ECFP Weigh-In Results


ECFP held their weigh-ins today to make their matchups official. Tickets to see these fights are still available. Why not pick up a pair if you are in the Trenton area?

Here are the weigh-in results from ECFP in Trenton, Nova Scotia:

Ricky Goodall (167.4) vs Lenny Wheeler (161) – 170
Jeremy Josey (228.8) vs Troy Wilton (216.8) – 231
Anthony Craig (184.2) vs Adam Hazelton (183.2) – 185
Aaron Myers (201.2) vs Todd Henry (202.6) – 205
Jeff Black (167.8) vs Stephen Clement (172.2) – 170
Mike Malott (146.4) vs Michael Imperato (145.8) – 145
Gavin Tucker (144.6) vs Dave Spence (144.8) – 145
Coel Peach (169.6) vs Shawn Wallace (170.2) – 170
Chris Keledas (135.4) vs Chance Whalen (135.6) – 135

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  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Ricky Goodall (167.4) vs Lenny Wheeler (161) – 170 ?

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  2. It was originally set for 160.

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  3. Mac says:

    Michael Imperato and his manager Sam zukala are two of the classless people I have ever scene dropping f bombs in front of kids and simulating his opponent giving him a blow job was unbelivable .xtreme couture should be ashamed to have them as representatives

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  4. jimbo says:

    “Michael Imperato and his manager Sam zukala are two of the classless people I have ever scene dropping f bombs in front of kids and simulating his opponent giving him a blow job was unbelivable .xtreme couture should be ashamed to have them as representative”

    There is more to this story. They had a contract that the fight was at 143. It got changed on the spot to 146. I would be pretty upset also. Also the weigh in was at a bar with no kids present.

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  5. Hank902 says:

    Imperato’s cornerman acted like a tool after the Jeff Black fight in W1 Halifax too, if I’m not mistaken. Not sure if it was Zakala but the guy looked like a fucktard.

    You can be pissed off but thats no excuse to act like a child. Regardless of the incident you have to show a bit of class.

    Kinda shitty for Goodall to be so much over when Wheeler took the fight on short notice and at a higher weight then he normally fights at. Maybe 170lbs was the agreed upon weight tho.

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  6. Truth says:

    There is nothing more disrespectful in Mma then a guy missing weight by 4-7 lbs. The Lenny wheeler fight was to take place at 160. The Imperato fight was suppose to be at 143. When people intentionally miss weight by that much to gain any added edge, there is something wrong. 20% fine on small purse’s is not even a slap on the wrist. The commissions need to start suspending guy ‘s who miss weight and make them fight at higher weight class the next time around.

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  7. Hank902 says:

    I agree. Didn’t Imperato miss weight by like 5lbs for his first fight? His opponent Black missed by 7lbs I think. Or was that fight a 140lbs catch weight?

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  8. Jimbo says:

    That fight was set at 135. Jack Bateman notified Imperato and his crew that jeff was way off and not going to make weight. Imperato then started to re-hydrate immediately.

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  9. Hank902 says:

    Got ya, sorry.

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  10. EastCoastWarrior says:

    Jeff also took the fight on 6 days notice and cut over 24 lbs. When he was off the first thing he did was notify that he would be. Infact he had notified Jack when he was signing the fight about the durastic cut and the chance of missing weight. This doesn’t make up for the fact he missed weight. He has no business at 135 and I’m sure this tought him just that.
    After and before the fight there was total disrespect towards Black. Who in replied “I respect you too”
    Leave it in the cage people, respect goes a long way.

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  11. Jimbo says:

    If jeff black cut 24 lbs and was still 7lbs over…that means he was 31lbs above 135..6 days out. He should have never accepted a fight when he full well knew he had no chance at making weight. Show respect to get respect, and what black did was super disrespectful. He also missed weight at 155 the following fight. I know Sam Zakula and his guys are consummate professionals who respect the sport and it’s rules.

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  12. EastCoastWarrior says:

    Imperato also missed weight. Regardless of if he hydrated or not he still missed. Not too professional in my opionion. He and his camps antics before and after the fight was completly classless. Infact imperato was spotted drinking at a bar the night nefore his fight. Much respect for the sport there.

    Continued by dropping f bombs infront of babies at ecfp weighins. Lots of respect.

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  13. Boy george says:

    F-bombs infront of babies??!!! Imperato must die!!

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  14. Hank902 says:

    Without Black the fight wouldn’t have happened and he knew he was getting in over his head but took it anyway. He gave Imperato a chance to fight. Black deserved some respect bottom line and for zakula to act like that as a trainer is very lame. I could understand if Imperato acted up he’s young and would have been pumped up. Trainers are supposed to set a good example.

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  15. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    Sam is a squid,when the doctors wouldnt clear me to fight Misha in Victoria,I was standing in the hotel lobby talking to the hotel Manager & all 160lbs of him came up & spit on me & talked sh!t in front of kalib starnes little girl & a few other kids. This guy is a piece of Sh!t. Yeah All the guys ive ever fought i was scared to face Misha,LMAO!Easy being tough when im standing with a girl in a public place,& hes acting big with his 6 buddies with him. Ban this clown from events!

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  16. Trish says:

    I am very disappointed to hear everything about Sam on this board. My son trains with Sam and he seems like such a nice genuine guy. I’m pretty speechless about the actions described by various people here. I have some thinking to do now.

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  17. Craig says:

    Imperato and Zakula were actually the ones that called Goodall before the weigh in and asked for the fight at 146, this was literally 1 hour before

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  18. Craig says:

    Also the Goodall/Wheeler fight was originally offered at 170 for $1000, to which Wheeler’s camp said they would accept the fight for $1500. This was 10 days before the fight. I couldn’t imagine trying to focus on cutting weight after just fighting then taking a full week off from his fight against Rogers.

    After this Wheeler’s camp changed their request to 165 only 5 days before the fight, then 160 3 days before the fight. Goodall admitted to having no intention to cut weight hence the steep paycheck for Wheeler. Apparently Goodall spent most of the day of the weigh ins setting up the venue and still managed to cut 7lbs in an hour. Once arriving at the weigh ins he offered Wheeler an agreed upon amount to keep the fight at a heavier weight and Wheeler didn’t contest. I assume it’s because Goodall wasn’t paying himself so there would be no 20% penalty.

    For a guy that weighed 250 only two years ago and has come this close to 155, we have to give him props. I’m sure his next fight will be 155 no problem.

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  19. I know we are getting a few Imperato, Goodall, Rogers, etc controversies from out East, but what I am loving is that there is so much passion about Maritime MMA fights lately!

    It really shows how much the scene out there is growing.

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  20. Hank902 says:

    How big was Goodall for his debut in Trenton? I thought it was at 205lbs and he looked chubby then I’ve seen him at 170lbs and he looked solid so I was shocked to hear he was going down to 155lbs.
    He’s done well for himself hopefully we’ll get a chance to see him fight in Halifax again. He’s always had good showings.

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  21. Robin Black says:

    Goodall did agree to 160. He may have done it begrudgingly, but he agreed.

    Lenny was cool about Ricky being over, because Lenny is a good kid and Ricky was busy promoting and stuff.

    It doesn’t matter how or when a guy agrees to a weight. That’s part of the negotiating process. Ricky agreed to 160.

    Then Lenny agreed to let it slide.

    I hear it was a great show and congrats to the fighters.

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