Goodall Speaks Out on No Contest Ruling


What started out as a rumour from our own Gossip Queen is true.  The Moncton Boxing and Wrestling Commission (MBWC) has overturned the bout between Ricky Goodall and Steven Rogers into a No Contest. Originally the match was won by Goodall via rear naked choke at Elite 1: High Voltage earlier this month. However, there was an apparent groin shot that happened in the fight, but referee Roger Doiron did not halt the fight and Goodall continued to slap on the submission. As you would understand, Goodall is not happy about the new ruling.

“From what I understand, Roger’s manager and from what I know is his wife was going to contest the fight because of a low blow. I received that from an email from Graham Walker last night.” Says Goodall. “The groin knee is still debatable. I am not saying it did happen and I am not saying it didn’t happen but that is up for speculation. Basically they are saying they are overruling the decision because of that. “

Goodall has reason to be displeased. This is the first time that I have ever heard of a fight being overturned so late because of something happening during the fight. When Goodall sent me his contract that he signed for the event, there is a rule that the commission can’t not do this. The article was in six, part B that states

It is expressly understood that this contest is not to be terminated by a Low blow, as the protector selected by the fighter is, in his opinion, sufficient Protection to withstand any so-called low blow, which might incapacitate the said Fighter.

After the fight I did talk with Rogers for a brief minute and he said that he was not wearing the proper protection in the match.  He reiterated this to MMA journalist Andy Cotterill, saying “I should have been wearing a cup that would allow me to continue to fight even if kneed in the groin.”  Proper protection or not,  Rogers appears to be kneed in the groin and it led to the eventual submission.

Usually under these circumstances there would have been a hearing on the matter but there was no such thing.

“Walker only sent me an email. They didn’t call me and tell me anything was happening, that there was going to be a board or some kind of an opportunity for me to defend myself. They basically said that we had a meeting and they decided to overrule,” says Goodall.

When I contacted to Moncton Boxing and Wrestling commission I was able to speak to Graham Walker himself who had sent the email. When I asked him about the ruling, he said there was a hearing about the manner after an email from Roger’s management.

“The decision was reached by everyone who was at the meeting,” says Walker. “They seen the low blow but apparently the judge did not see it and then we received a letter from the other fighter asking to look at the DVD as to whether or not there was an appeal there. We looked at everything and came to decision that it was a low blow and we would call it a No Contest.”

When asked why neither fighter was notified or at the hearing he said:

“That decision was made by the commission that it was the best judgement call we could make. What would be the good of having a hearing? It basically boils down to a decision you have to make as to whether it was a low blow or if it wasn’t a low blow. “

As to whether an appeal can or will be made on the No Contest, he stated

“I talked to Rob (Walker, Goodall’s manager) and he and I hashed that out and he said he was sending me something today and I think we will take another look at that.”

Right now there is no date for a hearing or if the fight will be overturned to the original decision but a letter asking for the appeal has been sent by Rob Walker who is Goodall’s manager. When I contacted Elite 1 promoter Steven Williams about the incident, he could not believe it as well.

“I wasn’t aware of it till last night when someone called and told me,” says Williams. “At this point we are just going to let it ride. Either way it doesn’t have anything to do with Elite 1 and we have no clue what is going to happen. It was a thing where the commission got a complaint from Roger’s camp and they acted on it. In the day I have never seen where three weeks after the fight, they change it. At this point, Elite 1 did not know this was happening and I felt bad for Ricky because it was an accident and whatever happens, it happens.”

Goodall is more than happy to do a rematch for the Elite 1 Lightweight title, but it will have to wait. Williams said that a rematch will happen but it will have to wait till October because Goodall will be out of the country during the next event on July 17th.

When I contacted Steven Rogers about this, he said that it was his management who had filed the claim. He also stated

“The comments I made after the fight was that I didn’t really want to bash my opponent or say anything bad about him. Everyone was booing him and everything at the fight. I was just kind of speaking not realizing it was going in an article or anything else. Just for the record I was wearing a cup and it was a shock doctor cup and a puckter, a sports cup that you buy online. I am sure I would have been able to continue the fight if the referee had seen it and stopped it to give me time to recover. Shit happens and that is not the way it went down.”

Top MMA News will keep an eye on the story and will be the first to let you know if anything happens.

Update:  Keith Grienke updated the quote from Andy Cotterill.  Previously, it was written that “he did say he was not wearing a cup in an article about the same event to fellow MMA journalist Andy Cotterill.”

64 Responses to “ Goodall Speaks Out on No Contest Ruling ”

  1. Jana says:

    Craig . . . who said the Promoter requested that he defend his title?? Little do you seem to know that some agree with the “logic”. A re-match should be just that a “re-match”of the original fight . . . which was non-title because Ricky didn’t make weight . . . I sound like a broken record . . . this is not complicated.

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  2. Mitch Clarke says:

    I still think a title makes it more interesting in terms of marketing

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  3. EastCoastWarrior says:

    I wonder if JSR expects 20% of goodalls purse in the new fight b/c he missed weight in the last. Remember people it is a REMATCH, so same fight. Or perhaps someone should explain to her that she has the rematch concept all wrong.

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  4. JSR says:

    We will gladly take 20% EastCoast Warrior (!!??) when Ricky misses weight again :-) Tell you what, if you reveal your identity like a real man, maybe I’ll buy you a beer with that extra $$!! :-)

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  5. mike kent says:

    ricky should take the fight at 155 for a non title fight, make weight , and when he wins refuse the rematch for the belt which would leave elite 1 with a fake champion and steve with a belt that means absolutly nothing . im sure that would make steve williams happy , thats a promoters nightmare . both are great respectable fighters . let them fight for a title or there is zero sense in this fight happening . Ricky just beat a 155er thats ranked higher then steve ( wheeler ) whats does he gain in a non title bout ?

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  6. Jana (JSR) says:

    Ok, please explain your logic Mike . . . break it down for me, cause I’m not following you. What is it you guys want?? I just don’t get it. Steven has NEVER refused to defend his Title with Elite 1, EVER. He has ALWAYS defended when they asked . . . EVERY time. Ricky gets an opportunity. Although he has NEVER fought at 155 lbs. Ok, fine. In MY OPINION, not the 155 lb. “#1 Contender”, however . . . gets the opportunity. Blows it, by not making weight. Fine. Fight goes on. He wins by NRC, due to a very obvious knee to the groin (although NOT intentional). Fine. Obviously enough evidence of it for the MBWC to reverse the decision to a “No Contest”. Then . . . you guys are super pissed. Right? Obviously. First you guys tell me “Jana, I’m not sure what say you have in the matter”…blah, blah, blah, “It’s up tp Elite 1 . . .Steven fights or gets stripped of his Title.” blah, blah . . . Then Elite 1 offers a Non-title fight, and this shit is still my fault??? Man up boys, this is NOT my fault. Get over it, move on, and accept it for what it is. NONE of this is a Promoters “nightmare” . . .it is their dream, think about it. Fake champion, why is that Mike? Explain it. Because he beat the last title holder (Roscoe), then accepted a fight against a guy (Ricky) that never had a fight (let alone a win) at 155 lbs., he doesn’t make weight, knees him in the balls, it gets to reversed to a “No Contest” and because Ricky now gets offered a Non-Title fight, that makes Steven a fake champion???? Please. You really seem smarter than that. And yes Ricky beat Wheeler (by some kind of miracle), but it wan’t at 155 lbs. it was at 160 lbs. an Ricky couldn’t make that weeight either, so I am not sure what your comparision really is here. Oh, BTW, are you EastCoast Warrior?? Do I owe you a beer?

    Wow, you guys are really letting a silly girl who knows “nothing” about MMA get under your skin. Time to move on really. :-)

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  7. Hank902 says:

    Elite1 offered title too soon. They don’t have enough of a talent base to have a belt IMO. Not saying that Rogers is not talented but there’s no one to challenge him. The next best 155er is Jeremy Henry but Rogers holds 2 wins over him already.

    Non title fights are stupid. I agree that it might have been a good idea to have Goodall fight at 155lbs before getting a title fight but it didn’t happen that way. Hopefully someone comes to their senses and realizes this is dumb and makes it for the title or just scratch the fight and have Goodall fight Henry for the #1 slot.

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  8. mike kent says:

    jana i never said that steve is a fake champions . he is without a doubt the champion and deserves it and i am not upset at all lol all i was saying is that if steve lost to ricky in a 155 fight for elite one while steve is champ then his belt is worthless and it puts the promotion in the bad spot of having a champ that lost a fight but not his belt . nobody is debating that ricky fucked up huge by missing his shot at the title . i just think if there not gonna make it for a title they shouldnt even fight . throw henry in there or someone else . maybe they should have given ricky a test fight before the title but they didnt, i just dont wanna see two more fights if he wins. Steve is the champion and deserves the belt. no debating that . But if ricky wins and wins decisivley then whats the sense of even having a third . lol im not trying to be disrespectful. and i am really smart thanks jana

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  9. mike kent says:

    and i am definitly not east coast warrior . im wayyyyyy to big of a deal to not post my own name lol

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  10. Jana (JSR) says:

    But Ricky didn’t win that fight. And it would be the same if while Steven was the Champ, he accepted a fight at a catch weight, it wouldn’t be for the Title. So just because someone has a Title and there are difficulties finding someone to fight him (because of a small selection of 155 ers.) then he dosen’t deserve to ever fight for that promotion withour being called a fake/paper champ? That is ridiculous. The Rogers vs. Goodall fight was a “No contest” – like it or not, so its like it never happened. Would he have won it without the groin shot?? . . . I don’t think so (my opinion), but no one can ever know. So wipe the slate clean and start over, that’s what I’m saying. I just think Ricky should have at least 1 win at 155 lb. before he has a shot at the belt. I am not disagreeing what you are saying entirely, but dispite what some people think, I am NOT calling all the shots. So I am not sure what the desire is for people to come on here and tear me up and insult Steven. Can’t people express their opinions without doing that?

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  11. Hank902 says:

    If Rogers fought at a catch weight it wouldn’t be for the belt because there are no “catch weight champs” so regardless he’d still be the Elite1 155lbs champ, just like no one is calling him a paper champ after the loss to McDonell because that was in a different promotion but nice try at skirting the issue!

    “The Rogers vs. Goodall fight was a “No contest” – like it or not, so its like it never happened”
    So can you really have a “rematch” of a fight that didn’t happen? You are sort of contradicting your own weak arguement

    I agree that Goodall should have had one fight at 155lbs before he got the shot but we are well past that so the point of having what is essentially a “tune up” fight with the champ to see if he is worthy to fight for the belt makes no sense to me AT ALL. Can you at least see how that’s an absurd concept?

    You say you arn’t calling the shots but if you told Williams you wouldn’t sign a contract for a non title fight I’m pretty sure he’d have no choice. The thing is you’ve been lobbying for this to be a non title fight since this topic came up after the “no contest” ruling. To say it’s out of your hands is just false.

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  12. Jana (JSR) says:

    Ok Hank902, I’m not sure what your point is.

    And I also don’t think it needs to make sense to you, as you choose to hide your identity, I’m not entirely sure what role you play in any of this…

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  13. Hank902 says:

    My point is this is stupid. Have you ever seen someone prove he’s the #1 contender by beating the champ?

    I’m no one at all, just a fan, no connections to anyone involved. I would just like to see more good quality MMA on the East Coast and IMO having things like this makes MMA in the East look a little backwards and deters people from wanting to fight here.

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  14. Tank says:

    Ubereem via flying knee

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