggression MMA LogoAggression MMA LogoAggression MMA held the weigh in for their 7th event entitled “Confrontation” today at West Edmonton Mall’s New Cap Stage. A few changes to the lineup to announce as Myles Merola dropped out of his fight against Shane Campbell and the matchmakers were unable to secure a replacement on short notice, also Matt Trudeau steps in to take on highly touted Muay Thai specialist Levi Kump after Mark Marusz withdrew for undisclosed reasons.

All fighters including Main event competitors Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford and Nick “The Juggernaut” Hinchliffe and co-main event combatants Luke Harris and Bellator veteran John Troyer made weight comfortably and all fights will go on as scheduled.

Weigh In Results:

170lbs – Ryan Ford (169.8) vs. Nick Hinchliffe (170)
185lbs – Luke Harris (185.8) vs. John Troyer (185.4)
185lbs – Jason Gorny (184.6) vs. Elmer Waterhen (185.4)
155lbs – Steve Beaumont (155.2) vs. James Haddad (156)
170lbs – Rio Wells (169.4) vs. Mark Burns (170.4)
150lbs – Mark Sawka (149.8) vs. James Edwards (148.4)
170lbs – Paapa Inkumsah (169.8) vs. Dajan Kajic (170.4)
145lbs – Levi Kump (143.6) vs. Matt Trudeau (144.2)

15 Responses to “ Aggression MMA 7: Weigh In Results ”

  1. Jero says:

    Go Elmer!!! – win or lose, love to watch him fight!

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  2. jaman says:

    Crap card other then the main

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  3. ccanadx says:

    elmer waterhen must have a high pain threshold after seeing him lose to jason heit.

    Yes, i respect him and my comment is meant as a compliment– nice guy i understand– good luck

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    I would have to disagree Jaman…

    Harris/Troyer – Probably one of the best submission artists in Canada who has a great shot at getting to the UFC taking on a Bellator veteran!

    Gorny/Waterhen – Two guys with not the flashiest records but they always put on a helluva fight, Waterhen will fight anyone and Gorny has 5 FOTN’s to his name!

    Beaumont/Haddad – Two undefeated prospects, Steve has looked explosive in his last two bouts, don’t know much about Haddad but at 3-0 he’s gotta have some skill

    Wells/Burns – Wells has also looked very exciting, finishing all four of his wins by strikes. Burns had a hard fought victory in his debut fight.

    The rest of the card is solid as well including the debut of former Muay Thai champion Levi Kump… any true fan of MMA can see the value of this card!

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  5. Dean Panas says:

    Wells and Burns is my sleeper pick for fight of the night.

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  6. Big Jake says:

    I like Cody’s post…good insight.

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  7. Robin Black says:

    I agree with Big Man and Cody.

    Also Elmer is a warrior and has never been involved in a boring contest.

    Good luck to all the fighters tonight. Hope everyone enjoys their work. Have fun everyone.

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  8. Leading Edge says:

    Props to Matt Trudeau for stepping up last minute to face Kump. Matt`s a beast on the mat and a great person as well.Best of luck tonight Matt!!!

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  9. Phil Baroni says:

    lets go hinge-cliff

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  10. mymmaopinion says:

    It’s not necessarily a crap card by any means, but the only fight with name recognition is indeed the main event, and Harris IS great but I suspect that he is facing an over-matched opponent yet again, and its a major loss not having “Shaolin” on the card anymore. Compared with the SFS and MFC events tonight it is hard to push this card, and all the people Cody sighted are really only of interest to fans in Alberta, those guys are a long way from broader name recognition across the country and beyond, which is what the other two cards tonight offer in ample amounts.

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  11. James Petryk says:

    I have to say I disagree with the people that say this is a bad card. I haven’t gone to a local show in a few months as I am rarely inspired to sit next to a thousand drunk idiots pretending they know what they’re talking about, but I was pretty excited about this card and it has nothing to do with the Ford fight. I will admit that I am disappointed that Robbie Merrill and Shaolin fights are off, but anyone that actually trains in BJJ, Kickboxing/Muay Thai, or MMA in Edmonton knows who these fighters are. I don’t want to see two idiots with less than 6 months training slapping each other and pretending they know jits because they catch someone in a horribly-executed guillotine simply because the other person doesn’t know basic self defense despite the fact they feel they are ready to fight “professionally”.

    Levi Kump is vicious striker and will be taking part in a classic striker vs. grappler contest that will test his opponent’s ability to take limbs to the face while he tries to get Levi to the mat (and keep in there). Someone is getting finished and it will be with actual skill.

    Rio Wells is a crazy athlete and is enjoyable to watch.

    Waterhen is entertaining, which everyone seems to agree.

    And even if Harris is in another easy fight, at least his subs are often a thing of beauty, something rare in MMA for reasons mentioned above.

    In addition, even though I’m disappointed a couple of the fights fell through (again, for reasons only the true local fans and fighters would know why they would be fun to watch), at least my time sitting with aforementioned foil tshirt-wearing loud retards is kept to a minimum, I’m still gonna be able to go out with buddies after, and we’re gonna see some cool finishes and some real skill in the meantime.

    As I said, I haven’t gone to a local fight card in a while, but this one I was certainly inspired to go.

    Great job Aggression!

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  12. Johnny B says:

    Are u guys kidding me !!! who has harris fought and submitted ? and who is he really a brown belt under? holonda ?? how many hours has he trained under him? and no offence to Gorny or Waterhen but this is a glorified bar fight!!!

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  13. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Harris lived in Brazil for an extended period and for a few years (3?) in Montreal and has always been under the BTT/BTT Canada. Getting his start under the instruction of of Murilo Bustamante, Mario Sperry, and Fabio Holanda.

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  14. WAR WATERHEN!!!!!

    Elmer is a great guy and one tough mother F%$#@!!!

    Elmer was my first guy I trained with when I started getting involved. Good luck Elmer!!

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  15. Johnny B says:

    Thank you Bobby !!! just clarifying !! Really think he is a good prospect!

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