ECFP Quick Results from Trenton – Goodall defeats Wheeler


Derek Leblanc is in Trenton, Nova Scotia for the East Coast Fight Promotions card.  Here are the quick results from the event:

Ricky Goodall defeats Lenny Wheeler via TKO (GnP) in Round 1, 4:29

Troy Wilton defeats Jeremy Josey via Unanimous Decision

Adam Hazelton defeats Anthony Craig in TKO (GnP) in Round 2, 240

Aaron Myers defeats Todd Henry via TKO (Cut/Doctor’s Stoppage) in Round 2, 3:09

Stephen Clement defeats Jeff Black via TKO (GnP) in Round 1, 2:39

Mike Malott submits Michael Imperato via Arm Bar in Round 1, 2:00

Gavin Tucker submits Dave Spence via Arm Bar in Round 1, 3:09

Shawn Wallace defeats Coel Peach via TKO (GnP) in Round 3, 4:21

Chris Kelades submits Chance Whalen by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 3:10

21 Responses to “ ECFP Quick Results from Trenton – Goodall defeats Wheeler ”

  1. Mike says:

    You guys are pretty terrible with these “quick” results.

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  2. Mike says:

    And we got an update!

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  3. Mike Davis says:

    Michael Imperato losing by sub wow he looked like quite the grappler. And Wheeler losing wow I was off on this one.

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  4. Stenson Stark says:

    Imperato shocks me. He was suppose to be a grappling phenom. Happens to the best of them I suppose.

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  5. Stenson Stark says:

    Looks like Mallot won his only other pro fight by arm bar in 32 seconds.

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  6. Kon says:

    Karma is a bitch imperato got what he deserved. His ass handed too him.

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  7. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good win for Goodall

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  8. derek leblanc says:

    unfortnally there was no service or wireless connection in the building so had to wait when there was a break in the action

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  9. mike kent says:

    dont take anything away from imperato’s grappling . Mallott is the real deal ! they thought this fight would be a record padder and had no idea what they were getting into

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  10. Trish says:

    Was Sam at least humble after the fight? My son trains with him and I am disturbed about some of the comments that I am reading.

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  11. Snyper says:

    You got to keep the fight on the feet Malott where he is weaker.

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  12. Snyper says:


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  13. Hank902 says:

    Snyper setting up a trap? haha

    Saw the kid in an exhibition Muay Thai fight and his stand up looked solid to me hope to see him fight more but he needs to keep his weight in check.

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  14. Robin Black says:

    Someone slandering Sam. His student’s parents didn’t write the above post. C’mon guys.

    Look, I’ve had a conflict or 2 with Sam years ago but, the fact is, he is PASSIONATE about the sport, the structure of the sport, and the young athletes in his care.

    I have grown to understand this man, who is a rolled up ball of brilliant jiu-jitsu and a true love and passion for the sport.

    Whatever the conflict, let me guarantee you Sam and his team are today saying “the better man won last night”, and just going back to train even harder.

    There are some bad people in this sport, but Mr. Zakula is not one of them. If he said anything out of line, understand that it was motivated by his passion for the sport and his love of his athlete.

    We all are in this because we love it. We get excited and emotinal because we love it.

    Here’s wishing the best for Mike, and congrats to young Mallot I hear the kid is great.

    Also best wishes to my boy Lenny. I know you are disappointed man, but you have the brightest future of any young guy I know. You are doing what you love, and do it proud man.

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  15. Boyd says:

    I don’t know about the outside the ring action, of which there seems to have been some, but the action inside the ring was awesome. There was a little bit of everything.

    The last two or three ‘local’ cards I’ve seen in Atlantic Canada have been down right awesome. I’m just so excited and happy about how the overall quality of mma is developing around here. Huge congrats to all the fighters and their teams and supporters. It’s an honour to watch you guys do what you do.

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  16. kon says:

    No offense robin .

    There is no excuse for his actions…. Apparently i found out after the fact that these guys have a reputation for this type of garbage , Our sport is growing and still being accepted there is no room for this type of crap.

    I’m sure he is a great BJJ instuctor and Micheal is a great practioneer but i would be absolutley ashamed to call them teammates or co workers

    i think xtreme couture should aware of how there actions are slandering there gym

    Personally i wouldn’t let my kid train under people who conduct themselves this way. I can understand the fighter maybe getting out of line but then the manager doing it too. unbelivable.

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  17. Trish says:

    Thank you Robin. I have had nothing but great experiences with Sam and Xtreme but this was scary to hear.

    First hand I think he is great.

    I will trust my gut on this one.

    And I am a mother! LOL!!!!

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  18. lenny wheeler says:

    Sam is one of the most compassionate coaches i have ever met, he cares alot about his fighters and this sport and felt disrespected that hi fighter went up a weight class and the guy still didnt make weight everyone deals with situations differently but if you ever had a one on one with him you would have nothing but great things to say about him

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  19. Hank902 says:

    The point is, first impressions mean a lot and my first impression of this guy is that he’s a dickhead therefor I would never want to go to his gym. I’m not saying he “is” a dickhead because I’ve never met the guy but his actions in public speak very loudly.

    Do the people defending him really feel that his actions are ok just because he’s passionate about the sport? Or are you only saying it because you know him on a personal level?

    Robin if I told you I was a personal friend of Dave Mair and he’s a great guy that really loves MMA would that change your opinion of him?

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  20. Blobin Rack says:

    what was sam’s actions that upset u ??

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  21. Robin Black says:

    I hear ya Hank. You can make your own decisions based on what you experience first hand and I respect that.

    There is a “first generation” MMA world, guys like Claude patrick and Justin Bruckman and Shah Franco and Alin and Firaz and senior guys like that. Zakula is in that group too. I have all the respect in the world for that group of guys because they paved the way for what we are all doing.

    That doesn’t excuse anyone doing wrong, and you have every right to feel however you do Hank.

    I was just passing on what I know to be true about Sam, and I look at these original guys with a little extra reverence. That doesn’t excuse things, but what these original guys did 6 and 7 and 8 years ago led to us all being here talking.

    Lenny, you are the man. You be proud. You will be one of the special ones as time goes on my friend. Everyone’s gonna be watching you and cheering for you in the big show one day. You are only 5% along on your journey. You wait and see just how good I know you are gonna be.

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