Malott Talks Imperato Win & Fighting for Free


Top MMA News’ Derek Leblanc caught up with Mike Malott after his win at ECFP. Malott discusses his upset submission victory over Michael Imperato and he also surprises Top MMA News with his admission that he gave up his purse to fly Imperato into Trenton just to get an opponent.

8 Responses to “ Malott Talks Imperato Win & Fighting for Free ”

  1. Big respect for Mallot. There were comments on the site before the fight saying Imperato was padding his record by fighting Mallot. Now we find out, Mallot essentially paid for his opponent to fly out to Nova Scotia.

    How can you not like this kid?

    Congrats on the win.

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  2. smash says:

    This guy is the man.

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  3. Martin Blais says:

    Mike is a awesome fighter and a stand up guy!

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  4. Derek LeBlanc says:

    although my bad on the camera work

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  5. Mike Davis says:

    this guy deserves the ut most respect

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  6. Matt Frith says:

    Proud of you Mike! Excellent fight once again – Keep it up!

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  7. mike Kent says:

    Pretty hard to find a better story then this ! Although I am bias due to mike being my teamate ..
    Nobody gave mike a chance before this fight except for his team ! Anyone who trains with mallot never gave imperato a chance ! Look for mike to continue dropping jaws and ruining big names day ! Serious serious fighter that makes fighters two weight classes above him (me lol ) look silly daily :)

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  8. Mike imperato says:

    Ruining names? Don’t think so, I learned alot from this fight but I also stepped up a weight class with a weeks notice and mike still missed weight. I respect mike and would love to fight again since he won’t step up to fight my team mate at 155lbs

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