Prestige FC II Weigh-In Photos


Mein vs Faircloth will headline Prestige II.

Steve Gartner was as Prestige FC’s weigh-ins at the Quality Hotel. Here are his pictures from the event:

5 Responses to “ Prestige FC II Weigh-In Photos ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    LMAO @ #36, I don’t think Faircloth was ready for the picture… that or he has the least intimidating staredowns ever!

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  2. That was purposeful. Faircloth is a comedian.

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  3. BigBoi says:

    Can I ask a small ‘formatting’ favor? It would help (for those not familiar with the faces of certain fighters) if TMN would label the photos by who’s in it. Thanks.

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  4. Jason says:

    BigBoi – we usually do… depends who sends them sometimes takes longer. I see these have been labeled?

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  5. BigBoi. Its a good point and I want to do this. With our usual photogs like Mike Fischl and Jason Bouwmeester, this happens automatically.

    When we use new guys, this is sometimes missed. I stupidly assumed Steve would magically know to do this, so I sat back and wrote down weights and not order of appearance on the scales.

    I updated most of them during the fights. However, two fights were cancelled and I do not know who is who in those pics.

    Keep site comments coming. Its how we improve.

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