Prestige FC II Play-by-Play – Mein Beats Faircloth


Fort McMurray had some MMA last night and Top MMA News just happened to be there. A knowledgeable crowd of an estimated 1500 fans attended the show and were entertained by some good fights put on by Prestige Fighting Championship. Unfortunately, the visitors took it to the home team and the Fort Mac boys were shut out on the night. Canadian MMA fans will be happy to hear that Ray Penny is back in the cage and made a successful return. Lee Mein took home a victory on his birthday over Ron Faircloth and UFC vet Mike Ciesnolevicz got his second consecutive Prestige FC win.

Top MMA News Awards:

  • Fight of the Night: Kenny Hamilton vs. Brandon Adamson. The two Lightweights put on an exciting two rounds.
  • KO of the Night: Brandon Adamson’s Head Kick KO over Hamilton topped off an exciting fight.
  • Submission of the Night: Kyle Nelson. In amateur actoin, Nelson was behind on the scorecards after dropping two rounds to Kyle Peterson before catching him in a Guillotine.

Lee Mein vs Ron Faircloth
R1. Ron Faircloth presses the action early and pushes Mein against the cage. Mein reverses but Faircloth lands a knee to Mein’s midsection. Left hook by Mein rocks Faircloth and he throws a couple more for good measure. Faircloth lands another knee to Mein’s stomach but Mein throws those bad intention hooks and one of those bombs drop Faircloth. Faircloth covers up but Mein lands some GNP and Big John stops it. Happy Birthday Lee Mein!
Lee Mein defeats Ron Faircloth by TKO (GNP) in Round 1, 1:11

Demian Decorah vs. Ray Penny
R1. Decorah rocks Penny right off the bat and Penny is stunned. He grabs onto Decorah who grabs his head and throws a knee. They break and Penny is bloodied. Dirty boxing by Decorah and some foot stomps and knees to the thigh as he presses Penny against the cage. Body shots by Decorah and Penny starts landing left and right hooks. Penny lands knees from the clinch and pushes Decorah against the cage. Big knee to the body by Penny. Penny shoots a single but Decorah stops it. Decorah keeping busier with body shots from the clinch and a couple knees. Decorah with the double leg takedown and lands in Penny’s half guard. Penny working the arm at the end when the bell rings.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Decorah
Bobby Karimi Busheri scores the round 10-9 Decorah

R2. Leg kick by Penny who charges forward. Penny with shots but walks into a right and a left that hurt him. Decorah ties him up against the cage and gets Penny to the canvas. Penny reverses with a kimura and gets back control. He ground and pounds from top and Decorah rolls over. Penny lands some hard knees to Decorah’s side. Penny still landing some shots but the two fighters appeared very tired. More GNP from back control and then hard knees to Decorah’s side. Decorah not trying to stand up and Penny gets some wind back and lands more shots. Decorah rolls Penny over onto his back, full mount and lands 2 hard shots.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Penny
Bobby Karimi-Busheri scores the round 10-9 Penny

R3. Penny goes to tap gloves and Decorah shakes it off. Hard leg kick by Penny. Straight left buckles Decorah’s knees. A few more leg kicks by Penny. More leg kicks by Penny as the action slows. Body kick by Penny and the two trade shots. Another leg kick to the front leg by Penny. Penny pushes Decorah against the cage. The two Heavyweights are very tired. Decorah now pushes Penny against the cage and the ref breaks them up. 10 seconds left and Decorah finishes hard, but I don’t think it will be enough.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Penny
Bobby Karimi-Busheri scores the round 10-9 Penny

Ray Penny defeats Demian Decorah by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29,29-28)

Kenny Hamilton vs. Brandon Adamson(tapout shorts)
R1. Leg kicks traded and then Hamilton lands four shots. Adamson lands a nice uppercut that drops Hamilton. Back to feet and Hamilton locks up Adamson’s head while standing. Nice knee to body by Hamilton who drops for a guillotine. Adamson escapes and the two go back to feet, but not before a nice knee by Hamilton. Leg kicks by Hamilton and Adamson drops him with a left. Adamson gets him to stand. Strong jab by Adamson. Hard right bloodies Hamilton. Adamson standup is hurting Hamilton. Adamson shoots a single and gets Adamson to his back. Adamson is in Hamilton’s half guard. Hamilton landing punches and hard elbows from his back. Best strikes from Hamilton. Hamilton sitting on Adamson revers cowboy. Then back control by Hamilton who feeds some GNP from back control. Adamson reverses to side control and lands some punches before letting Hamilton back to his feet. Good round by both fighters.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Adamson
Bobby Karimi-Busheri scores the round 10-9 Adamson

R2. Two circle and start slow. Nice counter by Hamilton. Adamson lands a body shot to chest. Left jab down the pipe by Adamson but Hamilton responds. Adamson lands that jab again and some other punches. Right high kick KO to finish off the fight.
Brandon Adamson defeats Kenny Hamilton by KO in Round 2, 1:16

Rob Bennett vs David Clarke
R1. Clarke takes Bennett down immediately. Bennett has an Anaconda Choke but loses it. Bennett now on his back with Clarke in his half guard. Clarke is working his way to Bennett’s back with one hook on, softens him up, puts the 2nd hook in and puts the RNC on. Bennett gets out but Clarke has full mount and then is in side control. Bennett works his way to his feet but gets taken right down. Clarke feeds him two rights but Bennett escapes to his feet. Left jab by Clarke and he shoots a double again. Clarke keeps top position but gets another RNC attempt as bell ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Clarke
Bobby Karimi-Busheri scores the round 10-9 Clarke

R2. Clarke takes Bennett down right away. Side control and going for a neck crank. Bennett turns his back and Clarke takes it for another RNC attempt. Bennett eventually taps after a lengthy hand fight battle.
David Clarke submits Rob Bennett by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 2:24

Mike Ciesnolevicz vs. Bruce Nelson
R1. Kicks to start things off by Ciesnolevicz – one to the body and one to the leg. Ciesnolevicz just misses the next one to the head. Leg kick by Nelson. Leg kick by Ciesnolevicz. Kick to the thigh by Nelson. Head kick by Ciesnolevicz that grazes his nose and bloodies it. Big head kick lands and then a leg kick. Ciesnolevicz is toying with Nelson and windmills his right hand. Leg kicks by Ciesnolevicz. Another big leg kick by Ciesnolevicz and Nelson goes for a single leg. Stuffed by Ciesnolevicz. Another leg kick by Ciesnolevicz and Nelson’s left leg is hurting. Left jab by Ciesnolevicz and a right jab drops Nelson. Ciesnolevicz lefts him up and another leg kick hurts Nelson. Spinning back fist by Nelson misses after two more leg kicks land.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 Ciesnolevicz
Bobby Karimi-Busheri scores the round 10-8 Ciesnolevicz

R2. Right head kick knocks Nelson down and Ciesnolevicz does not want to hurt him. He looks at Big John and then throws a few light shots to get the stoppage from BJM.
Mike Ciesnolevicz defeats Bruce Nelson by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2,

Nick Spohn vs Travis Moritz
R1. Nice touch by Jerin Valel wiping down Moritz prior to the fight. He looked greasy. Moritz gets taken down right away and Spohn is in side control. Reverse by Moritz who is on top but Spohn picks him up and slams him and is back in side control. Leg kick misses by Spohn. The two throw a bunch of feints. Left by Moritz then Spohn hurts him with a combo and Moritz gets slammed down then picked up and slammed down again. Spohn slaps on a RNC and Moritz taps out. Spohn impressed!
Nick Spohn submits Travis Moritz by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:19

Jannie Joubert vs. Denny Houle
Two big men and Joubert gets pressed against the cage. Joubert attempts a Guillotine standing while Houle tries for a high crotch takedown. Minutes in and Joubert still has the Guillotine but finally gives it up. The two start trading and Joubert lands an uppercut and Houle goes for the takedown again. Finally, Joubert is on his back. Houle lands rights to the body and head. Big John breaks up the action as it had stopped. Joubert starts landing and then Houle lands a left and right hook. Joubert lands some jabs and then the two trade huge punches. Houle lands a throat punch and Joubert has enough. BJM steps in.
Denny Houle defeats Jannie Joubert by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 4:22

Amateur MMA
Travis Peterson (black)vs. Kyle Nelson (red)
R1. Nelson goes for a takedown but Peterson is the one who puts him on his back. From Nelson’s guard, Peterson lands some shots to the body. Peterson moves him to the cage but Nelson is looking for the triangle. Peterson lands some more GNP but Nelson is controlling Peterson’s posture. Rights to the body but Valel stands them up. Peterson lands knees as the two clinch up and Nelson responds. Body shot by Nelson who gets pressed to the cage. Peterson lands some punches and trips Nelson to the mat. Round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Peterson
Bobby Karimi scores the round 10-9 Peterson

R2. Leg kick trips Nelson to the canvas but Peterson lets him up. Another hard leg kick by Peterson and Nelson misses with a huge uppercut. The two clash shins and Nelson pushed him against the cage. Peterson takes Nelson down. In Nelson’s guard, Peterson lands some rights to the body while Nelson controls his head. Peterson hits Nelson in the head with a punch but he is tied up. Ref Valel stands them up. The two trade kicks and Nelson takes Peterson down as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Peterson
Bobby Karimi scores the round 10-9 Peterson

R3. Leg kick by Peterson and then the two tie up. Nelson gets the standing guillotine and drops to his back. Peterson taps out early in the first.
Kyle Nelson submits Travis Peterson by Guillotine in Round 3, 0:59

Cameron Biggin (Yellow) vs. Eric O’Sullivan
R1. Left jab to start things off by Biggin and these guys are flying. Biggin lands a knee and O’Sullivan is down from the groin shot. Restart. Head kick by O’Sullivan misses. But the punch doesn’t and Biggin drops. O’Sullivan gets a RNC and Biggin taps out. It looks like Biggin’s nose could be broke from the punch.
Eric O’Sullivan submits Cameron Biggin by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1

Tim MacDonald vs Jared Robb
R1. MacDonald presses right away but Robb lands an overhead right. MacDonald lands a combo followed by Robb landing a straight right. MacDonald presses and feeds uppercuts to Robb with some dirty boxing. MacDonald cut from a jab. Robb lands a leg kick and they clinch. As they break, Robb lands again. Left round kick by Robb who is better from range while MacDonald is better in the clinch. Knees from the clinch by Robb who is taking over the fight. Just as I write that MacDonald rocks Robb, but then Robb rocks him back with two stiff punches. Robb finishes the round with a nice body kick. Clear round for Robb.
Top MMA News scores the fight 10-9 Robb
Bobby Karimi-Busheri scores the fight 10-9 Robb

R2. Right hand drops MacDonald who gets up. MacDonald gets up but more rights hurt him bad. He gets up and Robb feeds him more rights and a left for good measure. A huge right hook knocks MacDonald out of the fight.
Jared Robb defeats Tim MacDonald by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 0:20
Nice round of applause for the Ontario fighter Robb and another big round of applause for the local boy MacDonald. Nice to see!

23 Responses to “ Prestige FC II Play-by-Play – Mein Beats Faircloth ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Mike C was just playing with him. Nice TKD kicks.

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  2. Battery dying. BKB will update via comments if laptop dies.

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  3. Gabe says:

    What happened to the Sickinger fight?

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:

    Lee Mein by TKO at 1:11 of 1st.

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    Win over tough guy like Faircloth, nice bday present to give yourself lol. Congrats Lee!

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  6. Robin Black says:

    Congrats Lee happy birthday sir

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  7. These two fights were scrapped due to improper meds:

    Rod Montoya (162.2)* vs. Morgan Sickinger (155.8) – 157 CW
    Dave Nippard (150)* vs. Shaun Krysa (145) – 145

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  8. Jarvis says:

    Demian Decorah got ROBBED against Ray Penny. I had Decorah winning rounds 1, 3 and round 2 was a toss up. Everyone was talking about it at the after party.

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  9. Bobby Karimi says:

    Disagree, see other post. Close decision, but I think Penny took it.

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  10. Bobby Karimi says:

    I just asked my gf what she thought of the Decorah vs Penny fight. She felt Decorah won the fight, Rd 1 and Rd3, and Rd 2 was close. Thoughts were that he was working for a finish and had Penny in trouble at least 3 times. I asked her if she felt Decorah was robbed and said that nope, thought fight coulda gone either way. Was close.

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  11. Jarvis says:

    Your gf? really? cmon! Decorah won that fight..he looked way better against Penny then when he fought in Prestige 1 against Mike Cieznolevicz

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  12. Bobby Karimi says:

    Cuz she’s my gf she can’t have a valued opinion?

    In the last 3yrs she’s probably been to more shows than 95% of the people on this site.

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  13. James Petryk says:

    Not really sure why you would try to cut down his gf’s opinion, other than pure chauvinist retardism. I won’t even mention that she seems to have agreed with you, as it is irrelevant. Also, just cuz he looked better in this fight than last, how does that help your case that he won? Also irrelevant.

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  14. Sean Quinn says:

    Bobby, if you let your gf have an opinion, next thing you know, she is going to want to vote. What then? Soon she will want to play poker with all of her girlfriends and spend Saturdays golfing, burping and scratching.
    A line has to be drawn in the sand early…or they will soon control the world.

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  15. Sean Quinn says:

    Could a mod please remove my comments. My wife just hit me and told me that i will pay for what i wrote.

    Way to go BKB.

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  16. Decorah vs Penny was a close fight. I would have hated to be a ref on that one. Coulda gone either way. I gotta say, given his size, I was VERY impressed with Decorah.

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  17. Bobby Karimi says:

    James = 100% right

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  18. Bobby Karimi says:

    LOL Quinn!

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  19. BigBoi says:

    Odd, Sean’s wife just called and asked what I was doing this weekend…..

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  20. Sean Quinn says:


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  21. BigBoi says:

    Yeah, said something about Harold not answering his phone and wanting to know what it’s like to drive with someone who doesn’t have to sit on a phone book…

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  22. Jarvis says:

    Mike C needs to get back to 205lbs. He is super skilled but sloppy looking body wise at hwt. Cant wait to see him fight again.

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  23. Dave says:

    Decorah got robbed??? How do you figure that?Penny lost the first round, and won 2 and 3. Even the play by play gave the last 2 rounds to Penny. He landed more shots and completly won round 3, Round 2 he had Decorahs back most of the round and was landing knees. Very close fight but Penny won. Watch the video

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