“The Real Deal” Finishes Parisyan; Faces Nick Hinchliffe Next


Hinchliffe submits Craig Brown

Edmonton, Alberta (Canada): Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford is seen by many as the next great Canadian star to come out of the Great White North. This opinion was only further cemented by Ford’s vicious TKO victory over former UFC welterweight contender Karo Parisyan May 19th in Ontario. Up next for “The Real Deal” will be a bout at his home promotion Aggression MMA’s next event, entitled “Confrontation,” where he will lock horns with Nick “The Juggernaut” Hinchliffe. While not the lightning rod of attention that “The Real Deal” is, Hinchliffe is a threat in the cage that needs to be taken seriously. And if “The Juggernaut” has anything to say about it, Ryan Ford is going to find that out on June 10th in at the Shaw Conference Center in Edmonton, Alberta at “Confrontation.”

Recently, Ford was quoted as saying, “All I gotta say is that Nick better step his game up from his last few fights, cause I’m on a whole different level than any fighter he’s fought. Everything that I bring to the fight…he won’t be able to handle it. So, bottom line, he ain’t G’d up, so he’s gettin’ beat up.”

In response, Hinchliffe had this to say: “I think Ford is having a war of words with himself. I don’t talk trash or need to make up a grudge in order to fight someone. I don’t mind…it’s just Ford’s style. He’s a good fighter and quite a personality. His whole ‘G’d up, beat up’ line was classic. I’m as white as they come. I drive a family car because I have a kid. I don’t know about getting beat up, but don’t plan on that, bro. But you’re right…I’m not ‘G’d up’…ha.”

How do you prepare for a tough fighter like Ford? “I don’t game plan too much, but I definitely see some holes [in his game] that I think I can exploit during the fight, and I’m working them into my training,” explains “The Juggernaut.”

To the fans, Hinchliffe had this to say: “Expect a war. It’s a line used often, I know, but I promise it. If Ford thinks I’m an easy fight, then ain’t right, and I will make it a quick night. Ha! That’s about as ‘G’d up’ as I get. If he wants to come in aggressive like he does, then don’t expect me to back down. I’m gonna meet you head on. I’m looking forward to our fight, Ford.”

Aggression MMA’s “Confrontation,” which will feature a main event between nationally-ranked welterweight stars Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford (14-3) and Nick “Juggernaut” Hinchliffe (18-7). This highly-anticipated event will take place Friday, June 10th, at the Shaw Conference Center in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. “Confrontation” will also showcase two-time world Muay Thai champion Shane “Shaolin” Campbell (4-1), submission wizard Luke Harris (6-1), and the MMA debut of world Muay Thai champion Levi Krupe. More details will be announced shortly.

General admission tickets for “Confrontation” are now on sale, and are priced at $60. Limited floor seats are available for $100, $150, and $200. Tickets are available at www.tnttickets.ca or via email at info@aggressionmma.com. Fans can also call (780) 426-SOLD.

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  1. joe says:

    This looks like a great fight, Ryan didn’t look that great last night but he definitely showed he has the mental tenacity to hang in there. To be honest I had Karo wining the whole fight til the stoppage.

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  2. happydaystoday says:

    he was getting killed in the first two rounds and also kneed Karo in the face when he was down in the second round. Karo was winning

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  3. Zach B says:

    So many Haters, he could have destroyed Karo in 10 Sec and all you trolls would have something else Negative to say about the first nine secs!!! Congrats to Ford!!!

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  4. joe says:

    I’m trolling because I said his next fight looks pretty good but he didn’t look great last night and was losing? Your an idiot it’s the way it is, congrats to Ford but he was losing before the stoppage.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    I gave round 1 to Karo but it was close. Karo definitely won round 2.

    The thing is, Ford was VERY dangerous throughout. He was fighting with a fighter’s approach but not a round winner’s approach. He was looking to finish every chance he got even tho he was losing on points. You gotta love that kind of fighter.

    Just a great fight really.

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  6. trent_thorne says:

    Congrats to Ryan! Great fight cant deny big things for this guy in the future!

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  7. i_love_beans says:

    I agree congrats to Ford!!! He’s got so much potential

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  8. happydaystoday says:

    Ford can beat washed up UFC guys but the Limas and Healy’s of the world and above he will be exposed for what he is, an over hyped thug that will never go anywhere outside of small shows in Canada. That’s why he ran from the MFC because he can’t win there and any other shows like Strikeforce, UFC and Bellator he would have big problems.

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  9. harry balls says:

    How did Ford look though? I mean , does he look like a guy who could fight some mid card guys in the UFC or is he still missing a few pieces of the puzzle? He is always gonna be a draw here in Canada and he is always gonna be talked about;he is charismatic as hell and has beat down a lot of tough dudes. But is he better off being a big fish in a small pond right now? His haters hate on him waaaaaaaay to much and his fanboys just seem to come on the internet and blow him. Honestly, where is he at right now after this W?

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  10. joe says:

    I would say he is not ready for the UFC unless he is facing the weakest of the WW division. He is definitely a talent but not top tier.

    I would put him at about the same place as Sean Pierson, both guys look fantastic when they fight lower tier competition but when they face world top 50 opponents they will not have a lot of trouble.

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  11. ruckus780 says:

    Wow,,,,,you haters run rampant here on top mma,,,,, y’all blowing jordan means nuts so hard but karo is a way bigger name and tougher opponent imo then rigs and burkman but y’all still hate on ford,,,And about running from the mfc,,,even pavabitch will tell you ryan ford don’t duck nobody,,,,Ryan ford point blank is the best canadian welterweight in the game dispute it all you want but as he continues winning and evolving just know if you hating instead of congratulating there aint gonna be no room on the war wagon when your begging to come aboard

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  12. harry balls says:

    ^this is kind of what I meant. I am delighted he prevailed (congratulations , Mr. Ford, if you are reading this). Anyways, if anyone who was there who has an honest assessment cares to weigh in, please do. I really hope the 10th is a barn-burner. I’m curious who he fights after that…

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  13. dan chambers says:

    mein beats ford 8 out of 10 times!

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  14. happydaystoday says:

    9 out of 10, Ford would never take that fight

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  15. Robin Black says:

    I love watching Ford and he’s dangerous to anyone and all times during any fight.
    Its his physicality and drive and intensity and desire to finish that make him so dangerous, and its some of the bigger holes in his skill set that make him positionally beatable.
    His flaws get him in bad positions, and his explosiveness turns them into scrambles. Then his finishing instincts make him very dangerous in those scrambles.
    Which makes for very exciting fights.

    He doesn’t have the complete MMA slick skill set. But he has some very very rare and important physical and mental traits that you cannot teach a fighter.

    He’s a very cool piece of the 170 puzzle. Always exciting and always dangerous. And people wanna talk about him.

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  16. BigBoi says:

    Ford is talented for sure but let’s be realistic there’s a serious reason he’s not in the UFC right now and it has nothing to do with his past. Any solid scout can watch a couple of Ford fights and see where he’s lacking.

    Now before I get jumped on by the Ford Fans I’m not saying he’s a “bad” fighter but in the short time he’s been in the sport he really hasn’t developed the solid base of fundamentals that is needed to go to the next level. His natural athleticism gave him a huge edge over mid-tier competition however we’ve seen him struggle when he gets to the next levels of competition.

    He’s working on closing his BJJ gap at ZUMA and I suspect his next step will be to work on his striking.

    BJJ – When he hits the ground we see how good BJJ players can control him especially when they break down his posture and keep him from GnP. His submission wins were not over people known for their spectacular ground games.

    Striking – Ryan out strikes in numbers everyone he faces but he isn’t a One Punch KO kind of guy (although he has KO’d people with kicks).

    His biggest win in my opinion was over Tommy Speer who was 4-1 over his last five fights and had a good lead time to prepare for Ford. Ryan just out paced him but unfortunately for Ryan he got out classed by Lima in his next fight.

    I’m sure he’s on Joe Silva’s radar but he needs to string together back to back impressive and dominant wins over top competition to get into the UFC. A dominant win over Nick would go a long way in this regard but then the pickings get slim again as most of the other top guys are tied up.

    Maybe with a win over Nick (which I think is a tall order for Ryan) and then a 6 moth break to go back to ZUMA is what Ryan needs to close these gaps?

    Short Answer: Is Ryan Good? Yup, he’s got lots of natural talent and has tons of heart but he needs to close the gaps that allowed for Karo to throw him around the ring for two rounds before he gets a call from Joe Silva.

    Mind you, if the UFC did come to Edmonton (as someone seems to be lobbying for) then I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the undercard.

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  17. harry balls says:

    Thank you, BigBoi and Robin (more entertaining than Big and Rob, I must say). Hope to see the fight in full when it is posted. Btw I think it’s a great idea for the UFC to feature guys that are knocking on the door when they go to cities.

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  18. i_love_beans says:

    He’s very talented, but not there yet. Most definitely not the best Canadian WW out there today haha IMO

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  19. BigBoi says:

    I’d be okay with doing something with Robin but he has to promise to keep his pants on. It was just fucking uncomfortable last time. If I’m gonna rub up against a guy I want him to be unshaven, smelling like beer and sweat. Robin is clean shaved (all over), smells like Calvin Klien Obsession and mascara.

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  20. harry balls says:

    To be fair to Robin, it looked like he had shaken his make-up habit after teh rock n roll train ground to a halt. Sadly, the Score people felt the need to tart him up (helllllllllllo sssssssssssssailor!) for the Wreck broadcast. I was seriously expecting him to lip-sync a Cher song during the intermission.

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  21. I actually agree with Ruckus780 though.

    Mein beat Riggs and everyone went crazy. Ford beat Parisyan. Parisyan beat him the first two rounds and Ford came back and finished him. Very impressive win.

    Mein also beat Burkman (who lost to Parisyan) but that may be a wash with Ford’s win over Speer.

    I like Joe’s comparison of Ford and Pierson.

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  22. BigBoi says:

    LOL at comparing Ford to Pierson. Ryan’s full time job is training whereas Pierson has a career outside of fighting. The comparison does both guys a disservice.

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  23. So are we ranking based on fighting ability and if they have a second career now? How about volunteer experience and hobbies as well? What is Pierson’s career?

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  24. Chris Ladouceur says:

    Ryan Ford is a good fighter and has talent. For anyone to not see that is just plane ignorant. That being said he does have holes in his game like most other fighters do. GSP and Anderson Silva, IMO are the 2 top P4P fighters in MMA and they still work on the smallest of details.
    Ryan has had trouble with guys who can take a beating and wrestle. So if they have amazing carido and a hell of a chin these guys have a chance. I think he beats Nick by sub. Nick has a good chin and great carido plus a good shot but has he ever fought somone who has a full on assualt like Ryan??? If NIck wins it is by KO from a well timed/placed shot( to the body) However he needs to survive and watch out for a RNC or Gullotine. I say Ford by 1st round sub with no disrespect to Nick.

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  25. joe says:

    Keith make sure to absolutely include if they have been in the UFC or TUF before….why is Ryan McGillivray not in the top 10 already? Don’t you know he is on TUF right now?? Like seriously the guy is on TUF and Jordan Mein has not even fought in the UFC!! That and Mein is only 21 there is no way he has a second job. That was sarcasm for those of you who may have missed it (I’m looking at you bigboi)

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  26. BigBoi says:

    Really Keith? No idea what else Pierson does with his time?

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  27. smash says:

    Any photos from the MMA Live1 event?

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  28. Robin Black says:

    Chris Ladouceur I like your analysis a lot.

    Ballsy, Pierson used to have a legit business-type full time job but I think he’s working in fighting and promo full time now.

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  29. Robin Black says:

    I don’t know where Ford fits in the standard rankings but in the “guys I want to watch fight” rankings he’s top 5.

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  30. Dean Panas says:

    I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate here. People will always debate on who is beter than who. People will always break down fighters weaknesses and point out flaws in their arsenal. I am no expert when it comes to analyzing and rating fighters, I will leave that up to people who know the game and those who post under fake names. What I do know is entertainment. There is know doubt in my mind that Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford is the most entertaining fighter in Canada!!! He draws attention from coast to coast. He will help sell tickets in any city in Canada. He has more charisma than any other Canadian fighter.

    Ryan said it in his interview with Don “Every fighter in the game should try to become UFC champion”. Here’s where I am going to stir the pot and take a different view. Ryan is 28 years old, a father of two, a husband, and is making over 6 figures doing what he does….why fix it if it ain’t broke!!!! I know it’s a dream of all to be a big name in the UFC. I am sure Ryan, his family, friends (including me), and all his fans would love to see Ryan in the UFC. But in my opinion it would be a step backwards on a business level for Ryan. Of course if Ryan rises to the top of the UFC he will do way better than he is now!! But I can tell you the kid is a machine when it comes to MMA in Edmonton. He sells 300-500 tickets directly, and hundreds of more indirectly. He gets sponsors all across town. And he is a guy you can build a show around. That being said…I still think he should be promoted more across the city to help bring fresh faces to local shows (but that’s another issue).

    I will not join the debate about how good of a fighter Ryan is. But when it comes to putting food in the mouths of your kids, putting asses in the seats, and giving fans value for their entertainment dollars, Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford is the best in the Canadian market!!! Don’t be liked or disliked….BE LOVED OR HATED!!! That’s what makes money.

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  31. joe says:

    Dean Panas, I tap out to your insightfulness, well said and spoken with truth throughout.

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  32. Dean is a very wise man. Wise beyond his 58 years.

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  33. justsayin says:

    Wise yes, 58 years??

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  34. BigBoi says:

    Ryan makes 6 figures?

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  35. Adam Lorenz says:

    He is only 58?

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  36. Dean only looks 58. Sorry Deano

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  37. Dean Panas says:

    Thank you for the compliment Joe!!! It’s greatly appreciated!!

    It looks like Aggression MMA is done….I’m calling immigration on them!!!! 58!!?? Only cause dealing with you gives me grey hair.

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  38. Hhahhahahh, you know we have 2 first generation canadians on our team

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  39. Jamie Locke says:

    Great speech Dean. 6 Figured though? Really?

    He does do very well on the regional set, he can definilty drum up internet conversation. In Edmonton I am sure he can fill the house.

    I think he should still strive to get to the UFC and test himself on that level. Worst case scenario, which some “haters” have posteed already, is he goes up and losses…. Anyone in the match-making/promotion/managment postions around here knows that as soon as your face is on the big show, even if it if is just on TUF and not an actualy finght for the UFC, you will make the biggest bucks possible in the sport.

    If the case actually is that Ryan makes more fighting in Edmonton selling tickets and putting asses in seats than he would with a UFC fight, than by all means, stay put. But I think he could do no harm by trying to keep on moving up, test himself in the big leagues, with a win you get a bigger better contract than you’ve ever seen, with a loss, you come back and now have “UFC vet” under your name on tat local show poster…

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  40. Robin Black says:

    I think Ryan is one of those unique cases where, yes, staying in a good organization like Aggression that helps him benefit from his home town popularity and earning potential is the best plan.

    If an opportunity came in the UFC, ya, you’d have to take it.

    But life is pretty good for Ford where he is and he doesn’t need to really go chasing that.

    As log as he’s getting paid well to fight and fans are happy then everything is going right.

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  41. BigBoi says:

    As LOG as he’s happy.

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  42. justsayin says:

    No one is ever happy not making the top dollar. Ryan will take the golden road when the opportunity comes. In the time being he is making the best of his current level of popularity. To make six figures in a local market in Canada is a hard row to hoe. Every fighter should market themselves like Ryan does. It’s good for the fighter, the promotions, and MMA in general.

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  43. Dean Panas says:

    Just to clarify. When I said he makes 6 figures I didn’t mean from his fighting purses. I meant from a combination of fighting, ticket sales and sponsorship. It is not an official number it is just my opinion.
    The point I was trying to make is Ryan knows how to sell himself!!! There are many parts to the fight game. Winning fights is the obvious. But it’s the business side of things that feeds the family.

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  44. Jamie Locke says:

    You’re 100% right on the marketting.

    This is something all fighters need to focus more on. Sell yourself to the fans and the promoter. Be exciting in and out of the cage.

    So many guys in pre-figth interviews say the same thing “Idon’t like to talk smack, it’s not my thing.” It’s not about talking smack about your opponent, or starting a beef in order to hype the fight up, it’s about marketting, get your name recognized and make people want to see you fight win or lose.

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  45. Dean Panas says:

    You are so right about the interviews Jamie!! Some fighters don’t realize how big of a chance it is to leave an impression on people. We all get fighters asking us to get them sponsorship, but it’s a two way street. Sponsors want something in return. You better have a good answer when you are asked by a sponsor “what can you do for me?” When you get money from a sponsor you are becoming a walking advertisement for that company. Most want a return on their investment.

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  46. john says:

    Ford vs Alessio!!!!! if only a promoter could pay me what i deserve for this fight, Canada would have its biggest welterweight fight in MMA history!!!

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  47. Dean Panas says:

    That’s the fifgt I want to see!!! If Ford beats Hinchliffe in June….how about Ford vs Alessio for the Aggression title!!??

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  48. Dean Panas says:

    Damn I wish there was an edit button so you could go back and fix spelling.

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  49. As a fight fan that’s a fight I want to see. As a promoter we need to make the numbers work.

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  50. justsayin says:

    I would love to see Aggression take the current local MMA promotion to the next level.
    Edmonton’s WEC 49 June 2010 event had an attendance of 5600 with a live gate of $332,000
    Colorado’s WEC 51 September 2010 event officially drew an attendance of 3,791 a live gate of $191,620 and average revenue per ticket issued of $50.55.
    On the high side an example would be WEC 48 event which featured title fights and local guys had an attendance of 12555 with a live gate of $945,635 close to $8 million in PPV earnings.
    What kind of numbers would you need in order to make a decent card work in Edmonton featuring a Ford and Alessio title fight and maybe a Denis or Fraser Bantam fight?

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