TUF 13: Lesnar vs Dos Santos – Ep. 10 – Semi-Finals


Today will be the semi-finals of The Ultimate Fighter 10. Tony Ferguson will also have to face the wrath of the house for his drunken comments to Charlie about his son.

Right away Tony apologizes to the team.  He said he was drunk and blacked out and had no idea what he was doing.  The team did not accept the apology.

Stripper Ramsey and Cope fight first.

Chris Cope vs Ramsey Nijem
R1. Ramsey rushes in to start things off and presses Cope against the fence. He lands a hard left hook in a combo and tries to take him down. Cope punches while Ramsey has him tied up. They break and Ramsey charges again with strikes and pushes Cope against the fence. Ramsey shoots a single and Cope keeps landing short strikes. Knees by Cope land. Cope still has back against cage but Nijem is not landing anything. Ref breaks them up. Nice jab by Cope. Nice jab by Nijem. Front kick by Nijem. Leg kick by Cope.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Cope

R2. Leg kick by Cope starts the round. Nijem charges in and gets Cope down. Cope quickly up and delivers another leg kick. Overhand by Ramsey hurts Cope and he throws another then pushes Cope to the cage. Big right by Nijem and he has Cope hurt. He continues to hurt Cope and Cope drops. Ref Mazagatti stops Nijem from inflicting more punishment. Nijem earns his place in the TUF Finale.
Ramsey Nijem defeats Chris Cope by TKO in Round 2

Chuck O’Neil vs Tony Ferguson
R1. Leg kick by Ferguson and its followed up by O’Neil kick and strikes. Looks like this will be a stand up fight. Leg kick by Ferguson and a high kick by O’Neil. Jab by Ferguson. O’Neil lands a straight right and a body kick. Right by Ferguson and a jab. Leg kick by Ferguson. The two exchange jabs. Inside leg kick by Chuck and he lands a combo. Another left right by Chuck scores. Exchange of leg kicks. Superman punch scores by Ferguson and that is the hardest punch of the fight so far. Leg kick by O’Neil. Nice jab by Ferguson and he bloodies O’Neil with a straight. Body kick caught by Ferguson but he lets O’Neil back to his feet. Leg kick by Ferguson and O’Neil responds. Body kick by O’Neil. Jab then a right by Ferguson ends the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Ferguson

R2. Tap gloves and a leg kick by O’Neil. Leg kick by Ferguson and he tags O’Neil with a right. Leg kick by Ferguson. Left hook lands by Ferguson. Jab by O’Neil after a leg kick. Big right by Tony though. Kick to the thigh by Tony but he eats a jab. Leg kick by Ferguson x 2. Jab rocks O’Neil’s head back and another. Tony’s standup is looking much sharper than O’Neil. Jab by Ferguson lands again. Ferguson has momentum and is giving it to O’Neil – leg kicks, jabs and the occasional right hook. Spinning back kick by O’Neil misses by a lot.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Ferguson

R3. Leg kick by Ferguson, jab and a right. Combination scores on Chuck and Ferguson is landing a slew of shots. Body shot by Ferguson and O’Neil looks reluctant to throw now. Leg kicks by Ferguson and O’Neil does land an uppercut. O’Neil gets rocked to the canvas by the left hook and Ferguson wants it back on the feet. Ferguson just picking him apart. Leg kick and a punch drops O’Neil and ref Dean stops the fight and Ferguson makes the TUF Finale.
Tony Ferguson defeats Chuck O’Neil by TKO in Round 3

Tony Ferguson vs Ramsey Nijem will be in the TUF Finale on Saturday.

At the end of the show, White talks to Lesnar and he pulls out of the June 11th show as previously reported. Carwin will take his spot.

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    Did you know that John Ramdeen did not watch fighting before season one of UF?

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    Nothing wrong with that. Glad he found it then because now we can listen to his great play by play.

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