Mein vs Faircloth Tops Prestige Card


Mein defeats Kyle Cardinal (photo by Jason Bouwmeester|TKO Photography)

So your son is fighting a DREAM champion in two weeks and you are his trainer, you have your own promotion running a show in a week, and another promotion is asking you to fight a UFC veteran in their main event with a week’s notice, what would you do?

Easy answer if you are Lee Mein – take the fight!

Most people are not Lee Mein.

No wonder his Canadian Martial Arts Centre team is so tough. When your coach, who happens to be a grandfather, will take a fight against Ron Faircloth at Prestige MMA on a short notice, how can Tim Tamaki, Dan Chambers, or even his son, Jordan, ever say no?

Lee, who fought one time UFC Heavyweight contender Jeff Monson in his last fight, explains why he took the match against the 33-19 Ron Faircloth.

“I love to get in there and scrap especially against tough opponents, it’s always a challenge!.  It would be nice to have a few week’s notice to get some training in but that doesn’t always happen.  I don’t need to worry about protecting my record for my future fight career so let’s get in there and mix it up.”

Indeed Mein, who’s record is 4-9, does not protect his record.  He fights anyone and on May 28th, Ron Faircloth’s name will be placed on Lee’s resume along with other notable former UFCers like Krzysztof Soszynski, Dan Severn, and the previously mentioned Monson.

Unlike the other former UFCers, Mein should be the much bigger fighter come fight time.  Faircloth has previously fought at Light-Heavyweight and the Prestige main event will be at Heavyweight.  However, Lee is unsure this is an advantage.

The fight will be at heavyweight, not sure what he walks around at I am sure I will be bigger.  I am not sure if that’s an advantage unless I am on top.  I think I will have a power advantage, but the key will be finding the opportunity to use it.  Smaller guys have speed on me and with his experience his timing will be good, so we will close the cage door and see what happens.

Prestige promoter Sandy Bowman believes the fight is a toss up,

“I am super excited for this one.  I like Ron and Lee and the fight can go either way. I know what Lee wants to do and I know what Ron wants to do. It should be a great main event with two MMA veterans.”

Fans should not expect a three round war when big guys like Lee are fighting.  This one should end early.  Lee, who is always humorous, offers his prediction on the fight.

“I predict win or lose I will be very tired and the fans will have gotten there monies worth.”

Tickets are still available for this weekend’s Presitge FC 2 here.

19 Responses to “ Mein vs Faircloth Tops Prestige Card ”

  1. Jarvis says:

    HELL YEAH! LEE MEIN AND RON FAIRCLOTH ARE REAL FIGHTERS! I wish i was in Fort Mac to see this one!

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good article Keith!
    I’m looking forward to this fight, I’m sure it’ll be exciting.

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    Lee Mein is awesome… I bet he’d take a fight with Cain Velasquez if they asked him to! I’d love to see him get a win here! One of the nicest guys in MMA… He deserves it!

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  4. McDooogs says:

    Lee is the best. He is 100% there for his fighters this week, too… Training us like he doesn’t even have a fight on the weekend. One of the few people in the MMA community who can really do it all.

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  5. landon says:


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  6. Initforthelulz says:

    lee mein sucks. he only fights bums

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  7. Cody Rempel says:

    That is honestly the first negative comment I’ve ever read about Lee Mein… Initforthelulz must be pretty impressive to consider guys like Krzysztof Soszynski, Jeff Monson, Dan Severn and Ron Faircloth bums… BTW just in case you were wondering, just those 4 guys have 200 wins combined!

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  8. Initforthelulz says:

    yea and he lost to all of them lulz

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  9. Initforthelulz says:

    and faircloth is terrible u mad?

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  10. Jarvis says:

    How can you hate on Lee Mein? honestly, guy is 45 and fights anyone, runs a great gym, runs a great show, has one of the top up and coming prospects in the sport as his son. Lee Mein is a Canadian mma pioneer and role model for all.

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  11. showtying says:

    hell ya lee mein is …

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  12. Jamie Locke says:

    Word to Jarvis!

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  13. BigBoi says:

    Cody did you just seriously lump Dan “The Work” Severn in with Krys, Monson and Ron? Dude if I knew where you lived I would show up at your house and beat you with one of the feather boas Robin probably still has in his closet.

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  14. Robin Black says:

    I’ll stick it in the freezer for ya, get it ready.

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  15. Robin Black says:


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  16. Edmonton MMA says:

    Jarvis, we do agree on one thing. And that is that Lee Mein is a true warrior. Are there any other MMA fighters you like besides him and his son?

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  17. Jarvis says:

    Yes, there are only a few that i dislike actually. I dont mind Jimmo, Dwayne Lewis, Roger Hollet, Marcus Hicks. I could list more. I am however disgusted by Tim Hague. He is a real jerk in person and acts like he is some MMA god when in reality he is not a very skilled fighter. He is just in a weak Canadian division.

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  18. THE TRUTH says:

    jarvis i will agree with u about hague.guy is the biggest dickhead in edmonton.

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  19. Jarvis says:

    Thank you THE TRUTH, i have met the guy numerous times and have heard him talk about himself like he is the second coming of Christ. The only ppl that say what a great guy Tim Hague is are the guys that are his friends.

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