Elite 1 Fight Video: Goodall vs Rogers


Check out this video of the Ricky Goodall vs Steve Rogers fight.  The fight was recently declared a No Contest due to a low blow three weeks after Goodall won by submission.

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  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Now the vid quality isn’t the best, but damn that looked like a shot to the beans. Thanks for the video.

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    Were they allowed to overturn it or did they change their own rules?

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  3. BigBoi says:

    I dunno. The video isn’t proof one way or another. I think we’ve all seen guy’s go down like that from both a shot to the jewels and a shot to the bread basket. If Rogers feels robbed and ‘needs’ to fix this then get a rematch. He’s 0-1 (with one no contest now) so I can’t see why it matters.

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  4. Rogers is 4-3-1 now.

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  5. BigBoi says:



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  6. Jamie Locke says:

    I think it’s up to the ref to see and stop a fight due to an illegal action. If he misses it, which happens all the time, then tough titties, go ge your rematch and get your stolen W back.

    I find it really strange that you can appeal after the fact, and so long after as well, and get a fight result overturned… Maybe now you’ll see every guy who loses appeal the loss due to an eye poke, or groin shot, or short grab, cage grab that wasn’t seen by the ref during the fight and caused a guy to tap out.

    I could list lots of fights that I have seen where there was an illegal act missed by the ref that may, or may not have caused the end of the fight.

    I think in this case the commission should stood by their ref’s call. Now it will bring every fight result into question. May end up with alot of appeals coming there way from now on.

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  7. JSR says:

    The appeal wasn’t “so long after the fact”, the appeal was received by the Commission the following day. It took some time for them to discuss, review, meet, etc.

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  8. MMA Fan says:

    I have a MUCH better video. I’m just trying to figure out how to put it on here.

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