MMA Live 1 Play by Play


MMA Live held its first fights in London, Ontario last night. Here is a play-by-play from the event:

Ryan Ford vs. Karo Parisyan
Rd1: Parisyan starts off quick with a flurry of punches. Ford comes back with vicious barrage of short shots. Parisyan twice throws Ford to the mat but Ryan gets back up quickly. Ford delivers a thunderous slam takedown but Parisyan gets right back up. Ford bullie’s Parisyan against the fence, but Karo quickly judo throws Ford to the mat. Back on their feet, both men are clinched up. Parisyan looking to strike but Ford wraps him and takes him down but again Karo pops right back up. Ford tries to throw Parisyan again but Karo counters and winds up on top just as the horn sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Parisyan

Rd2: Ford bull rushes Parisyan into the cage only to get tripped to the ground. Parisyan takes half guard and transitions to Ford’s back when Ryan tries to stand. Ford shakes him off and stands back up. Parisyan pushes Ford up against the cage and is able to drag him down to the canvas. Ford fights back to his feet but again Karo’s judo proves too much and back down he goes. Parisyan has Ford’s back and is just punishing him with punches to his head.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Parisyan

Rd3: Parisyan lands a solid jab and Ford responds with a front kick to Karo’s grill. Parisyan moves forward throwing a flurry and Ford catches him with a destructive knee that opens up Parisyan face like a gusher. Ford takes him to the mat and transitions to mount only to have the fight stopped so the doctor can check the cut. After a wait of 3 mins the ref Yves Lavigne waves off the fight and Ryan Ford takes home a huge victory.
Ford defeats Parisyan via TKO (doctor’s stoppage due to cut) @ 1:26 of Rd3

Matt MacGrath vs. Marcus Aurelio
Rd1: A brief back and forth before MacGrath lunges in and pushes Aurelio against the cage. MacGrath connects with a solid right hook as he backs away. Aurelio connects with a solid groin shot that forces the fight to be temporarily halted. MacGrath ducks under a Aurelio salvo but can’t finish the takedown. MacGrath lands a huge takedown off a quick exchange only to land in an Aurelio arm bar and is forced to tap.
Aurelio submits MacGrath via Arm Bar @ 3:39 of Rd1

Daniel Langbeen vs. Lyndon Whitlock
Rd1: After a brief salvo from Langbeen, Whitlock shoots the double and lands the takedown. Whitlock passes to side control and quickly transitions to mount. Langbeen instantly reverses Whitlock and winds up in top position. Whitlock, using rubber guard, locks in the omoplata but Langbeen escapes. Whitlock throws up a triangle and catches Langbeen who quickly taps out.
Whitlock submits Langbeen via Triangle Choke @ 2:19 in Rd1

Brent Franczuz vs. Bo Harris
Rd1: Both men come out swinging but it is Harris who lands the powershot that briefly drops Franczuz. Every time Franczuz tries a shot Harris quickly counters with a 2 punch combo. Harris is proving his hands speed is too much for Franczuz and is almost landing at will. Franczuz sets up a nice straight, hook combo finished with a leg kick but Harris just dumps him to the mat.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Harris

Rd2: Franczuz comes out with a little more speed this round and is able to knock Harris down with a solid straight. Franczuz rushes in but Harris has his wits back and throws Franczuz to the mat. Harris jumps on top, but Franczuz is quicker on the ground and attempts a loose triangle. The last minute of the round is spent with Franczuz struggling to lock up the submission.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Franczuz

Rd3: Harris has slowed down a little allowing the exchanges between him and Franczuz to come out a little more even. Harris lands a double leg on Franczuz but can’t improve position and they get stood back up. Again Harris lands the takedown and pushes Franczuz against the fence. Harris doing no damage just straight wrestling and holding Franczuz down.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Harris
Harris defeats Franczuz via Unanimous Decision (29-28,29-28,29-28)

Derek Boyle vs. Jason Saggo
Rd1: Both fighters come out popping the jab, then a leg kick off, Saggo wins. Saggo feints a jab and drives Boyle into the cage with a double leg attempt. Saggo can’t finish the double so he trades it in for a single and dumps Boyle to the mat. Boyle bounces up quickly but gives up his back which Saggo eagerly takes. Boyle is doing a great job fighting off the choke, making Saggo really work hard to keep position. Boyle fully escapes just as the horn sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Saggo

Rd2: Boyle throws a leg kick which is thrown aside by Saggo. Saggo changes levels and dives for the double leg but again Boyle fights it off. Boyle feints a two punch combo, shoots in and takes Saggo to the canvas. Saggo is making great use of the rubber guard to tie Boyle up. Boyle escapes and elects to stand it back up. Again Saggo bulllies Boyle into the cage and shoots the double. The double doesn’t work but Saggo drags Boyle to the ground. Saggo jumps the back and sinks in his hooks but is in a bad position against the cage. Saggo regroups and traps an arm but again the cage is in the way. Just as the horn sounds Saggo had transitioned to a tight triangle.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Saggo

Rd3: Saggo comes forward with a flurry but Boyle makes him pay with a vicious knee. Saggo brings the fight to mat with a nice single leg trip. Again Saggo takes his back but this time figure fours the body. It takes 3 grip changes but Saggo is finally able to coax the tap.
Saggo submits Boyle via Rear Naked Choke @ 2:18 of Rd3

Theo Toney vs. Alan Wilson
Rd1: First exchange of the fight and the action is halted due to a finger to Toney’s eye. The action restarts and the fighters enter into a vicious stand up exchange with a beautiful high kick by Wilson. The men clinch up and Toney throws Wilson to the canvas. Wilson is able to fight back to his feet. Toney throws a short punch, clinches up and bullies Wilson into the cage. Wilson attempts a takedown but Toney sprawls out. Toney attempts a belly to back suplex and misses and winds up underneath Wilson. Wilson takes mount and spends the remainder of the round unleashing some GnP.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Wilson

Rd2: Toney catches Wilson with a right hook that wobbles him. Toney chases him down and lands a vicious double leg that sends Wilson crashing to the canvas. Wilson quickly reverses Toney, postures up and lands a thunderous down punch. Wilson captures side control and continues his ground and pound assault. Toney rolls and gives his back, Wilson takes the invite, sinks in the hooks and seals his arm under the chin for the tap out victory.
Wilson submits Toney via Rear Naked Choke @ 3:25 of Rd2

Chucky Mady vs. James Haourt
Rd1: Both men come out head hunting but neither can land. Haourt shoots the single leg and after taking a few shots to the temple finally gets Mady to the ground. Haourt is really trying to work for position but winds up leaving an arm in too long and Mady makes him pay by taking it home with him.
Mady submits Haourt via Arm Bar @ 2:22 of Rd1

Top MMA News Awards:
Fight of the Night: Ryan Ford vs. Karo Parisyan
Submission of the Night: Marcus Aurelio’s quick arm bar over Matt MacGrath.
(T)KO of the Night: Ford for his stoppage on Karo Parisyan

All in all, a great night of MMA for the boisterous London, Ontario fans. There may have only been about 2000 fans in attendance at the John Labbat Centre but they were loud enough to raise the roof at the venue. The love him or hate him Ryan Ford received the loudest ovation of the night prior to his bout with Karo Parisyan. East coaster Matt MacGrath also had a loud and warm reception from the pro Canadian crowd and was looking to be on his way to victory before a quick arm bar ended his night early. Lastly, keep an eye on Jason Saggo as he continues to run through opponents and climb the 155 pound ladder in Canada. MMA Live will return to London in October and should easily fill the JLC next time around.

6 Responses to “ MMA Live 1 Play by Play ”

  1. joe says:

    LMAO how much did they pay you guys.
    the fights sucked, the fans were disinterested, the ring announcers were horrible, all the people around me thought the event sucked. No way I will buy another ticket to an MMALIVE show

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  2. smash says:

    This was a very well done show, I was impressed and had a great time! My hats off to the promoter.

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  3. Brad Wall says:

    Great first event, hats off to the jones group! Looking forward to the next one!

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  4. Badass says:

    I thought the event was OK, it definitely wasn’t very well done or great but it was OK. I didn’t pay to go but if I had I may be disappointed but I didn’t so its hard to complain. I did think it would be a bit better though.

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  5. Kaizen says:

    @Joe. When do we get to see you in a cage and fighting? Fighters fought their hearts up. @Joe get off couch and train Mabey then you’ll have some respect

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  6. joe says:

    @Kaizen, I would kick the living shit out of you. I don’t even know who you are but you sound like a pussy lol

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