Canadian Rumour Mill – May 23


It’s Victoria Day and to celebrate I am wearing something from Victoria Secrets. My Thunder Bay lumberjacks at Leading Edge should be celebrating too. Congrats to Dave Letourneau, Matt Veal, Brock Peters, Brandon Garner, and Blair Guta for going 4-1 in Minnesota!

  • Bellator making its Canadian debut in Orillia or Windsor most likely in July
  • Pro Fighting Championships have decided to move their show from London to Windsor at the 6,900 seat WFCU Centre.
  • After his MMA Live fight fell through a few days prior to the event, look for Nick Denis to possibly be fighting on the debut Throwdown in Y-Town show.
  • MFC back in Ontario in September.
  • Lee Mein is fighting Ron Faircloth at Prestige FC, May 28th.
  • Undefeated Tim Wadsworth will be on ONE Fighting Championships.
  • Update on March 21 column, John Williams has announced “Canadian Extreme Cage Rage”, a mixture of MMA and boxing in a cage show. Chris Johnson will fight for a “boxing” title and Alderic Keith will fight for a MMA title. What???
  • Gilbert Yvel in the Colloseo HW Grand Prix this fall.
  • Ricky Goodall’s last win against Steve Rogers has been overturned.  Its now a No Contest due to a Groin Shot that was missed by the ref.  Don’t see overturns often unless a drug test is failed.
  • Question for PureFC: What commission sanctioned your show?
  • Expect Brad Cardinal and Jesse Ronson to fight at Slammer in the Hammer.
  • Hards Knocks lost a fighter on their Medicine Hat for a new reason: Manslaughter.  Dillon Desjarlais has been charged with the crime.

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  1. Big Jake says:

    Can we get back to the meat and potatoes of this discussion? Calling me out to wear Kid Lightning’s thong? I know I appear to be the pinnacle of fitness to a lot of my MMA brethren but that would be like dental floss on the ol’ balloon knot. Not a good idea.

    Props to Gunner, Dave Letourneau, Matt Veal, Coach Matt and the whole Leading Edge crew for bringing home impressive wins over the last month. And yes…drinks soon again my friend!

    Anyways, interested to see more of what happens with this Goodall/Rogers controversy.

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    “I know I appear to be the pinnacle of fitness to a lot of my MMA brethren”
    LOL, awesome! I always thought you rivaled Tony Little.

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  3. Gunner says:

    i am not positive cause i usually sign before reading anything but anytime i fight i do believe there is a clause in there regarding low blows that states “THE FIGHTER ” must choose a cup and groin protection suitable to with stand any blows they feel they may encounter in the event and it is our responsibility, that being said unless i was to see a jo son do from back in the early UFC i think this reversal is gonna start a big issue with regards to appeals. now that i think of it does anyone have any of the pre fight documents on hand to see the exact terms used????? cause i am not smart by any means but if i was to read it it almost sounds as though groin shots, are they really even illegal or just frowned upon when they say we are required to choose suitable groin protection? is that for our safety so we can cotinue fighting if it happens or is it to protect us to still be able to make babies after we win by DQ for the low blow the guy gave us

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  4. Gunner says:

    and jake i would most definatly have 9am ceasars with you in kids thong no questions or concerns on your sexuality would even come up. xox love you my friend and yes they better happen soon at the latest sept

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  5. You can read the exact quote from Ricky Goodall’s contract in this timely story by Derek Leblanc:

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  6. Robin Black says:

    Weird. I’m with BigGuy on both the replay point and the no contest opinion.

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  7. Jamie Locke says:

    Yeah, the ref is there to make the call. If he misses it, than that sucks…. Happens in all sports with a ref, the miss calls and make the odd bad one. It’s something we all have to deal with.

    Overturning this result will only cause more problems for the Moncton Commiccion. They will get alot of appeals due to illegals actions that were missed by the ref. How are they going to decide what was a missed call and what is a false appeal?

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  8. JSR says:

    “How are they going to decide what was a missed call and what is a false appeal?”

    Sometimes the writing is on the wall. Video, 2000 people, the Judges, Commission, even Ricky, EVERYONE except the Ref. Not hard to see it was a missed call.

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  9. BigJake, just here to notify you to quit sending me pictures of your nipples.. It’s getting awkward

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  10. harry balls says:

    Nipple pics weee. Hey what is with that ‘Ax Combat’ deal? I keep seeing it in my feed. And do you think Showtime pronounces it ‘Ask Combat’?….

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  11. Haha, I hope Showtime doesn’t.. if so, the “AX” shall fall haha, and it’s a new MMA promotion in Calgary, AB.. July 8th AX1: EXECUTION at the TELUS CONVENTION CENTER

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  12. Big Jake says:

    How dare you Sharma, that was supposed to be just for you. Hahaha “Showtime pronounces it Ask Combat” that’s priceless shit. I initially thought it was a new brand of deoderant spray from the decent folks at Ax Body Spray. Either way, congrats to Sharma and Assassin Steve for putting on what’s set to be a dynamite night of MMA in Calgary. A market that is long overdue for it.

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