MFC 30: Unplugged Press Conference


The Maximum Fighting Championship held their MFC 30: Unplugged – Up Close and Personal press conference at the Mayfield Inn today. Scott Zerr started the press conference off by introducing Mukai Maromo, Thomas Denny, Pete Spratt, Drew Fickett, Sheldon Westcott, Marcus Davis, and Brian Cobb.

Here are some key points made earlier this afternoon…

Mark Pavelich:

  • easy to get excited with these types of fighters in organization
  • after Caesar’s couldn’t wait to come back home and do show in Edmonton and penciled in fight card on flight home
  • “not what I want anymore, it’s what the fans want”
  • “I guarantee this will be the most exciting, prolific fight card in 11 years”

Dave Pavelich:

  • Start night off with a rubber match between Garret Nybakken and Jevon Marshall to settle once and for all after splitting two previous fights – start an unreal fight card off with a bang.
  • MFC debut of Mukai Maromo who is a stud, has unbelievable stand up, extreme intensity and comes to knock people out.
  • K1 veteran Andreas Sprang likes to throw down and takes on Cody Krahn (10-3) in Krahn’s MFC debut. Both guys need the win to stay in MFC
  • Curtis Demarce is the most extreme fighter in MFC, takes people down, beats people up, and he always comes to fight win or lose.
  • Jamie Toney (15-5) – Bas Rutten’s number 1 guy – comes to bang, and is facing up and comer Dhiego Lima (5-0). Has Fight of the Night written all over it and may just be overshadowed by other fights.
  • Thomas Denny fighting hometown hero Sheldon Westcott – first fight ended in controversial draw, going head to head and find out real winner.
  • Marcus Davis has extreme standup skills, world class boxer, 10 times Fight of the Night winner vs Pete Spratt. This is a rematch years in the making.
  • MFC holds the key to best lightweight in the world. Fickett beats guys at 170lbs and 155lbs (notable wins over Koscheck and Florian), he takes people out. Fickett faces top 20 ranked Brian Cobb who is looking to finish Fickett off and become #1 contender for the lightweight belt.

From the fighters:

  • Mukai Maromo: “[Pete Spratt] was one of my idols growing up… it’s a big deal sitting up here with guys like Pete Spratt and Drew Fickett…”
  • Thomas Denny: “so sick and tired of talking about this last fight, that fight is over, we’re both losers… this is going to be a great fight.”
  • Sheldon Westcott: “my last fight was probably the worst performance I’ve ever had in MMA, so if he’s trying to gauge my skills on the last fight, he’ll have some real trouble come Friday night.”
  • Pete Spratt: “I feel good, I feel great. This is one of the first times going into a fight I don’t have any animosity towards the guy… Davis is going to be a good challenge.”
  • Marcus Davis: “I don’t even think about our last fight – we’re not the same guys… we’ve added things, we’ve subtracted things… that fight really means nothing going into this one… we’re going to show up and we both really take it to heart to entertain.”
  • Brian Cobb: “Rankings don’t win fights, fighters win fights… if I want to be the best in world I have to fight guys like Drew Fickett.”
  • Drew Fickett: “I take a lot of value in fighting the best fighters… Brian Cobb is one of the best fighters out there… I’m in the best shape of my life right now… I’m fighting for a lot more than just titles here, I’m fighting for my life.”

The fight between Jason Kuchera and Elliot Duff will not be taking place due to a recent injury suffered by Kuchera.

Tickets are available by calling 780-504-2024; if you’re not in the Edmonton area, you can watch the fights live on HDNet. Be sure to follow Top MMA News for weigh-in results, quick results, play by play and photos of MFC 30.

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