Ringside 11 Play-by-Play


3500-4000 fans packed Le Colisee to see NHL enforcer Donald Brashear’s debut in MMA and Patrick Cote’s continue on the road back to the UFC. They all left happy as both were victorious on this night.  Ringside MMA also crowned their inaugural Bantamweight champion in an exciting 135 pound matchup.

Top MMA News Awards:

  • Fight of the Night: Tommy Côté vs. Jérôme Martin
  • Submission of the Night: Keven Tremblay RNC on Maxime Léger
  • KO of the Night: Marcus Hicks comeback elbowing TKO of Yan Pellerin

Todd Brown vs. Patrick Côté
Rd1: As per his nickname, The Predator stalks Brown around the ring during the opening 60 seconds. Brown rushes in and presses Côté against the cage but Côté breaks free. Brown attempts a head kick that grazes Côté and again presses him up against the fence. Côté is landing leg kicks at will but not at full force mostly just grazing off Brown’s leg. Brown lands a solid left hook on Côté’s chin, but Côté just shakes it off.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Coté

Rd2: Côté lands a lunging right straight that floors Brown. Côté pounces on top of Brown and rains down the hammer fists. Côté takes side control and easily passes to mount, but Brown may have been baiting Côté as he quickly bucks Côté off and steals top position. Brown stands to deliver some punishment but Côté catches him with 2 heel kicks off his back that rattle Brown, who falls right back into Côté’s guard. Côté pushes Brown off with his legs and is able to work back to his feet. At the 10 second warning Brown shoots low at Côté’s legs who cartwheels over top of Brown and secures top position as the horn sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Coté

Rd3: Brown wastes no time and rushes in and pushes Côté up against the cage but Côté quickly escapes. Brown rushes in again but Côté side steps ala a matador. Côté throws a right straight as Brown throws a left leg kick, Côté catches the kick and brings Brown to the mat. Côté lands in side control and quickly looks for the far side kimura but Brown muscles out. Côté transitions to north south position and rains down knees to Brown’s shoulder and mid section. Côté takes side control and continues the knees to the body mixed with elbows to the gut. Côté grabs the arm and starts to work the near side kimura but can’t finish it before the horn sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Coté
Cote defeats Brown via Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)

Stéphane Pelletier vs. Dimitri Waardenburg
Rd1: Waardeburg starts off strong keeping the pressure on. Waardeburg doing a great job getting into the pocket landing his strikes and getting out before Pelletier can retaliate. Both men continue to exchange at center ring with Waardenburg continually being quicker on the draw. Pelletier lands a solid head kick, right cross combo. Waardenburg misses the spinning back fist but lands the high kick.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Waardenburg

Rd2: This round starts off even with both men throwing lots of quick jabs and teep kicks. Waardenburg throws a body kick, Pelletier catches it and slams Waardenburg to the mat. Waardenburg looks for the triangle but Pelletier retreats back to his feet. A big teep kick from Pelletier sends Waardenburg bouncing off the cage. Waardenburg misses with the spinning low kick, Pelletier drops down and scoops Waardenburg to the canvas. After a brief scramble on the ground where Pelletier almost has an arm bar, Waardenburg escapes. As Waardenburg is backing off, Pelletier lands a body kick that has Waardenburg grimacing in pain as the round ends. Waardenburg sits down in the ring still writhing in pain, the doctor comes in and calls the fight. Waardenburg seems to have injured his shoulder when Pelletier slammed him earlier in the round and the kick just pushed him past the pain threshold.
Pelletier defeats Waardenburg via TKO (injury) @ 5:00 of Rd2
***Pelletier captures the inaugural Ringside MMA Bantamweight title***

Donald Brashear vs. Mathieu Bergeron
Rd1: Brashear runs to center ring cracks Bergeron with a right hook.Bergeron falls to mat and wallows around like a water buffalo as Brashear continues his assault with hammer fists. The ref jumps in and stops this farce of a fight.
Brashear defeats Bergeron via TKO (hammer fists) @ :21 of Rd1

David Lafond vs. Kevin Morin
Rd1: Morin clips Lafond with right over hand that knocks him to the ground. Morin jumps on and unleashes a barrage of punches. Morin caught in Lafond’s half guard, makes him pay with short elbows. Morin stands and delivers some powerful punches while standing over top of his downed foe. Morin stands again and delivers the double axe handle smash ala Sakuraba. The fighters are back to their feet and end the round with a nice exchange with Lafond landing heavy on Morin’s chin.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Morin

Rd2: Lafond comes out circling while Morin paws out with single jabs. Morin shoots in for a double that is to powerful and allows Lafond to roll him and take top position. Both fighters back to their feet in the clinch exchanging knees to the body. Lafond gets a little to eager with his jab getting close to Morin who shoots in and ends the round with a takedown.
Top MMA News scores the round a 10-10 draw

Rd3: Lafond comes out and lands a thunderous leg kick. Morin shoots in and executes a take down but Lafond pops right back up. Morin again gets the take down but this time he’s able to keep Lafond down. Morin pushes Lafond up against the fence but does no damage. Lafond doing a good job off his back tying up Morin’s hands. As Lafond pushes Morin off with his feet, he’s able to crack Morin with a right hand off the scramble. Once again back to their and again Morin takes the fight to the mat. The round closes out with Morin on top doing very minimal damage.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Morin
Morin defeats Lafond via Unanimous Decision (29-28,29-28,29-28)

Marcus Hicks vs. Yan Pellerin
Rd1: Pellerin throws a big head kick, Hicks catches it and forces him to the mat. Pellerin gets back up quickly and unleashes a barrage of straights and uppercuts on a covered up Hicks. Pellerin continues to pressure Hicks against the fence and even lands a solid takedown. Hicks rolls and gives his back, Pellerin accepts the invite and unloads some heavy shots. Pellerin continues to hammer away on the turtled Hicks. Pellerin looks for the choke but hicks bucks him off and takes over top position as the round comes to a close.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Pellerin

Rd2: Hicks catches Pellerin with a leg kick that really rattles Pellerin. Both men appeared tired and seem content to lean on each other in the clinch. Pellerin is finally able to trip Hicks to the mat, but can’t get position as Hicks quickly reverses him and takes top position. Hicks starts off slow but eventually starts throwing elbows with vicious intentions that cause the ref to jump in and save a battered Pellerin.
Hicks defeats Pellerin via TKO (elbows) @ 3:40 of Rd2

Justin Doyon vs. Dany Laflamme
Rd1: A lot of leg kicks and posturing to start off this fight. Laflamme is able to land the early take down and secure side control. Laflamme quickly transitions to mount and unleashes a baker’s dozen of punches. Doyon turns to avoid the onslaught and Laflamme takes his back, but the hooks are tight enough and Doyon reverses. Back to their feet and Laflamme again takes the fight to the canvas but winds up in guard. Laflamme pushes Doyon up against the cage and rains down some serious elbows. When Laflamme postures up, Doyon regains half guard. Laflamme rides out the last 10 seconds on top.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Laflamme

Rd2: Once again more leg kicks and feinting start off this round. Laflamme is ducking low and looking for this odd overhand, he abandons that and presses Doyon up against the cage. Off the scramble from Laflamme’s take down attempt, Doyon gets position against the fence and delivers a few knees to Laflamme’s mid section. Laflamme reverses Doyon against the fence and is able to secure the take down. Doyon secures half guard and hold tight to Laflamme to avoid any strikes. Laflamme punches to the body and quickly passes to side control, but Doyon quickly regains half guard. Laflamme finishes off the round by delivering some serious elbows from the top.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Laflamme

Rd3: Another slow start to the round as both men expect the other to move forward. Laflamme pressures Doyon against the fence but Doyon secures a body lock and drags the fight to the mat. Doyon lands some punches from the top before getting swept by Laflamme. Again Laflamme passes to side control then transitions to mount. Doyon bucks him off but when he tries to escape to his feet, Laflamme wrestles him right back down. Laflamme again rides out the round on top.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Laflamme
Laflamme defeats Doyon via Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,29-28)

Maxime Léger vs. Keven Tremblay
Rd1: Tremblay comes out in an odd stance that sees him with his hands at his hips and bouncing around the ring. Tremblay lands to vicious body kicks but as he tries to escape Léger, he slips and Léger lands some solid elbows from top position. Tremblay recovers and is able to take Léger to the canvas and achieve side control. Léger tries to get up but is slammed back to the mat. Tremblay still in side control works Léger’s temple over with short elbows. Tremblay postures up to deliver some serious punches but Léger looks for the leg lock, gives up but regains half guard. Again Léger makes it to his feet only to be slammed back to the mat by Tremblay. Tremblay quickly passes to mount just as the horn sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Tremblay.

Rd2: Again Tremblay comes out in his odd stance, except this time he floors Léger with a side kick to the gut. Tremblay pounces on top but gets caught in half guard. Trembly passes back to side control and transitions to mount. Léger turns and Tremblay takes his back, rains down some punches and tries to lock up the rear naked choke. Léger fights it off and tries to make it back to his feet but again Tremblay slams him down to the floor. Tremblay quickly transitions to the back again, but this time locks in the rear naked choke and finally coaxes the tap out.
Tremblay submits Léger via Rear Naked Choke @ 3:32 of Rd2

Tommy Côté vs. Jérôme Martin
Rd1: Both fighters starting off a little tentative. Finally Matin initiates the clinch and presses Côté into the cage. The fighters separate and retake center ring. Martin lands a nice leg kick, Côté responds with a kick to the body and right overhand. Again Martin pushes Côté up against the fence. A standing elbow from Côté cuts Martin beside the left eye. Both fighters exchange head kicks but no lands cleanly. Côté lands a solid knee from clinch and stuffs a Martin takedown attempt right as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Côté

Rd2: Martin throws a flurry of punches that backs Côté up. Martin lands a nice superman punch that again backs Côté up. Côté responds with body kick combo that sends Martin across the ring. Côté attempts a double leg against the cage but Martin prevents the take down. Martin sneaks around and takes Côté’s back, Côté looks for the kimura against the takedown but Martin pulls out and secures top position. Martin let’s Côté back to his feet and the fighters continue their struggle against the cage. Martin secures a body lock and drags Côté to the ground. Côté shows great grappling ability and takes Martin’s back while on the bottom, Impressive!. Côté sweeps and takes top position, Martin turns and Côté grabs an arm just as the round comes to an end.
Top MMA News scores the round a 10-10 draw

Rd3: Martin comes out looking fresher and continues to attack Côté as he moves continually backwards. Martin brings Côté to the mat and works from inside his guard. Côté showing great hip movement catches Martin in an omoplata. Martin escapes and transitions from side control to mount. Côté turns, Martin does not sink in the hooks and Côté reverses to top position. Côté stands to deliver the punishment, but as Martin tries to stand up, Côté takes his back. Oddly Côté removes his hooks in favor of more powerful punches and Martin gets a reversal of his own. Martin rides out the final 5 seconds in Côté’s guard.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Martin
Martin defeats Cote via Split Decision (29-28,29-28,28-29)

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