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On June 10 at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga, Ontario arguably the best MMA card outside of UFC 129 will hit Canada. Stacked from top to bottom with top 10 Canadian talent from all over the country, the Score Fighting Series looks to make a huge splash on the Canadian MMA. Not to be overlooked, the undercard features some of the top up and comers in Canada that will produce some exciting fights. That being said the main card will garner the most attention and as so Top MMA News has seen fit to break down the top 5 fights.  Tickets are still available for the event from Ticketmaster.

Here is the breakdown:

Jordan Mein (21-7) vs. Marius Zaromskis (14-5)
This fight is tailored made to get Mein a UFC call. Mein is 8-2 in his last 10 fights and is currently riding high with a 4 fight win streak. Zaromskis, on the other hand, is 6-3-1 in his last 10, but is only 1-2-1 in his last 4. This battle comes down to how each fighter implements their game plan. Zaromskis may have the advantage in the stand up department but as of late has shown his weakness when his foe put him on his heels and presses forward with their attack. Mein obviously possesses the grappling advantage and is no slouch when it comes to throwing down on his feet. Mein likes to start quick and keep the pressure on every second of every minute. Expect Mein to test the waters with his feet and fists and as soon as he feels he has the upper hand, take the fight to the mat. Mein will have the strength and size advantage which he’ll use to pressure Zaromskis against the cage and work the double leg take down. This fight won’t see the third round as Mein will start taking Zaromskis down at will and come the second stanza will finish off the Dream Welterweight champion with ground and pound late in the second round.
Prediction: Mein via Rd2 TKO

Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou (11-8) vs. Roy Boughton (5-1)
This Light-Heavyweight battle will come down to conditioning or, more importantly, Sokoudjou’s lack of said gas tank. Boughton has been impressive as of late, especially dominating fights in which he’s seen as the underdog. Sokoudjou’s big KO over Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and Ricardo Arona are now a distant memory and he’s traded wins and loses since. If Sokoudjou can’t land his feared fists in the first 3 minutes, this fight will be all Boughton. Boughton’s speed will also play a huge factor as he’ll be able to keep distance between himself and Sokoudjou for the first round, then use that same speed to close the distance in the later rounds and take the tired UFC veteran to the canvas. Boughton possesses all the attributes to control Sokoudjou on the mat and place himself in a position for the arm bar or arm triangle victory.
Prediction: Boughton via Rd2 Submission

Joe Doerksen (46-15) vs. Luigi Fioravanti (22-9)
This bout features two grizzled hard nosed UFC veterans and is a great bit of match making. Both men are looking to return to the spotlight and a win for either would propel them back into relevancy. To pick a winner in this one, you must look at the competition they have faced. After doing so, you’ll notice that Fioravanti seems to lose to high level fighters while Doerksen’s losses seem only to come from an even higher level of competition and that will be Fioravanti’s downfall. As mentioned above, both men have a hard nosed style and that should prove to make this an entertaining affair. Expect both men to feel each other out on the feet in the first and use their grappling pedigree while the match wears on. Doerksen’s takedown defense has never been top notch, but his strength advantage should nullify Fioravanti’s takedowns and allow El Dirte to implement his game plan. Doerksen will use trips and throws against cage to take Fioravanti down to the mat. Once there, Doerksen will use ground and pound and control to win the last two rounds and take home a unanimous decision victory.
Prediction: Doerksen via Unanimous Decision

Antonio Carvalho (12-4) vs. Douglas Evans (13-8)
Finally after a nearly two year lay off due to injuries we get to see Carvalho take on top competition. Carvalho at one point in time was considered to be one of the world’s top Featherweights with wins over Takeshi Inoue and Hatsu Hioki. Evans, a grizzled Alaskan and UFC veteran, has never been able to topple any top competitors, even having a tough time with Canadians losing to the likes of Mark Bocek, Thierry Quenneville and Kajan Johnson. Whether on the feet or on the mat, Carvalho has the advantage everywhere. Considering Carvalho’s last two fights expect Pato to focus on his stand up and really pepper Evans with his jab. Carvalho will use his footwork and reach advantage to frustrate Evans early and look for a head kick to finish off Evans in the first when he starts looking for the take down.
Prediction: Carvalho via Rd1 KO

Adrian Wooley (7-1) vs. Nick Mamalis (16-7)
Mamalis is definitely the more well rounded of the two athletes but Wooley is far and above in the wrestling department and that could prove to be enough in this fight. Mamalis big advantage is his sneaky submissions but with Wooley’s compact frame it’s almost impossible to submit the Bully. Mamalis will try and use his height and reach advantage to keep Wooley at a distance and avoid the takedowns. But when the Bully shoots, it doesn’t matter how long and tall you are, you’re going down. Expect Mamalis to frustrate Wooley in the first stanza with his jab after that it will be all Wooley. Wooley will get the take downs and his gas tank will keep him going at 100% speed for all 15 minutes and he’ll pick up the unanimous decision victory.
Prediction: Wooley via Unanimous Decision

15 Responses to “ Top MMA News Breaks Down the Score Fighting Series ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Zaromskis by 3rd round TKO
    Soko by 1st round TKO
    Doerksen by UD
    Carvalho 1st round TKO
    Wooley by UD

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  2. Jarvis says:

    Cmon picked all the Canadians. Biased much?

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  3. busted nut says:

    pretty sure soko is not canadian

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  4. i_love_beans says:

    Im pretty Zaromskis isn’t canadian as well

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  5. What are your picks Jarvis?

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  6. BigBoi says:

    1. Win or Lose this is a great fight for Mein. He gets to show that he can step up against a well prepared fighter who has fought at an elite level and is still near to their prime. Zaromskis is, imo, just a bit much for Jordan at this stage. It’s true Jordan likes to start fast but Marius’ strength has been in KO’ing fast starters. Marius TKO rnd 1.

    2. Soudoku should never be underestimated. His loses (for the most part) have come at the hands of MMA elite and he has also taken out MMA elite. Boughton’s biggest win was over Misha and frankly I remember him not looking so hot in the first round of that fight. Sudoku TKO rnd 1.

    3. I like the Dirty One but this ain’t his fight. Look for Luigi to hunt the takedown early and often. This fight will be won on the ground and as good as Jeremy Horn is I just don’t see Luigi losing down there. Fiorvantiani via Sub rnd 2.

    4. Carvalho is the best fighter most people have never heard of and Evans is much better than people give him credit for. I don’t disagree with the call of head kick KO (watch his fight with Takeshi to see that kick in action). However I think Carvalho will take a round to warm up before he starts sniping for the head. Carvalho TKO rnd 2.

    5. Wooley (from what I’ve heard) wants to end this fight and make a statement. You can’t stop his shot. Period. End of discussion. He could walk across the room and tell you he’s going to shoot from the other side of the room and give you a half hour to prepare and you still won’t stop the shot. Once on top he’s going to move quickly to a control position and it will look like a gorilla on a set of bongos. Wooley TKO (ref stoppage) rnd 2.

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  7. Jarvis says:

    i love beans, im pretty sure he picked Mein not Zaramkos. So nobody said Zaramokis was Canadian. Think before you post please.

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  8. Jarvis says:

    Wilson picking Mein over Zaramkis was just a biased pick is all im saying. No way Mein wins that fight.

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  9. Remz says:

    When are the weigh ins?

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  10. Stenson Stark says:

    Roy’s biggest win was his demolishing of Ninja Rua.

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  11. BigBoi says:

    No it wasn’t. Ninja hasn’t been ‘competitive’ since he beat Smokin’ Joe back in ’07. The fight showed Roy has the mental toughness to go up against an experienced opponent. Let’s also remember that Roy blew weight by 5+ pounds for that fight and had a significant weight advantage. Ninja is a bloated Welterweight.

    His fight with Misha was his most decisive win.

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  12. i_love_beans says:

    haha ok Jarvis I will never post again, because it requires thought to do so. I should have known after reading your comment, which I obviously thought was in response to BK. Reading some of your other comments on this site, I basically just wanted to get at ya troll..

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  13. Stenson Stark says:

    Big Boi

    I agree and disagree with you. While his most impressive win was beating Misha I think that the biggest win of his career was against Ninja. I agree that Ninja is washed up but name wise it got Boughton the exposure he needed.

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  14. Robin Black says:

    Boughton is a strange kid. Supercool but a different dude.

    His no-pressure view of the world is as great an asset as his slick skills.

    Very very interesting fight.

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  15. BigBoi says:

    Stenson, That’s why I commented on the ‘mental toughness’ of facing an opponent like Ninja. Not a huge win from a skill standpoint though.

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