ECFP: Resurgence Play by Play


It was a beautiful evening for fights in the small town of Trenton, Nova Scotia as fans pack into the Trenton arena to watch East Coast Fight Productions: Resurgence. There will nine mma bouts on the card with no a single one that disappointed.

Top MMA News Awards

  • Fight of the Night co winners-Shawn Wallace vs. Coel Peach/Troy Wilton vs. Jeremy Josey
  • Submission of the Night-Mike Mallot
  • Knockout of the Night-While there was no real knockout tonight I gave it to Stephen Clement who had the best TKO

Here is how the action went down.

Ricky Goodall vs. Lenny Wheeler
Round 1
The fight starts with Wheeler looking for a takedown where he is trying to sweep his leg. Wheeler gives him a good knee and pushes Goodall to the corner. Both guys land a knee with Goodall getting a right. Goodall takes him down and gets control. After trying to pass guard, he stands up but Goodall’s shorts come loose. Fight resumes. Wheeler goes for punch and a takedown but both circle in the clinch. Both are still trying to get the advantage in the clinch. Wheeler throws a punch but Goodall pushes him off. Goodall throws a leg kick but Wheeler punches and pushes him in the corner. Wheeler gets the single leg but can’t control the position. Wheeler has him against the ropes. Goodall is on top. Goodall is sitting in Wheeler’s guard and he is working some ground and pound. Goodall continues the assault from up top and the ref stops the fight.
Ricky Goodall wins via TKO at 4:29 in the first round.

Jeremy Josey vs. Troy Wilton
Round 1
Wilton starts with the leg kick. He hits a right while Josey throws a leg kick of his own. Wilton then throws a front kick. He then connects with a leg kick repeatedly. Josey goes in but Wilton breaks it off. Josey charges in with a fist but gets stuck in the corner. Wilton goes for a knee but Josey blocks it. Wilton connects with a fist but ref moves him off after another big right by Wilton. The reason for the stop was because Josey was down on one knee. Josey goes for a takedown but is stuffed. Wilton works with some punches and another front kick. Josey throws a leg kick so Wilton charges in with a right. Josey gets a high kick so Wilton continues to charge in. Wilton finishes the round with punch and front kick.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Wilton

Round 2
Wilton throws a leg kick to start the round. Josey goes in and connects with kick and punch combo. Wilton continues with the front kick and gets a combination. Josey moves in and lands a punch on the chin of Wilton. Wilton then goes with a front leg kick so Josey charges in. Wilton hits a knee and some punches but Josey blocks. Josey hits with a leg kick so Wilton counters with a punch to the stomach. He then throws a leg kick so Josey connects with a combo and then a high kick. Wilton goes back to the front kick and misses a right. Josey rocks him with a right and is on top hammering away on Wilton. Wilton gets back up but Josey takes him down with a leg kick and he charges in. Wilton hits with a punch but so does Josey to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the roudn 10-9 Josey

Round 3
Wilton starts the round with a front kick. Josey goes in for a punch but Wilton gets a leg kick in. Josey goes in and both throw a flurry of punches by Josey and knees by Wilton. Josey gets some combination punches so Josey throws a leg kick. Wilton hits with a right and front kick so Josey goes in but doesn’t connect. Josey is keeping him off with leg kicks but then both connect with big right hands. Josey hits with a right and charges in. Wilton throws a kicks and it hits Josey’s groin. Fight resumes with Josey hits with a right so Wilton goes for a kick and throws a right hand. Josey is blocking his punches but hits with a right hand. Josey throws a front kick and then hits with a kidney shot. Wilton goes in charging but Josey hits with a leg kick. The round ends with Wilton connecting on a couple of punches. The crowd gives a standing ovation after the horn sounds.
Top MMA News scores a close round 10-9 Wilton
The judges award Troy Wilton by unanimous decision

Anthony Craig vs. Adam Hazelton
Round 1
Hazelton starts with leg kick, Craig then lands a big right hand that takes Hazelton down but recovers with a takedown. Craig gets up but caught in a head look. Craig twists but Hazelton holds on. Craig goes with big right. Hazelton gets a big right that rocks Craig. Craig charges in but Hazelton doesn’t back down. Hazelton hits with another right that connects. Craig goes in but is in a headlock. Hazelton with big knee and then lets Craig get back up. Craig goes for a takedown but is stuffed. He has Hazelton in on ropes but he breaks out. Craig goes for single leg but gets trapped on bottom. Hazelton works on some ground and pound and goes into side control. Hazelton is hooked on his back where he gets some punches to the head. Craig gets out but Hazelton goes in north south position. Craig gets up and tries for the single leg. Craig has him in the corner. Craig grabs him gets a takedown but is caught in a headlock. Craig moves to side control. Craig gives a knee to the mid-section to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Hazelton

Round 2
Hazelton goes for a punch after a spinning leg kick attempt by Craig. Craig tries for the takedown but eats a knee. Craig gets a big right hand in but Hazelton stays up. Hazelton gets a takedown but gets in a headlock but does eventually get out. Hazelton is on top now working some ground and pound. Craig tries to turn around but can’t get out. He tries to jump to loosen the hold but the ref stops it
Adam Hazelton wins the match via TKO at 2:40 in the 2nd round

Aaron Myers vs. Todd Henry
Round 1
Henry and Myers are trying to feel each other out. Henry tries to push him in the ropes but Myers gets control. Myers is trying for a takedown and gets it. Ref moves it to the middle. Myers lands some elbows on top. Henry tries to get up but it gives Myers a chance to work the body. Myers goes for kidney shots and charlie horses. Myers then tries to pass guard. Myers then tries to switch to side control but stops and gets more kidney shots. Myers gets hand hits with punches and dives in for another. Myers is now on Henry’s back and hitting from atop. Myers is now working his knees. Henry tries to move out but no luck. Myers then gets his back again. Henry blocks it off so Myers moves to north south then back to side of Henry’s back. Myers ends the round on top trying to pass guard.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 Myers

Round 2
Myers throws a front kick to start things off. Henry pushes him off and gains center control. Myers goes and clinches with Henry to move him to the ropes. Myers is moving him around to get him on the mat so Myers starts to work with knee shots. Myers continues with knees and clinches in the corner. Henry tries to turn but is stopped. Henry gets out but eats a knee for his move. Henry now again tangled in the ropes. Cut under Henry’s left eye. Ref stops it to have the doctor check the cut. The doctor is doing a vision test on Henry and decides that Henry can’t continue.
Aaron Myers wins by doctor stoppage (Cut) 3:09 at in the 2nd round.

Jeff Black vs. Stephen Clement
Round 1
Both fighters are quiet to start, trying to figure each other out. Black is looking to pounce but Clement comes in and he eats a punch. Black hits him with a right and Clement gets him down. Clement moves black into side control until he gets on top and uses ground and pound. Clement has some energy because he has been beat on Black non-stop for 30 plus seconds and then the ref stops the fight. Most people thought the fight was over but it was being moved to the center of the ring. Clement continues his assault until the ref finally stops the fight.
Stephen Clement wins the fight via ground and pound at 2:39 in the first round

Mike Mallot vs. Mike Imperato
Round 1
Imperato charges in so Mallot counters a flying knee. Imperato is tangling with him against the ropes. Mallot tries for a takedown but Imperato tries for a heel hook but Mallot gets out by rolling around on the mat. Both fighters throw some fists with Mallot going down to the mat on top. The fight is up and Mallot hits and Imperato goes for a takedown. He misses at first but gets it the second time. Mallot then hooks his head and gets an arm bar and submits him.
Mike Mallot submits Mike Imperato at 2:00 via arm bar.

Gavin Tucker vs. Dave Spence
Round 1
Fight starts with Tucker throwing kicks and then he goes for the takedown. While trying to pass guard, he hits Spence with some rib shots. Spence turns his hips to get out but can’t gain control. He turns again but Tucker keeps him down and is now throwing elbows. Spence turns and Tucker tries to take his back. Spence again tries to get up but Tucker keeps him down. Tucker grabs an arm but let’s go and gets full guard were he ground and pounds but is waiting for openings. Tucker continues with his ground and Spence is still trying to get out. Tucker drops an elbow and then gets the arm bar and submits him.
Gavin Tucker wins via arm bar at 3:09 in the first round

Coel Peach vs. Shawn Wallace
Round 1
Peach comes charging in but he eats a few punches, afterwards he does get Wallace against the ropes. Wallace reverses him and gets outside. Wallace then attacks with some knees in the clinch. Wallace then gets the takedown and gets side control. Peach uses leverage and turns him to get on top. He tries to switch only to have Wallace get top position. The ref moves it to the middle of the ring. Wallace tries for top position but can’t keep it. He then gets on his knee then the match is up on the feet. Peach tries for takedown but gets nothing. Peach then gets him with a knee in the corner but Wallace turns him around. He tries for takedown and almost got in a guillotine but then they almost fall out of the ring so the ref moves it to the middle. Wallace gets side control but Peach gets on top. Peach hits with some big fist. and then moves to side control. The ref moves it back to the middle again. Wallace tries to move out but gives up his back. He then tries and gets the amber. Wallace slams him down to tries and gets him off. He breaks out and gets a few punches to end the round
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Wallace

Round 2
Both charge in to start the round. Wallace gets some big punches but Peach escapes to get him down. Peach stands and then charges in. Peach goes in after Wallace but is tangled in ropes. Both stand up and go down with Peach getting a one hand choke. Peach tries for a triangle choke but Wallace stops it. Wallace gets going on some hammer fists. Peach tries to turn out but can’t. Peach then tries for a triangle but Wallace moves to side control and gets a big punch. Peach is working on an arm off his back but Wallace switches form right to left side control. Peach still tries and sees if he can get a hold of an arm. Wallace then lends a big knee on the ground. Both stand up and Wallace connects with some punches and pulls him along the ropes trying to get him back down. Wallace works and gets the takedown. The ref moves the match to the middle and the round ends
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Wallace

Round 3
Peach starts with a leg kick and rocks Wallace with a right hand. Wallace then pushes forward and gets him against the ropes. Wallace uses his force and takes him down. He is in top position and does a small slam and drops an elbow. Wallace then goes for some ground and pound. He slams his face down and continues to work with fist and elbows. While doing this, Peach is using the ropes to try and push him off but no luck. Finally after more some more ground and pound the ref stops the match
Shawn Wallace wins via TKO at 4:21 in the 3rd round.

Chris Kelades vs. Chance Whalen
Round 1
The round begins with a leg kick by Kelades. Whalen pushes him to the ropes and tries for a takedown but Kelades blocks. Knee by Kelades in the corner. Kelades starts hitting the back of Whalen’s neck. Whalen trying for a takedown but Kelades stops it. Knee shot but Whalen hit nothing so Kelades turns him around only to lose control. Kelades hits with a knee and still stuffing the takedown. Kelades throws a fry of knees. Kelades gets control and pushes him for a takedown and switches to north south trying to lock a choke and gets the rear naked choke but lets go gets Whalen is  down. He hits Whalen with a knee. Kelades working on the ground. He is throwing elbows then throws punches from top position and tries to grab an arm and finishes with a punch
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Kelades

Round 2
Whalen starts the match with a leg kick and then both guys connect with some punches. Whalen goes for a takedown but Kelades jumps his back trying for a rear naked choke. Kelades then uses some ground and pound to loosen him up but the ref moves has to move them to the middle. Kelades then moves into side control and gets on top and grins his elbow in face Whalen’s face. Kelades then passes guard but then backs off. Kelades then starts with hammer fists and then some ground and pound and gets his back. Kelades then uses hammers fist and sinks the rear naked choke. He doesn’t get it in at first but he does and sinks it in for the submission win.
Chris Kelades wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:10 in the 2nd round.

9 Responses to “ ECFP: Resurgence Play by Play ”

  1. Jana says:

    Totally shocked by the Goodall vs. Wheeler fight. Other than that one the night was filled with awesome fights! Titans cleaned up, congrats! Josey vs. Wilton was very good! Craig vs. Hazleton was awesome.

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  2. mike kent says:

    what was wrong with the wheeler , goodall fight . i though that was pretty good too

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  3. Jana (JSR) says:

    Sorry Mike, there was nothing wrong with the fight, I was just rooting for Lenny :-) There were some VERY exciting fights on the card, I just didn’t think it was as exciting that’s all.

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  4. Don’t worry Jana, I’ll make sure my rematch with Steve is plenty entertaining.

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  5. EastCoastWarrior says:

    I was so entertained that I stood up and screamed. Not to mention Rickys shorts coming undone. A little something for the ladies as well.

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  6. Jana says:

    Yes, Rick I bet you will :p Can’t wait.

    Yes, the shorts coming undone gave him a nice little opportunity to chat with his cornerman.

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  7. Jana says:

    What’s this I hear??? Change your mind about thast rematch??

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  8. Ricky Goodall says:

    I suppose I could repeat the post I submitted on the other post you were running your mouth on.

    I will rematch, for the title only. Elite 1 deserves someone who isn’t a paper champ. Also, I have no interest in fighting Steve three times. With all of the controversy of the last night a rematch for the TITLE makes sense.

    Again, it’s a shame that you represent Steve, as he is a very decent guy, but this is business. What “champ” even asks to fight non-title? Defend the title or step down.

    I’m done with this. Sign the contract or shut your mouth.

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  9. Jana says:

    Oh Ricky, you are a class act :) – I guess there is no re-match then, that’s too bad with your 100% confidence. A “paper” champ?? And what does that make you?? You can’t even make 155 and you think you somehow deserve a second shot at the 155 Title?? And of your 2 options above, I think I will choose neither, thanks :)

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